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12th October - Today's News: Japan Braces for Biggest Typhoon in Decades

10th October - Today's News: Super Typhoon Hagibis Nears Japan

9th October - Today's News: Hundreds of Record Temperatures During N Hemisphere Summer

Across the northern hemisphere there were hundreds of temperature records broken over summer
Meanwhile, a new study funded by NOAA suggests that heat waves could increase substantially in size by mid-century
'Explosive' Typhoon Hagibis has Tokyo area in its sights after rapidly gathering strength in Pacific
Australia bushfires: Dozens of houses destroyed or damaged in NSW
Northern California braced for mega power cut aimed at preventing a repeat of last year's tragic wildfires
And UK fast food ‘linked to Brazilian forest fires' - one hopes all Extinction Rebellion supporters boycott MacDonalds forthwith!

8th october - Today's News: Rapid Intensification of Typhoon Hagibis

7th October - Today's News: Flash Floods Hit Norfolk

The wettest day of the year yesterday in parts of East Anglia as the fire service 'inundated' with flooding call outs across Norfolk including school
Meanwhile, in Suffolk last week, Orfordness Lighthouse bungalow destroyed by storms
Why Hurricane Dorian was worthy of a category 6 rating
And climate change means geoengineering under pressure to keep our CO2 budgets under control - though much more research and modelling is needed before any attempts are made.  Interesting though to note that "The concept of using reflective particles to reduce warming was floated as early as 1965, when scientific advisors to US President Lyndon Johnson recognised that increased CO2 in the atmosphere could bring about climatic change"

5th October - Today's News: September Joint Warmest in Record

4th October - Today's News: 9 Dead as Typhoon Mitag Hits Korea

2nd October - Today's News: Over 1,600 Dead in India's Monsoon This Year

Latest figures show that, in total, over 1,600 killed in India's heaviest monsoon in 25 years - the most deadly natural disaster this year by some way.

An update on yesterday's story as Isle of Man flooding leaves residents trapped with more rain forecast after flash floods across Britain
Parts of the USA have experienced their hottest October day ever: Record breaking temperatures soar from Midwest to the South
In Australia, Perth notches hottest September on record, driest in 42 years as weather warms up
The recent extent of fire damage in Gold Coast rainforest revealed - rain forests like this aren't supposed to burn ...
It's suggested that 'flight shame' could halve growth in air traffic.  I have my doubts. And, in any case, the number of flights is still expected to increase.
NASA's new black hole visualisation shows how gravity warps our view of them - and perhaps helps end the myth that they are holes.  They are not.  They are (very very dense) sphere…

1st October - Today's News: Major Flood Incident on Man

27th September - Today's News: Lorenzo is now Strongest Recorded Hurricane in East Atlantic

26th September - Today's News: Sea Levels Rising Faster Says UN Report

25th September - Today's News: Heavy Rains Cause Flash Floods Across England

21.9mm in Evesham yesterday, and some nice thunder at dawn, making it the second wettest day of the year here and the wettest September day since 2012 as heavy rain causes floods and travel chaos across England
A shallow Pakistan earthquake leaves 19 dead and 300 injured in Kashmir region
Mont Blanc: Glacier in danger of collapse, experts warn
Having now reached it's September minima,  NASA says 2019 Arctic sea ice minimum ties for second lowest on record
And a new European satellite will gain hi-res view of greenhouse effect

24th September - Today's News: Apocalyptic Skies as Indonesia Burns for Palm Oil

23rd September - Today's News: Climate Change Impacts "Accelerating"

21st September - Today's News: Typhoon Tapah Threatens Rugby World Cup

20th September - Today's News: Texas Floods as TS Imelda Brings 3 Foot of Rain

18th September - Today's News: Northern Hemisphere's Hottest Recorded Summer

We made the Daily Mirror as man with stage four cancer completes 'Britain's hardest walk' for charity and also some regional media, including some in Ireland - hopefully the story will be picked up more widely today and we might even get in some print editions!   No idea who this Andrew Mayhew guy is, though!
Tropical Storm Imelda begins dumping rain on Texas as Hurricane Humberto is upgraded to Category 3 and Jerry is expected to form soon, as the Atlantic hurricane season ramps up
In Germany: Storm forces hundreds to sleep on Deutsche Bahn trains
And the Northern Hemisphere just endured the hottest summer on record

