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31st October - Today's News: Snow Chaos in France

30th October - Today's News: More Deadly Floods in Italy

29th October - Today's News: October Snow Falls in Cornwall

It's been the coldest coldest October days for a decade as Arctic blast brings snow and a three-day cold snap with temperatures plunging to just 19F - in fact, it has been so cold it even snowed in Cornwall. It dropped to -2.5c in my garden this morning which is the lowest October temperature I have recorded since it reached -2.9c in 2003. October frosts do seem to be getting rarer, with them occurring every 2 or 3 years prior to 2010, but only once since then (and that only just an air frost at -0.2c).  So, normal weather then, bucking the trend of recent years.
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27th October - Today's News: 21 Dead in Jordan Flash Flood

Down to -0.8c on my garden this morning and reports of snow falling as far south as Stoke as it turns distinctly autumnal in Britain.
Children in the Middle East again killed by a flash flood as death toll in Jordan flood reaches 21 At least 37 other people rescued but more still missing.

Massive thunderstorm blankets Saudi with hail 1-metre deep ‘It was like a sea’: St Helena residents describe flood terror in Trinidad
Zakynthos earthquake: Greek island shaken by 6.4 tremor
A warning for those living on the British coast as rising seas will swamp homes, report says whilst for everyone else, meteorologist expects severe drought and heavy rain events to worsen globally
And the stilling: The curious case of land wind speed decline - maybe it's all those turbines?!

25th October - Today's News: Hurricane Wipes Island Off the Map ....

23th October - Today's News: Spain Hit by Severe Storms and Floods

22nd October - Today's News: Violent Hailstorms and Floods in Italy

20th October - Today's News: More Floods Hit Majorca

More devastating Majorca floods see cops forced to rescue 60 people including tourists from cars and roofs of buildings
Water woes as drought leaves Germany's Rhine shallow
Man killed by lightning near Dubbo, as electrical storms lash Sydney
And is it coincidence? Blackpool hit by four earthquakes just days after fracking started again in the area   In fact the latest BSG list shows five - but all very, very, small and with zero impact.
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18th October - Today's News: Cherry Blossoms in Autumn

Cherry blossoms bloom unexpectedly in Japan with the loss of leaves from recent typhoons suggested as a possible reason
Hurricane Michael: Death toll continues to rise amid searches
US tornado frequency shifting eastward from Great Plains
New research on wind farms and reducing hurricane precipitation
Arctic greening thaws permafrost, boosts runoff
How Arctic ice sets speed limit for major ocean current with the possibility being that further Arctic warming could means colder water spilling into the North Atlantic, with implications for, at least, NW European weather.

An end to night?  China plans to launch artificial moon bright enough to replace city's streetlights by 2020.  Serious implications for health and wildlife, I think!  If it works ....

And the Pando aspen clone or 'trembling giant', the world's largest organism, is collapsing - probably due to an increase in the deer population

17th October - Today's News: Hundreds Still Missing in Florida After Hurricane Michael

16th October - Today's News: French Flood Toll Rises

15th October - Today's News: Deadly Floods Hit Southern France

13th October - Today's News: Evacuations and Rescues as Storm Calum Floods Wales

12th October - Today's News: Storm Callum Brings Widespread Travel Disruption to Britain and Ireland

11th October - Today's News: Hurricane Michael Devastates Florida & Georgia

Hurricane Michael wrecks Florida Panhandle, blitzes every home in its path and kills at least two - officially becoming worst ever to hit the region - and, indeed, at Cat 4 as it reached land, the third strongest to ever make landfall in the US.  Today, Michael now accelerating through central Georgia; deadly storm surge, damaging winds continue following Florida Panhandle landfall.  And incredible NASA footage shows hurricane's swirling vortex from space
Meanwhile, in the British Isles, we await Storm Calum tomorrow after yesterday was the warmest October day for several years, hitting 24.3c in my garden, 24.2c at Pershore and 24.6c in Northolt.   Having seen a widespread ground frost a few days ago, and an air frost in places, the current warm spell might for once be correctly described as an "Indian Summer".   Even the Highlands had a chance to dry out.   We could, however, do with a bit of rain in the Vale, as we've so far had just over 50% of the average annual …

10th October - Today's News: Deadly Cat 4 Hurricane Michael Approaches Florida

9th October - Today's News: Flash Floods and Landslides in Argyll

8th October - Today's News: IPCC Issue New Report on Keeping Warming Down to 1.5c

6th October - Today's News: Deadly Floods in Southern Italy

In Italy, Calabria flooding claims mother and son with another young child missing
Heavy rain on Costa Rica's Pacific coast forces evacuations
In Japan today it hit 35.5 C - Niigata Pref sees record high temperature for October. That's a national month record, unlike the US local day records. 
Oman on alert as tropical cyclone begins to form in Arabian Sea
Vietnam's children and the fear of climate change
Earth's climate monsters could be unleashed as temperatures rise
And the gathering storm over how hurricanes are measured - the Saffir-Simpson scale is based on windspeed, but often it's the rain and tidal surge that is most devastating to life and property,

5th October - Today's News: Farmers Celebrate as Rain Falls in NSW

3rd October - Today's News: Ex-Rosa Drenches SW USA

1st Octoner - Today's News: Indonesian Tsunami Toll Rises