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28th February - Today's News: Australia has Hottest Summer on Record

Australia's summer 2018-19 was hottest on record, BOM says, with little relief expected for autumn However, here, we have finally come to an end of the record warmth in the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands with France's record-breaking February heatwave over as well.  M ore normal temperatures expected in March.   Yesterday's 19.2c at Heathrow didn't even break the date record! California's 'glory hole' activated after weeks of heavy rain at Lake Berryessa reservoir The continued sea-level rise on East and Gulf coasts detailed Ice-free Arctic summers could happen on earlier side of predictions And there are new arguments in favor of a ninth planet in our solar system

27th February - Today's News: Wildfires as UK Breaks Temperature Record Again

The UK record fell again yesterday with 21.2c at Kew Gardens - over 70f - and even 18.9c in my garden, as the remarkable winter heatwave continues.  However, not all good news as firefighters battle giant wall of flames stretching half-a-mile over Saddleworth Moor as wild blazes rage across Britain after hottest winter day on record - with more wildfires in Scotland, Sussex, Cornwall and Wales.   Wildfires season in the UK normally takes place in May.  But then, temperatures this week have been on a par for May! But it's not just asking where's winter? Western Europe basks in record temperatures Pollen at 'unusually high levels' amid early spring in Germany Locals joke after 3.7 magnitude earthquake shakes Sussex homes 'Ice tsunami' hits New York prompting evacuations   In Peru: Deadly floods and landslides hit Huancavelica At high enough CO2 levels, clouds will start to physically break apart - but no more boring stratocumulus i

26th February - Today's News: Record Warmth in UK

The Welsh, English and UK record broken for the date, month and season!   We've never had 20c recorded in winter before as UK basks in warmest February day on record . But a warning of  why spring in February is a disaster for nature Malta's 'worst storm since 1982' saw record gusts of 133km/h as the gigantic waves and gale-force winds lash Malta with torrents of… fish Is this a strange new island or mere mirage? Border patrol tweets phenomenal photo   from a frozen Finnish lake (it's a mirage, of course) What Russia's green snow reveals about the rise of pollution Hot weather in Malaysia to continue until April And how tweets tell scientists how quickly we normalize unusual weather

25th February - Today's News: Deadly Mississippi Tornado

More severe weather in the US where a deadly tornado plows through Mississippi killing one and destroying homes as huge storm dumps more than a foot of rain on the Southeast triggering floods which left another dead in Tennessee Wales hits record-high temperature as UK basks in sun Bad weather lashes Malta with winds of 101kmh reported - unusual for the island  Storms batter coastal cities of Croatia Swimmer drowns in Cyclone Oma aftermath as swathe of Queensland beaches battle erosion And a possibly weather related story as Brazilian researchers investigating discovery of dead humpback whale in Amazon jungle - was it washed up by a storm?   Or dropped by a UFO ...... !

23rd February - Today's News: Record Snowfall in Arizona

A record-breaking winter storm blankets Arizona in snow A warning to hillwalkers as ticks emerge early in February's mild weather in the Highlands And the mystery of the Arctic island that disappeared

22nd February - Today's News: Record High Temperatures in Scotland

Scotland beats February temperature record from 1897 - 18.3c in Aboyne yesterday was the highest February temperature ever recorded in Scotland, as well as a UK date record.  And it's been a challenging winter for snowsports in Scotland due to the unusual lack of snow.   We may see some next month (not down here though!). Even the steaming Nevada desert gets more snow than we do ....  Winter storms bring rare snowfall to Las Vegas and Los Angeles Cyclone Oma weakens but impacts still expected along Queensland coast Death toll from Pakistan flash floods, rains rises to 26 Powerful jet stream propels Virgin Atlantic plane to record-breaking speed Tornado fatalities continue to fall, despite population growth in Tornado Alley Only visible this time of year, if the weather conditions are right, the annual 'Firefall' in Yosemite National Park stuns visitors The Earth may be 140 years away from reaching carbon levels not seen in 56 mill

20th February - Today's News: Another Big Winter Storm to Hit US

Whilst the weather remains rather benign - and boring - here in the UK, in the US Winter Storm Petra bears down on East Coast with 200 million people in parts of 39 states in its path .  There's a chance we could see near record high temperatures later this week.  Whether winter finally arrives in March, or early spring continues though, remains to be seen ....  Southern Mexico's heat wave continues in 20 states, temperatures over 40 C in seven - but there is snow forecast in the north Tropical Cyclone Oma scours New Caledonia , with warnings in Australia that Tropical Cyclone Oma could make it to the Queensland coast early next week, BOM says Preserved leaves reveal 7000 years of rainfall and drought in Queensland It's claimed that climate change makes summer weather stormier yet more stagnant - but they obviously haven't been to England where summer thunderstorms are becoming an endangered species! And sad news of the death of the 'grand