17th September - Today's News: Snow Follows 25c Temps in Canberra

16th September - Today's News: Deadly Floods After Record Spanish Rainfall

24th August - Today's News: Brazil Finally Acts to Fight Amazon Wildfires

23rd August - Today's News: Lightning Kills Four in Tatra Mountains

19th August - Today's News: Waterspout Flips Boat in Auckland Harbour

17th August - Today's News: NOAA Confirm July World's Warmest Month

In Australia, Perth hit by cold front, bringing snow to Stirling Range in south of WA
One man dead, 49 people injured as powerful tropical storm hits western Japan
The UK isn't the only country plagued by ignorant yahoos in the hills..... In Canada too, glacier garbage disappoints mountaineers exploring Jasper's Columbia Icefield
How many Earth-like planets are around sun-like stars?  Latest calculations suggest it could be that around 1 in 4 stars have them ....
And NOAA data confirms that July 2019 was hottest month on record for the planet

15th August - Today's News: Plastic in the Arctic Air

There are plastic particles falling out of sky with snow in Arctic - which means even there people are breathing in plastic every day .... we really do live in a plastic world.
In Japan, nearly 600,000 advised to evacuate as tropical storm makes landfall with up to a metre of rain expected in some places.
Greece wildfires leave blackened forests in their wake
Fracking prompts global spike in atmospheric methane, study suggests
And despite claims we should all go veggie, we can actually fight climate change by eating meat, Ottawa farmers say.  Anyway, it's not what we eat, it's how it's produced.

14th September - Today's News: Kangaroos in the Aussie Snow

12th August - Today's News: Monsoon Brings deadly Floods, Landslides to India & Myanmar

10th August - Today's News: At Least 13 Dead as Typhoon Lekima Makes Landfall in China

9th August - Today's News: One Dead as Severe Weather Hits SE Australia

8th August - Today's News: More Flash Flooding in Scotland

7th August - Today's News; Japan Heatwave Death Toll Now 57

There have now been 57 dead, 18,000 taken to hospitals in Japan due to heatwave since July 29
Europe’s record heat melted Swiss glaciers
Flooded West Highland Line rail route to remain closed for a week Cold and severe weather forecast to hit New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia
Typhoon Francisco slams Korea with two more typhoons coming to east Asia in the next week
And in Zimbabwe: A third of population faces food crisis, says UN - though the country's economic crisis is partly to blame, along with a recent drought and cyclone.  The country used to be (still could be) the bread basket of southern Africa.  But the deadly impacts of Mugabwe, one of the most evil men in recent history, will linger for a long while to come.

5th August - Today's News: July Was World's Hottest Month on Record

3rd August - Today's News: Why is the Arctic on Fire?

2nd August - Today's News: July 2019 Provisionally Warmest on Record

Preliminary data from C3S suggests that July 'marginally' warmest month on record; although there is an El Nino at the moment, it's not as strong as recent ones.
Meanwhile, as it's walloped by heat wave, Greenland sees massive ice melt
Whaley Bridge dam collapse: Evacuation over Toddbrook Reservoir fears in Derbyshire after recent heavy rain caused damage to the dam wall.   The RAF are now helping with repairs.   And the National Trust's Lyme Park suffers 'major damage' in floods as well.
Russia to investigate if arson caused huge Siberian bushfires, as smoke reaches Alaska, Canada
And it looks like the A'Mhoine project will now go ahead as crofters agree to lease land for Sutherland spaceport

1st August - Today's News: Flash Floods Cause Devastation in Yorkshire Dales

Tuesday saw some very heavy rain in many parts of Britain - with 22.2mm in Evesham it was the wettest day here for 3 years.  But not as bad as further north where in the Yorkshire Dales flash flooding: Roads shut and bridge collapses with pictures of devastation in the Dales and the aftermath of the Swaledale floods on photographer Guy Carpenter's website.   And yesterday there was more North West flooding: People rescued as homes and roads flood
Meanwhile, the Met Office confirms record temperature in Cambridge of 38.7c last Thursday
And the latest Met Office State of the Climate reports shows that the UK's 10 warmest years all occurred since 2002
Russian army ordered to tackle massive wildfires in Siberia where there's massive wildlife tragedy as bears and foxes flee taiga, while smaller animals suffocate in smoke.  But other parts of the region have seen heavy rain, so there's a mix of fire and flood apocalypse with wildfires raging and dire threat to Baikal, world’…

27th July - Today's News: Britain's Hottest Day, Scotland's Hottest Night

26th July - Today's News: Britain's Hottest Day Ever as More European Records fall

