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30th March - Today's News: Storm Katie Hits Britain at Easter

26th March - Today's News: Ice Storm Hits Ontario

25th March - Today's News: Storms in US Midwest, NZ

23rd March - Today's News: Kenyan Heatwave Unusual for March

22nd March - Today's News: 2015 Shattered Temperature Records Around World

According to a new WMO climate report: 2015 'shattered' temperature records around the world
A 'dzud' - hot summer and drought followed by cold winter - means Mongolia herders face disaster: Red Cross
One foot of snow falls across parts of New England bringing traffic chaos to the roads during first week of spring 
NW China glaciers retreat over the past decade
In Siberia, a hurricane gush rips roof off entire apartment block, caught on video
The rate of carbon emissions put in context - it's 10 times faster than during the PETM! 
And another positive feedback from increased CO2: Plants boost extreme temperatures by 5°C because with higher amounts of atmospheric CO2, they releases less water into the atmosphere.  However, also some better news as scientists say many plants don't respond to warming as thought and also release less extra CO2 into the atmosphere.  A not so positive feedback.

21st March - Today's News: February Was Warmest Month Ever Recorded

14th March - Today's News: Hundreds Rescued From Deadly Southern US Floods

12th March - Today's News: Another Major Rainstorm Hits US Gulf Coast

11th March - Today's News: America's Warmest Recorded Winter

10th March - Today's News: Floods Hit England, US and UAE

Over an inch of rain (around 75% of the March average), mostly falling before dawn yesterday, led to widespread flash flooding here in the morning with the river now in flood as well.   There were also damaging winds in the southwest.  Thousands of commuters stranded in London after flooding overwhelms train lines as heavy rain, 80mph winds and snow batter Britain whilst flood warnings remain after downpours in central England. The good news is that it's looking dry and settled for at least the next week.
Meanwhile, in the US, 3 dead as historic flooding swamps Louisiana, thousands evacuated with more rain on the way after massive flooding in Southeast
Whilst in the UAE, Dubai rains flood communities; water seeps into homes, cars 
Sydney weather: Record 21 days since temperatures dropped below 20C
And in NZ, wild winds wreak havoc in Southland; Invercargill flights cancelled

9th March - Today's News: Clouds Seeded Over L.A. to Increase Rainfall

8th March - Today's News: More Record Heat in Australia

7th March - Today's News: Heavy Snow in Moscow

2nd March - Today's News: Record February and Winter Warmth

Apologies for the lack of recent updates, due to ongoing computer problems and the fact that I'll be away the next few days.  Normal service should resume by the middle of next week.

A few stories to keep you going till then:
El Nino failed to deliver in California as instead of record rains, L.A. gets the hottest February on record whilst mid-winter months break temperature records across Alaska
Here, it looks like winter 'was probably warmest ever in England and Wales' whilst winter of 2015/2016 wettest on record in Scotland
Globally, it looks like February will easily the the warmest on record.  
In NZ the second hottest February on record sparks fresh concerns over climate change whilst 'Autumn may not start until April' as warm summer maintains grip on Australia
In Israel early spring heat wave reaches a peak
The recent drought in Eastern Mediterranean worst of past 900 years - worth noting that this caused population movements that in turn are thought by some …