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31st January - Today's News: US Freeze Brings Ice Quakes and Burning Railways

It's just been the coldest night of winter so far as Scotland reaches -13C and -5.1c in my garden.  And there's a chance of snow tonight!
The disrupted polar vortex brings deadly cold snap to US states with Ice quakes, burning railways and other quirky effects
In Queensland, disaster declared in Townsville, landslip from heavy rain threatens properties whilst graziers rejoice as deluge soaks drought-ravaged western Queensland
At least 12 people killed as floods wreak havoc in Saudi Arabia
Bangkok schools closed over 'unhealthy' pollution levels
And how the 'American Dying' cooled Earth's climate as the massive decimation of the American population meant former agricultural land was re-colonised by forests.  But I'm not convinced a fall of just 10ppm of CO2 would really have that much effect.

30th January - Today's News: Severe Cold Hits USA

As expected, we saw no snow in Evesham yesterday,  but in some parts this morning travellers face delays amid snow and ice warnings, though this mainly newsworthy only because so much of the country - including Scotland - has seen so little snow so far this winter.

A little chillier in the USA though where the 'coldest air in a generation' hits the Midwest. Officials warn of almost instant frostbite
North Queensland flash flooding traps people, inundates homes
Buses flipped, planes damaged as tornado hits Turkey's Antalya airport
And whilst Mr Ignoramus Trump always dismisses climate change when it’s cold. Not so fast, experts say.

29th January - Today's News: Deadly Tornado Hits Havana

26th January - Today's News: Frozen Siberian River Catches Fire

24th January - Today's News: Mass Death of Horses as Records Continue to Fall in Australian Heatwave

Australia horse deaths: Wild animals perish at dried-up waterhole - dozens found dead and dying with nowhere to go after the normally reliable waterhole dried up in the extreme heatwave.  Meanwhile Adelaide now hottest capital city on record as temperatures soar throughout SA.  And the Adelaide and Melbourne heatwave forces locals to get creative to beat the heat with one couple baking biscuits in the sun.

In North America, the usually rushing waters at Niagara Falls have frozen
Indonesia flood, landslide death toll rises to 26
It shouldn't need explaining (unless you are a US President) but why cold weather doesn’t mean climate change is fake
There's a 'tipping point' risk for Arctic hotspot, the Barents Sea.
UK team drills record West Antarctic hole reaching a depth of 2km to the sediment below 
And a new study says that the planetary collision that formed the moon made life possible on Earth

23rd January - Today's News: First Snowfall of Winter in Evesham (Just!)

21st January - Today's News - Chilly in Parts of USA

In the US, after storm, large swath of nation plunges into deep freeze as Governor Andrew Cuomo urges New Yorkers to stay indoors as Arctic blast savages the East Coast.  Meanwhile in Canada a severe winter storm slams Quebec, Ontario.  Here, some places that normally see plenty of snow in January have had a light covering - but even on the top of the Brecon Beacons, nearly 3,000ft above sea level, on Sunday there was a lot more mud than remnants of slushy snow.  

An EF2 tornado rips through Alabama town wrecking homes and businesses while reducing a historic church to rubble
There's been a significant decline in North American glaciers since 2000: UNBC study
Australia's monsoon late to the date but now ready to dump on Darwin but a warning that more records set to tumble as extreme heat continues to sweep southern Australia
And a report suggests that Earth's tilt may exacerbate a melting Antarctic but omits to mention that obliquity is currently still declining.  It'…

19th January - Today's News: US Flights Cancelled Ahead of Winter Storm

18th January - Today's News: Snow in Jerusalem; Australia's Warmest Ever Night

17th January - Today's News: Records Continue to Fall in Australian Heatwave

A few places saw some snow this morning - obviously not Evesham, but we did get a sun rise for the first time this year!   Arctic air has now swept down over the country and the long-mooted winter has finally arrived.  
Roads melt as temperatures break records across NSW whilst the soaring heat turns outback into ghost town as the temperature there hits 48.2c 
Heavy snow causes transport problems across Sweden
Five dead as storm slams Northern California
In Minnesota the latest subzero temperature record likely for Twin Cities
Cairo turns orange as sandstorm sweeps Egypt
And there's evidence of changing seasons, rain on Saturn's moon Titan's north pole

16th January - Today's News: Another Alpine Hotel Hit by Avalanche

15th January - Today's News: More Record High Temperatures in Australian Heatwave

14th January - Today's News: Snowstorm in US Midwest; More Snow in Central Europe

11th January - Today's News: More Deadly Snowstorms and Avalanches in Europe

10th January - Today's News: Winter Storm Floods Refugee Camps in Lebannon

9th January - Today's News: More Snow Deaths, Record Cold in Europe

8th January - Today's News: Antarctic Sea Ice at Record Low

7th January - Today's News: Winter Finally Arrives in Central Europe

5th January - Today's News: 2018 Warmest on Record for Germany, Finland & NZ

4th January - Today's News: Tropical Storm Pabuk Hits Thailand

3rd January - Today's News: 2018 was Europe's Most Extreme Year for Unusual Weather

Climate change in Europe in 2018: the evidence suggest it was the "most extreme" year on record for unusual weather events, from severe flash floods to the Arctic Circle experiencing 25 consecutive days above 25c
In Sweden, Storm Alfrida knocks out Gotland phone network (including emergency number)
In Thailand: tourists flee as Tropical Storm Pabuk set to bring seven-metre waves - the first tropical storm to hit the region outside of the Monsoon season for 30 years
Fierce Newfoundland storm makes some roads impassable for even the plows
A 'pacemaker' for North African climate
And an (un)lucky paraglider walks away unscathed after surprise dust devil chews him up and spits him out

2nd January - Today's News: Bonfires Cause Firenados in Netherlands

A bliadhna mhath ur!
As soon as the very dull, drab, mild Christmas is over, we finally get a frost - and at -2.7c my lowest temperature since last March ....    Looking settled and very dry for the next two weeks too.  No snow on the horizon yet, whatever the media liars might claim.  And as it's down to high pressure, no sign of an Arctic/Polar/Siberian/Beast from the East Blast either.    Though with luck we may see something more interesting towards the end of the month.   Incidently, one of the more amusing (if that's the word) stories over the past week has been that - according to Ladbrokes .... - 2019 could be the coldest year on record.   As likely as me winning the lottery (I never buy a ticket).  Does make you wonder if such stories are paid for by the bookies as advertising?
New Year's Eve bonfires spark flaming tornados in the Netherlands
Thousands without power and traffic disrupted as 2019's first storm hits Sweden.  And breaking news this morning that a…