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27th September - Today's News: Lorenzo is now Strongest Recorded Hurricane in East Atlantic

26th September - Today's News: Sea Levels Rising Faster Says UN Report

25th September - Today's News: Heavy Rains Cause Flash Floods Across England

21.9mm in Evesham yesterday, and some nice thunder at dawn, making it the second wettest day of the year here and the wettest September day since 2012 as heavy rain causes floods and travel chaos across England
A shallow Pakistan earthquake leaves 19 dead and 300 injured in Kashmir region
Mont Blanc: Glacier in danger of collapse, experts warn
Having now reached it's September minima,  NASA says 2019 Arctic sea ice minimum ties for second lowest on record
And a new European satellite will gain hi-res view of greenhouse effect

24th September - Today's News: Apocalyptic Skies as Indonesia Burns for Palm Oil

23rd September - Today's News: Climate Change Impacts "Accelerating"

21st September - Today's News: Typhoon Tapah Threatens Rugby World Cup

20th September - Today's News: Texas Floods as TS Imelda Brings 3 Foot of Rain

18th September - Today's News: Northern Hemisphere's Hottest Recorded Summer

We made the Daily Mirror as man with stage four cancer completes 'Britain's hardest walk' for charity and also some regional media, including some in Ireland - hopefully the story will be picked up more widely today and we might even get in some print editions!   No idea who this Andrew Mayhew guy is, though!
Tropical Storm Imelda begins dumping rain on Texas as Hurricane Humberto is upgraded to Category 3 and Jerry is expected to form soon, as the Atlantic hurricane season ramps up
In Germany: Storm forces hundreds to sleep on Deutsche Bahn trains
And the Northern Hemisphere just endured the hottest summer on record

17th September - Today's News: Snow Follows 25c Temps in Canberra

16th September - Today's News: Deadly Floods After Record Spanish Rainfall