16th February - Today's News: Siberian Black Snow

Eerie black snow falls over Siberian region triggering acute pollution concerns from locals In the US, Winter Storm Nadia shuts down highways, triggers crashes in Missouri; 1 dead Yesterday, loads of kids skived off school to demand that climate change is someone else's problem.  Climate strike: Why are students striking and will it have an impact?   And schools' climate strike: 'Why we skipped school to protest' .   I do hope the irony of suggesting that the government do something " concrete " (what?  Ban kids from having iPhone, central heating and holidays abroad?) is not entirely lost on them .....   But changes start at home.   And it is our problem. Or perhaps the UK Govt should ban global wildfires?  A significant factor as scientists discovered where black carbon comes from in the Arctic in winter and summer And a (legitimate) warning from BP: Plastic ban 'could have unintended consequences'

15th February - Today's News: "Staggering" Rainfall Brings Floods, Mudslides to California

Storm creates chaos in California with flooding, mudslides and "staggering" amounts of rainfall being reported. Australian floods send dirty water across Great Barrier Reef as the North Queensland rains trigger BOM special climate statement There's been less snow cover, shorter winters in Finland since 1960s El NiƱo, though weak, has developed and will likely last through Spring 2019 And China closes its Everest base camp to tourists .  Because of litter.

14th February - Today's News: Queensland Floods Create Own Weather

Gigantic dinosaur prints saved from Queensland flood - which is now a flood so vast it creates its own weather - as Queensland graziers say cattle are too 'shell-shocked' after flooding to find food In the western USA, another storm wreaks havoc in Northern California, while Southland preps for days of wet weather with rescues reported as Bay Area drivers test submerged roads Canada's East Coast grapples with 'straight-up unpleasant' storm while West Coast digs out And Swiss glaciologists give their new estimates of glacier ice volumes - needless to say, they are down on the last estimates.

13th February - Today's News: More Heatwaves, Burning Soil, Dust Storms and Snow in Australia

Yet another heatwave grips Queensland as Roma and Brisbane suffer an unending run of scorchers After covering Canberra, dust shrouds Sydney as air quality readings in NSW reach 'hazardous' levels While there's a remarkable end to the fires': Snow falls on parts of Tasmania as fires still smoulder So, fire, floods, dust and snow — how is this all happening at the same time? And why has the ground started burning on an outback cattle station?   It's been so hot the dung-rich soil has self combusted!   So, fire, floods, dust and snow — how is this all happening at the same time? In Canada, snow records smashed across B.C. as flakes continue to fall Arctic sea ice loss in the past linked to abrupt climate events And research suggests the possibility of recent underground volcanism on Mars

12th February - Today's News: Hawaii Records All-time Low Temperatures

It looks like the Hawaii storm might have set the State's all-time record low; snow fell on Maui, too Canberra dust storm cuts power to 6,500, shrouds iconic landmarks Meanwhile, structures at Jubullum Aboriginal community destroyed as bushfire emergency grips NSW Snowfall in Beijing triggers icy-roads alert - almost the latest date the first snow fall of winter has fallen there. NASA finds possible second impact crater under Greenland ice And the environment in multiple crises - report from the IPPR think-tank says

11th February - Today's News: Deadly Floods Hit Atacama Desert

The world's driest desert floods as extreme weather hits Chile - this comes after recent record heat, and a whole dry decade since Santiago last saw "average" rainfall. Already the snowiest February for 70 years in Seattle (so that's where our winter went!) there's no time to dig out! More snow is predicted for the Pacific Northwest as parts lay buried beneath over a foot of the white stuff Strong winds, dangerous surf and even snow hit Hawaii at the weekend More snow in the east too as blizzards in Tibet kill thousands of livestock .  But in China, mild weather sees first cherry blossoms blooming early - nearly a whole month early And it looks like winter is over for Evesham, not that it ever really began.  Again ..... .

9th February - Today's News: 2 Dead in Windy Britain

Big waves, planes struggling to land and two dead.  The fury of killer Storm Erik . A cold snap and snow hit Tokyo and surrounding areas, disrupting some flights Tasman Glacier: Huge ice chunks break off New Zealand glacier Life thrived on Earth 3.5 billion years ago, research suggests And an interesting piece about how cli-fi (climate fiction) on the big screen changes minds about real climate change

8th February - Today's News: Hundreds of Thousands of Cattle Dead in Queensland Floods

The Queensland floods have likely killed hundreds of thousands of cattle, farmers facing 'catastrophic' losses - the tragic irony being that before the rains, cattle were dying due to the drought ....  And you can watch as the floodwaters swallow Queensland train track in unbelievable time lapse footage Elsewhere in Australia, Sydney lashed by severe thunderstorms, power outages, flooding And the Southern Hemisphere is scorching: Unprecedented heat in Chile, Argentina and Australia Here, it's supposedly still winter and Met Eireann have issued an amber warning, so today's perfectly normal wet and windy weather is Storm Erik Some pictures of  spectacular snow fireworks as Russians celebrate the deep cold of winter India capital Delhi enjoys unusual hail storm Rio de Janeiro storm kills 6, turning roads into tivers and burying bus in mud Scientists: Climate change makes Atlantic hurricanes stronger A look at the d ynamic atm

