Friday, 27 November 2015

27th November - Today's News: Flooding in Qatar, Saudi Arabia after Record Rain

The Daily Star is clearly aiming for the most misleading weather headline of the year award, claiming snow chaos: 100mph Storm Clodagh to strike UK on Black Friday ahead of -14C Xmas freeze.  I am not sure how many shops they think there are on the summit of Ben Nevis.  And in any case it will be windy but Storm Clodagh looks unlikely this weekend.   It's obviously far to early to say what the weather will be like at Christmas, but it looks unsettled through till mid December.    

And with fresh snow now falling and settling in for the winter, we had the most snow patches counted in Scotland's hills since 1994 this year.

Flights cancelled as 144km/h winds slam Wellington

NASA's Operation IceBridge completes twin polar campaigns (with the usual suspects ignoring 99% of the story to hit on the comment that temps in Antarctica have fallen slightly over the past 6 years, obviously proving that human activity has no effect on climate ... )

WUWT does have some decent articles from time to time, such as this one from Ferdinand Engelbeen about spurious correlations and causation of the CO2 increase…

Sadly, it seems we have not discovered Ringworld after all with comet fragments best explanation of mysterious dimming star

And whilst this is not how not to measure temperature, British facepalm edition (more like Wattsy facepalm edition) and the comments are mostly quite amusing (if you find ignorance funny) it's worth linking for 'climatereason's comment and his quote from the Met Office which reveals that it is Pershore College - and not Pershore (Throckmorton) that is used for the CET record.   Solves the mystery of why they would use a station that is often unrepresentative of the Vale, particularly with regards low nighttime minima!   I had always assumed the Throckmorton because that's the one the MetO usually (and a little misleadingly) refer to as plain Pershore. 

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

18th November - Today's News: Windstorms Hit Britain & NW USA

It was a breezy evening, but nothing special here - although I did see a wheelly bin blown over on my work into work this morning ....  but after Storm Barney: Thousands still without power after 85mph winds whilst trees down on rail lines in and out of Birmingham cause delays and a tree crashes on Didcot houses

Meanwhile, as it crosses the Channel, the storm changes names as storm 'Heini' bears down on Germany

Glacier on Tibetan plateau retreating at a faster rate since the 1990s

2015 shatters the temperature record as global warming speeds back up - helps of course by a record El Nino.  The real question is whether we get a following La Nina and how warm it is then.  

And in contradiction to the claims of some so-called sceptics, Earth's climate more sensitive to carbon dioxide than previously throught  (possibly ...)