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29th June - Today's News: France Records Highest Ever Temperature

France hits record temperature of 45.9C whilst 30c yesterday in Kintail meant it was also the UK's warmest day so far as temperatures soar - but today is likely to be even hotter, with 30c+ in many parts of England.  Including Evesham.
So is climate change causing Europe’s intense heat? A scientist weighs in
And introducing the Dragonfly: Drone helicopter to fly on Saturn's moon, Titan

28th June - Today's News: Massive Catalonia Wildfire as More Heat Records Broken

27th June - Today's News: Records Fall in European Heatwave

European heatwave sets new June temperature records in Germany, Poland and Czechia with more records likely over the next few days.  Saturday looks like being the only really hot day here though.
Fire-scarred landscape looks like snow has come down in June as flowers bloom on the moors above Bolton
There's no end in sight for record Midwest flood crisis as high waters continue to swamp towns and agricultural fields throughout the Mississippi basin
Under the Greenland Ice Sheet: 'More than 50 hidden lakes' detected
Papua New Guinea's Mount Ulawun volcano erupts and sends thousands of residents fleeing
Roads and deforestation explode in the Congo basin - impacting not just the wildlife, but in due course the global climate as well
And on Monday evening there were pink rainbows spotted over south and west of England

25th June - Today's News: Flash Floods in Scotland

It may end up the wettest day of the year here, after some heavy rain this morning.  Not exactly a heatwave though, but it is fairly humid.   Last year, the 25th June was the first day to see 30c reached, I think it'll be Friday or Saturday before anywhere sees that this year.  Not as wet as Edinburgh and Stirling yesterday though as heavy rain and flash floods cause travel chaos across Scotland and rescue for 14 in Stirling trapped by flash floods whilstStirling Tesco roof collapses amid heavy downpours as thunderstorms lash UK
And it's not just here, as torrential rain causes traffic chaos in Belgrade
But mostly it's hot as searing heat across Europe sparks scramble for shade

24th June - Today's News: Darwin Buildings Evacuated After Banda Sea Earthquake

22nd June - Today's News: "Dangerous" Heatwave Warning for Europe

A‘dangerous heatwave’ to sweep Europe bringing temperatures up to 40C, forecasters say next week - and it'll be pretty warm (and humid) even here.  Parts of the Highlands, however, saw temperatures down to freezing earlier this morning!
But in the US, on the first day of (astronomical) summer, snow temporarily closes road to Yellowstone.  Which probably means global warming is a hoax ....
Hawaiian heat wave: With temps in 90s, nearly 30 records matched or broken since May 
Happiness comes in waves: Rare formation of cloud covers netizens' attention - KH waves are something I have still never seen ....   Meanwhile,Boulder possibly witness to rare helix cloud formation.  Which is something else I have never seen.  But I did see my first nocties of the year last night; they were widely visible across Europe and even down to the SW of England.
India is running out of water, fast and whilst Chennai's the latest city to have almost run out of water, and other cities could follow su…

Past Predictions of a New Ice Age ....

For future reference purposes, as these can sometimes be tricky to track down

2009: Svensmark: "global warming stopped and a cooling is beginning"

2010: New Ice Age 'to begin in 2014'

2013: New Research Paper Predicts 15 Years Of Cooling

2014: Forget Global Cooling Predictions…It’s Already Happening! 

2016: Scientists Predict New Ice Age By 2019 As Sun ‘Goes Blank’

And the infamous Don Easterbrook projection showing just how much it will be cooling after the year 2000 ....

21st June - Today's News: Violent Storms and Flooding in US

Video footage shows super-cell tornado forming in Texas as wild weather sweeps the country
And we may - just may - have some interesting weather here before long.  It' looks like it's getting hot and humid next week - with the added risk of some big thunderstorms ....  If we don't I'll blame Laura!   But it shouldn't be as bad here as on the continent where temperatures of 35-40 Celsius expected to grip Europe next week
Clean electricity overtaking fossil fuels in Britain
And I'm pleased to see that a major study finds no conclusive links to health effects from waste incinerators - I'd like to see much more incineration and as near zero landfill as possible.  Incinerators being best built adjacent to existing landfill sites, which they can then "mine" for more fuel ....