7th February - Today's News: Remembering Black Saturday

10 years ago was Black Saturday: The bushfire disaster that shook Australia .  173 people died in the firestorm.   It was just before I started this news blog, but I remembering the awful stories all too well. Meanwhile today there's an emergency warning for bushfire in Forrestdale, south of Perth, as homes, schools threatened but at least rains bring relief to bushfire-weary Tasmanian towns and fire crews  Chaff also makes the news in Australia, messing with our weathe radar. It looks like rain but it’s actually secret military exercises Canadians told to expect every year to be 'awful': Experts weigh how to protect B.C. public from wildfire smoke World heading for warmest decade, says Met Office .  Whilst their UK medium/long range weather forecasts may not always be as accurate as we'd like, when it comes to global temperature forecasts they have usually been right and I know of no reason to suppose they won't be this time.  Unless Yellowsto

6th February - Today's News: Sarajevo Bridge Collapses Amid Bosnian Flood Emergency

State of emergency declared in Bosnia after heavy flooding At least 14 people killed in Bolivia landslides after heavy rain After studying isotope in ice cores, scientists have been revising the history of big, climate-altering volcanic eruptions A huge cavity in Antarctic glacier signals rapid decay And whilst some other countries pump out more, it seems we, at least are trying, as UK CO2 emissions fall again - but we're still a very long off target!

5th February - Today's News: Winter Storm Hits US West Coast

From Washington to California, Winter Storm Lucian shuts roads and schools In Australia, Townsville flooding continues as hundreds wait for waters to recede after 2 bodies were found.  But how did the Ross River Dam reach more than 200 per cent capacity amid the Townsville floods?   Meanwhile in the west, Perth weather to soar into high 30s in the longest run of hot days since 2014 NZ's Nelson blaze: Massive forest wildfire spreads, forces evacuations around Wakefield There was chaos in Czech Republic amid heavy snowfall and blackouts Norway's Arctic islands at risk of 'devastating' warming, report says Climate change: Warming threatens Himalayan glaciers   Even a rise in global temperatures of just 1.5c could see their extent reduced by a third - and we are well on track for that! Early spring rain boosts methane from thawing permafrost by 30 percent Much of the surface ocean will shift in color by end of 21st century , becoming

4th February - Today's News: Major Flooding in Townsville, Qld, as More Rain Falls

In northern Queensland, Townsville flooding forces hundreds to evacuate, leaves police clinging to trees after dam gates fully opened . And it's gone from drought to flooding rains as farmers celebrate drenching in Queensland's west After last week's snow, rare snow rollers spotted in field near Marlborough Fresh snowfall snarls road, rail and air traffic in the south of Finland and there's more snow on the way for western Sweden amid continued transport disruption whilst in Czechia the country in the midst of snow chaos, again - all demonstrating once again that the UK is not the only country that suffers disruptions from a bit of snow! A South African storm leaves more than 400 homeless in Ladysmith area Why carbon dioxide’s boost to trees may not offset its climate impact - despite some deniers' claims And on Groundhog Day 2019: Punxsutawney Phil predicts an early spring

2nd February - Today's News: More Snow Chaos in Southern England

Unexpectedly, snow persisted through much of yesterday across s small swath of central southern England resulting in more snow chaos across Britain .  But it's turning warmer next week.  The warm-up won't be as dramatic as in America though where the US counts the cost as polar vortex retreats, with temperatures to rise by 30C In northern Queensland, Townsville flooding could worsen with more heavy rain and dam releases Tasmania's fire disaster revealed in satellite images showing the extent of the damage And a meteor explodes over small town in western Cuba, shattering windows and pelting homes with fragments of the space rock

1st February - Today's News: Snow Affects Southern England

And we have snow cover in Evesham ..... just!   Pretty pleased with my forecast of 1-3cm for the region, falling in the early hours, with maybe a bit more over the Cotswolds, but only a dusting in places.  About 0.5-1cm in Evesham.   But rapidly melting from roads and pavements.  That thousands of workers and schoolchildren at home while millions more slog to the office after coldest night in seven years with -15.4C lows is such a newsworthy event perhaps reflects how rare proper wintry weather has become in the country, with no guarantees of it occurring even once every winter.  Some places in Britain have yet to see snowfall and may go the whole winter snowless. Meanwhile North America has real cold weather. Niagara Falls partially freezes as deadly polar vortex hits the Northeast after blasting the Midwest with record-breaking -30F temperatures and leaving at least 21 dead In complete contrast, Australia swelters through its hottest month on record, with January mean tempe