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30th April - Today's News: Extreme Floods Hit Eastern Canada

Eastern Canada grapples with extreme flooding with warnings thatQuebec's flood crisis could be terrifying new normal
Mozambique cyclone: Death toll rises as storm blocks aid
April ends with 13 consecutive months of record-high temperatures in Germany; here in the UK it's also 13 months since we had a below average month in the CET record, although last October was exactly average.
Satellite pictures show how Alaska's Excelsior Glacier is being replaced by a lake 5 times the size of Central Park
And an interesting piece on why your brain doesn’t register the words ‘climate change’- and why we may see the use of more dramatic phrases in future (but I still prefer anthropogenic climate change)

29th April - Today's News: Mozambique Flooding & Cyclone Destruction

27th April - Today's News: Storrm Hannah

26th April - Today's News: Cyclone Kenneth Hits Mozambique

Cyclone Kenneth: Mozambique hit by its strongest storm ever
As named by Met Eireann, Storm Hannah to bring gales and heavy rain to parts of England and Wales tonight, although it won't be anything exception for us.  We also had more heavy rain and even a crack of thunder in Evesham yesterday - useful for the gardens and farmers!  However more settled conditions look set to return again before long - could we be looking at a repeat of 2018's splendid spring and summer?   That could mean more wildfires to come,.  Hence plans for fighting fire with fire to tackle Scotland's wildfires
Meanwhile, German farmers fear drought amid spate of forest fires
Mother and son are killed by tornado after it rips through Louisiana town
Canadian capital declares state of emergency as flood waters rise
And see NASA's super soothing view of clouds rolling across Mars

25th April - Today's News: Thousands of Animals Burned Alive in Siberian Wildfires

24th April - Today's News: Over 50 Dead in S African Floods, Mudslides

South Africa floods: Death toll after heavy rains rises to 51
Meanwhile, another tropical storm could hit Mozambique, Tanzania, Madagascar, Comoros this week
Probably down to the general lack of snow, this season's avalanche numbers on Scottish mountains 'among lowest'
However, the UK has already had more wildfires in 2019 than any year on record - with more still breaking out today, ahead of rain spreading up from the south that should ease things for a time.
Australia's rain-bringing cold front means Lake Eyre could get to its fullest since 1974 but Murray-Darling Basin is missing out
And the most powerful electrical storm on record detected - needless to say it wasn't over Evesham!

23rd April - Today's News: More Wildfires After UK's Warmest Easter

Well, it was the UK's hottest Easter Monday on record - but that's partly because it was quite late this year.  You can't really compare when the date varies by several weeks each year!   Unfortunately though, a busy weekend for the fire service with  Devon fire crews tackling twelve fires on Dartmoor  whilst in Snowdonia, Blaenau Ffestiniog mountain fire: About 20 homes evacuated, in Northern Ireland, the Mournes wildfire: Police treat blaze as suspicious, dramatic pictures from Yorkshire blaze that has destroyed more than 700 acres of moorland after being started by a barbecue and in Scotland a major wildfire threatens Moray wind farm. Many of these will have been started by arrogant and ignorant "wild" campers and picnic-ers who persist in ignoring warnings.
Meanwhile, in Siberia, there's a state of emergency after dozens of houses destroyed in fearsome wildfires in TransBaikal region and more wildfires rage in Sweden after Easter heatwave
However, differ…

20th April - Today's News: Rare April Snow in Western Australia

18th April - Today's News: Recent Global Warming Confirmed by New Data

Recent global warming as confirmed by AIRS ‘The worst is almost over’: 100+ killed by rain & dust storms across India and Pakistan now.
More wildfires ..... Bodmin Moor fires: Crews tackle four blazes over two miles and in Wales pictures show the devastating impact of a catastrophic mountain wildfire... a year on,  whilst two Italian students' BBQ results in €13m fine for forest fire.  More prosecutions of that nature in this country would be good.
Meanwhile, a bunch of yahoos in London think gluing themselves to trains will persuade the Government to ban air travel and the use of cement ..... Of course they don't have a solution, just demands.  It's still all someone else's problem .....  Polls show they have little public support - which is what is needed since we can only fight climate change if we also focus on the mundane - and in my opinion they have done immense damage to the campaign to get the public on side.  Mad world.
And it's climate change to blam…

17th April - Today's News: Wildfire Warning for Britain

As Sutherland residents return home after wildfire near Durness, and there are dramatic scenes as 'apocalyptic' mile-long grass fires rip through Maerdy and Rhigos in South Wales, Mountaineering Scotland issue a warning to be aware of fire risk this Easter.  Sadly, many so-called "wild campers" continue to insist they have a "right" to an open fire when camping. You don't actually need a fire, ever.   And you should only ever even consider one when you are certain conditions are absolutely safe.  So never on peat, for example.

16th April - Today's News: 25 Dead in Pakistan Storms

15th April - Today's News: 8 Dead in US Storms

In the US, the death toll from storms ripping across the South rises to eight, including three children
Iran suffers '$2bn in damages' as flood toll continues to rise with 76 now confirmed dead, and some 726 bridges destroyed
Firefighters spend second night at Ayrshire blaze above Loch Doon.  This is now the traditional UK wildfire season.  
And reported last week, here's the full paper on how recent summer warming in northwestern Canada exceeds the Holocene thermal maximum

13th April - Today's News: March Was 2nd Warmest Ever Recorded

11th April - Today's News: 10 Dead After Rio Rain

9th April - Today's News: Another Big Storm Threatens Flood-Hit US Midwest

6th April - Today's News: Evacuations in Iran as More Floods Expected

5th April - Today's News: Massive Wildfire in South Korea

South Korea wildfires: Deadly blaze declared a national emergency - not a common event over there.
At least 62 people killed in Iran floods as US accused of blocking aid
Parts of India swelter under heatwave
There may have been some falls this week, but the overall winter and spring's snow no-show spells disaster for north and north-east ski centres - and I suspect this the pattern to come.  Either a very good year or a very bad year with no predictability.

Yesterday, snow hits roads and school across Wales whilst in the Cairngorms, two walkers trapped in bothy by deep snow in Cairngorms had to be rescued by helicopter.   Faindouran is a very long way from anywhere!
Meanwhile in the Alps, heavy April snowfall heightens Swiss avalanche risk
And there's 'no role' for climate in Halley iceberg splitting

4th April - Today's News: March Warm and Wet in the UK

After a warm and wet March (but still below average rainfall in Evesham) we had a bit of sleet here this morning!   And some more pictures as spring snowfall surprises parts of England
A new cyclone may form off WA, could hit Pilbara just weeks after Cyclone Veronica, BOM warns
Denmark amongst countries with highest temperature increase
Here are all the records broken by Alaska's weather last month
'Our dams are 95 percent full': Iran braces for more flooding
Climate change: 'Magic bullet' carbon solution takes big step as oil companies invest in developing a way of  making liquid fuel from CO2 extracted from the air.
A climate change warning from 'Antarctica's last forests' when CO2 levels were similar to those of today, and trees grew in the Antarctic.   It may be a while before they start re-colonising down there though!
How Permian volcanism contributed to atmospheric greenhouse gas content in Antarctica
The Daily Express asks  will this month see th…

3rd April - Today's News: April Snow Hits Britain

2nd April - Today's News: Dozens Dead in Middle East and Asian Floods & Storms

1sr April - Today's News: Record March Temperatures for Australia and the Arctic