20th June - Today's News: Clockwise Tornado Seen in South Dakota

19th June - Today's News: Record Arctic Temperatures and Melting Continue

Greenland’s ‘unusual’ melting sea ice captured in stunning image - not sure I'd be comfortable crossing ice that was under water like that!   But does make a great picture.  And it looks like the Arctic could face another scorching annus horribilis with record high temperatures and even more melting ...
This comes as 2019 on track to be Earth's third warmest year on record, NOAA says
Every river in the UK contains microplastic with the River Mersey more polluted than the 'great Pacific garbage patch' though not sure it's true to say every river ....   I bet there's not much in some Highland rivers.  Yet.
Stunning pictures show storm clouds over Suffolk before a lightning strike fire destroys Shotley bungalow roof  as homes are left without power and roads flooded as thunderstorms lash Britain overnight (for Britain read "parts of SE England" - you have to remember that most journalists couldn't find the British Isles on a map.  Or even know what …

18th June - Today's News: The Scale of Global Warming

17th June - Today's News: Deadly Storms in Europe

15th June - Today's News: Arctic Warming Impacts Permafrost and Sea Ice

14th June - Today's News: Dramatic Landslide in Rain-lashed China

13th June - Today's News: Flash Flooding Continues Across UK

12th June - Today's News: Evesham has Coldest June Day on Record

Whilst we've avoided all the heavier rain, it's still a rather damp, and cold, week.  Yesterday's maxima of 11.3c (also recorded in Pershore) was the lowest June maxima since my records began in 2003.
This morning there's been more Wales flooding: Driver rescued as rain set to continue
And it's not just been wet here.  In China rains: Thousands stranded after record downpour
However, in contrast, record-breaking, 'dangerous' heat wave bakes western U.S. whilst India staring at longest heatwave in 3 decades, monsoon relief unlikely soon and it's been hot and stormy in the east of Europe where 'doomsday' hail storm smashes windows in Bavaria
The jet stream is kaput.
In the Indian Ocean, Cyclone Vayu turns very severe; 300,000 being evacuated in Gujarat
Nearly a billion people facing high exposure to climate change effects, Global Peace Index finds
So how can city dwellers help with climate change? Buy less stuff.
On the subject of climate change:…

11th June - Today's News: Flash Flooding as Heavy Rain Hits England

10th June - Today's News: Woman Dies After Mamores Lightning Strike

Lightning strike death on Highlands mountain was 'freak accident'
Finnish thunderstorms knock out power to thousands; snow in next week's forecast and parts of England - including Evesham - may well see 2 months worth of rain this week as the jet streams breaks down completely and a significant meridional pattern develops across the northen hemisphere.  Yes, cold and wet is a symptom of global warming.  This is not the usual "European monsoon" that traditional occurs in June as the jet stream ramps up and sends Atlantic depressions barrelling across the UK from the west.   This is slow moving and coming from the south ....
One dead and six injured in Dallas crane collapse amid severe thunderstorms
And scientists close in on hidden Scottish meteorite crater, believed to be in the Minch.  It formed over a billion years ago though ....

8th June - Today's News: 3 Dead as Lifeboat Capsizes in French Storm

7th June - Today's News: Tornadoes Hit SE Louisiana

6th June - Today's News: Tornado in West Germany

5th June - Today's News: Atmospheric CO2 Hits 414ppm

3rd June - Today's News: Deadly Tornadoes Hit Southern Chile

Not much in the way of details in the English media, but a translated page show the stunning videos of the tornadoes that hit southern Chile killing at least one person.  BBC showing just a video as tornadoes wreak havoc in Chile
10 Indian cities among world’s 15 hottest places as intense heatwave sweeps northern plains   as pre-monsoon temperatures hit record levels again
Yesterday was the warmest day of the year so far for the UK, with 28.8c on the Norfolk coast, though not so hot in Evesham where Saturday took that honour, and in fact we actually had a little bit of much needed rain.  May was my driest on record (from 2007) and I am now 14 consecutive months since I last had above average rainfall.  Climate change?  Too soon to say.
Warm too in parts of Europe where heavy storms hit western Germany following heat wave
And on Nanda Devi: Rescued climbers search for missing mountaineers - the group includes Martin Moran, whom I once met at Shenavall.  A very nice, unassuming guy.   Th…

1st June - Today's News: Britain's Coal-free Fortnight