Not quite a UK record yesterday (yet - data from some manual stations is yet to come in) but it was the second hottest day, hottest July day on record for the UK, and only the second time 100f has been recorded as Cambridge NIAB saw a max of 38.1c.   In my garden it was an all time record though with 36.2c (though it's not standard exposure). So, the UK just misses all-time temperature record as commuters endure chaos on railway whilst in the east (but not here) dazzling bolts light up summer sky as UK bakes in record heat (used that story only because my friend Dan Holley gets a quite).  And a look at the UK's record-breaking heat in maps and charts

Edit:  Data from Cambridge Botanical Gardens now in, and it reached 38.7c there, the highest temperature ever recorded in the UK. 
Meanwhile, across the Channel in the Europe heatwave: Paris latest to break record with 42.6C  with Benelux and Germany seeing all time records fall for the second consecutive day

But it's not hot …

25th July - Today's News: Heatwave Breaks European Temperature Records; More to Come?

Yesterday saw my station record broken for the highest minima (18.8c) - records from 2011.  Today may well see the maxima record broken.  It was 30.4c at 9am!   Same as at Heathrow .....  UK records should fall today as well as the country braces for hottest day on record after yesterday saw records tumble in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands
And just as in 2003 when the current UK record was set, we could see some thunderstorms initiate around here, before developing into supercells as the track north.  

And the Arctic Circle burns as heatwaves plague Europe and the US
But as new research concludes that we haven't experienced anything like this in the past 2,000 years some still argue there's no warming at all.  Because it snowed at a ski resort in Argentina last week ....

24th July - Today's News: Thunderstorms Light British Night-skies

23rd July - Today's News: Flash Floods Follow New York Heatwave

Severe storms and heavy downpours leaves New York streets underwater less than 24 hours after the temperatures hit 100F
Deadly floods hit south and east China
Across the USA, record high temperatures far exceed record lows - a trend of the climate crisis
A report urges us to 'restore UK bogs' to tackle climate change though it does miss the point that many of our upland bogs are, at least in part, caused by deforestation ....  I'd rather see bogs drained and replanted with native trees.   Would help cut down the midge population too!   Meanwhile,  East Anglia and the Fens are our main arable farming region so if they revert to peat bog, where does our food come from?  Imported from abroad meaning an increase in CO2 emissions (until they invent nuclear fusion planes and boats, anyway).  Plus an increase in farmland meaning elsewhere, which means draining bogs or cutting down forests in other countries.
40 years ago, scientists predicted climate change. And hey, they were rig…

22nd July - Today's News: Major Wildfires in Portugal

20th July - Today's News: Tornado Near Manchester

An unexpectedly wet day in Evesham yesterday with 15.3mm of rain making it the wettest day of the year so far - but being only the second day in over 3 weeks to produce any measurable rainfall, very welcome for gardens and farmers!   Still no thunder and lightning.  But up near Manchester residents recall Hale “tornado” that blew roof off house and damaged car.  But there's likely to be a brief hot spell to follow rain as another plume of warm air comes up over Europe next week, just clipping the British Isles

Meanwhile, after the lastFrance heatwave: June's record high revised up
And turning very hot in America too as dangerous heatwave starts hitting US and Canada
Rain pounds southwestern Japan as typhoon approaches Korean Peninsula
Worst floods in years 'submerge' Bangladesh villages
Woman's body recovered after flash floods in NW Turkey
Greek earthquake: Buildings collapse as powerful tremor shakes Athens
Australian 'flash droughts' strike fast and hard, an…

19th July - Today's News: Clouds Cause Japanese Cucumber Crisis

16th July - Today's News: More Exceptiional Arctic Heat

13th July - Today's News: TS Barry Threatens Massive Rainfall for New Orleans

11th July - Today's News: Six Dead as Storm Hits Greek island

10th July - Today's News: One Dead in Spanish Flash Floods

Cars are washed away and piled up in the streets after floods strike across northern Spain, killing a motorist
 As the heatwave continues, Alaska's Hess Creek Fire is now the nation's largest wildfire in 2019  whilst the State's air quality plummets as wildfire smoke hits Alaska's most populous cities
Measures taken as over 60 percent of Czech Republic hit by extreme drought  (and it's not rained in Evesham for 2 weeks now)
A criticism that when it comes to tackling climate change: UK government 'like Dad's Army' - I'm not sure I'd describe our government as being that competent on anything! 
Last week's California earthquake leaves scar on the desert - a little crack in the Earth, visible from space
And the daftest news of the week: UFOs create hurricane to enter underwater base, expert claims - expert as in youtube blogger with no expertise in anything at all ....

9th July - Today's News: Flash Floods Hit Washington DC