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30th March 2019 - WMO's 25th State of Climate Report: Impacts "Accelerating"

Climate change: Global impacts 'accelerating' - WMO's 25th State of the Climate reports says
After a couple of dry weeks, the wildfire season return to the UK as Betws-y-Coed residents are evacuated after mountain fire
Video from Turkey as a man ‘flies off’ with umbrella in storm
'World's longest salt cave' discovered in Israel
Australian stargazers looking for Aurora Australis mystified by bright green flash - actually from a meteor breaking up in the atmosphere
Venus may have had a climate suitable for life billions of years ago
And we can actually see what happened 65 million years ago after the Chicxulub asteroid impact: Stunning fossils record dinosaurs' demise

28th March - Today's News: Floods destroy NZ Bridge

Raging floods wash away a bridge in New Zealand as freak 'one-in-a-hundred year' storm brings gale-force winds and torrential downpour
Tropical Cyclone Joaninha slams Indian Ocean island of Rodrigues
Temperatures in Alaska are toppling records
Ex-Tropical Cyclone Trevor brings much-needed relief to drought-ravaged Western Queensland with some kids seeing rain for the very first time.
How Arctic warming contributes to drought in mid latitudes, by weakening the prevailing westerly flow of weather systems - something we are, of course, already seeing happen.
Climate change: Drilling in 'Iceberg Alley'
Cold water currently slowing fastest Greenland glacier - it's not simply just started growing again, disproving global warming, as some of the usual suspects have wrongly suggested, and continues to melt, albeit more slowly.
The changing face of the Arctic: one significant island vanishes from the map but a dozen appear
A bit of geology-porn as time-lapse captures Mexico'…

26th March - Today's News: Tropical Storm Iba Forms Off Brazilan Coast

25th March - Today's News: Twin Cyclones Bring Welcome Rain to Aussie Outback

23rd March - Today's News: Cyclone Trevor Hits Northern Territiories

22nd March - Today's News: Thousands Still Await Rescue After Cyclone Idai

21st March - Today's News: Two Cyclones Threaten Australia This Weekend

20th March - Today's News: Super Worm Equinox Moon Tonight

19th March - Today's News: Massive Devastation from Cyclone Idai

18th March - Today's News: 2 Dead in Record Nebraska Floods

16th March - Today's News: US Winter Storm Brings Tornadoes, Blizzards & Flooding

15th March - Today's News: Beira Cut Off as Cyclone Hits Mozambique

Cyclone Idai: Mozambique city of Beira hit by storm
Sydney cleans up after super cell storms with giant hail as flight cancellations continue
Arctic now locked into devastating temperature rise, UN report says
Ocean sink for human-made carbon dioxide measured
'Bone' cloud appears above Whangarei - the strange effect likely caused by aircraft (distrails)
And global warming: Children's climate strike spreads worldwide - but how many of those involved, if offerred the latest iPhone for free would say "no, I don't need it, my 3 year old phone still works fine"?   Or refuse the chance of flying to Caribbean for a holiday and choose Skegness instead?   How many have clothes they do not need/wear?   Or drink bottled water?  And expect imported exotic food on their plates every day?   They can change the world - but only by changing themselves. 

14th March - Today's News: German Tornado

13th March - Today's News: New World Record for Highest March Temperature

In Western Australia, Roebourne records hottest March temperature anywhere in the world meanwhile, in the south east, the state of the drought shows dams empty and NSW drowning in dust
Named by Met Eireann (not the UK Met Office), Storm Gareth: Travel disruption as gusts of up to 75mph hit UK (nice pic of a cumulonimbus off Cornwall, but it wasn't Gareth!) whilst in Eire thousands of homes left without power as 120kmh winds slam into coast
Third person dead after Ben Nevis avalanche - indications are that the group involved comprised of French and Swiss climbers
St Petersburg ice walls thrill Russians - found along the coast when storms push ice ashore
Georgia tornado leaves house seemingly unscathed - guess this lucky piggy built his house from bricks, not straw!
At least 11 killed after heavy rain lashes Sao Paulo
Malawi floods kill 30, displace 6,000
Heatwave threatens to slash harvest in drought-hit Zimbabwe

A continuing row over hydro projects in 'Skyfall glen' - whilst …

11th March - Today's News: Stormy Weather Hits Britain & Northern Europe

9th March - Today's News: How Talking About the Weather Defines Britishness

8th March - Today's News: Rivers of Mud Hit California Town

7th March - Today's News: Record Sea Ice Melt in Bering Sea

6th March - Today's News: Dust Storm Threatens Sydney

4th March - Today's News: Alabama Tornado Leaves 23 Dead

2nd March - Today's News: Floods Hit California Wine Country