Saturday, 20 September 2014

20th September - Today's News: Thunderstorms Bring Flash Floods to Parts if Southern England

Lightning storms and flash flooding leave huge swathes of Britain flooded... (for Britain read parts of southern England) whilst more torrential rain hit Essex this morning with Southend flooding: six people rescued from cars - obviously, we've still not had the most distant flash of lightning nor tiniest rumble of thunder in Evesham!

And according to a crazy Russian scientist: world facing 'mini-ice age' rather than global warming - which is no doubt why this year has been so warm ......  Methinks he's been reading too much Piers Corbyn!

Friday, 19 September 2014

19th September - Today's News: Britain Remains United

Well done to the people of Scotland who voted yesterday - 85% of the electorate!   That in itself is something to be proud of, even if the result was not quite what you had hoped.  But please bear in mind that more of your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours wanted Britain to remain united.  For myself I am simply relieved.   And now we can move on ....

Down here we has the first proper rain of the month yesterday, though of course, no thunderstorms.  But thunderstorm brings flash flooding to Wareham whilst overnight some parts of southern Britain woken by massive storms as lightning strikes cause train delays and rush-hour chaos and City of Bath experiences 'largest storm in decades'

August and June-August global temperatures each reach record high - despite the so-called 'pause', global cooling and AGW being a fraud .... (allegedly)   And there is still talk of El Nino conditions developing in the Pacific, which would lead to even higher temperatures.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Monday, 15 September 2014

15th September - Today's News: Hurricane Odile Hits Baja California

Weather forecasters hope new technology will end embarassing gaffes - though it wont stop the media reporting "amateur" forecasts and thus continuing to make very embarassing 'gaffes'.  Or, indeed, the media reporting 'gaffes' which never actually happened!   And on that note, Piers Corbyn's August forecast is now online - the one which came with predictions of the hottest August on record .... Although the CET for the first 10 days was at +1.2c this is not exceptionally high and temperatures were warm rather than hot.  Piers blames the rest of the forecast going awry on 'Bertha' misbehaving, although as of the 16th he was still predicting a return to hot weather in the south for the end of the month and a big contrast in rainfall between Ireland and SE England, with the former being much wetter and the latter rather dry.  The actual rainfall anomaly shows it to have been far from the case (much of the rain in Scotland was off the back of ex-Bertha but some parts of the south - including Evesham - had even more rain later in the month).

Brazil builds giant Amazon observation tower to help monitor climate change