Saturday, 19 April 2014

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

15th April - Today's News - Colombian Drought Worries

Extreme Antarctic ozone holes have not been replicated in the Arctic, in part at least because the of success of the CFC ban.

And more proof that human activities affect the climate in a detrimental way as a new study showshow air pollution over Asia influences global weather and makes Pacific storms more intense

Faraway moon or fant star?  Possible exomoon found - it's of course very likely that many of the hundreds of exoplanets we've found will have satellites, but they're much harder to spot.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

12th April - Today's News: North Queensland Cleans Up After Cyclone Ita

Tropical Cyclone Ita leaves trail of destruction along far north Queensland coast - but it wasn't as bad as feared and there have been no serious casualties reported

Appearance of night-shining clouds increasing - although I've not seen any 'nocties' for a few years now.  The 'season' kicks off again in May.

Climate paradox decipheredfrom the Miocene era - why parts of the world warmed even as the Antarctic ice sheet was growing

IPCC report: world must urgently switch to clean sources of energy.  But we won't.

Bad news for the sceptics: the odds that global warming is due to natural factors: slim to none - according to a new analysis of temperature data from 1500.

And just for a laugh, the Daily Mail told us yesterday to enjoy the Spring sunshine this weekend ..... you'll need the woollens next week as chill to hit Britain in time for Easter, whilst today they assure us that Britons to bask in sunny weather this Easter with highs of up to 19c ..... warmer than holiday hotspots in Greece.  Bth stories share the same pictures .....

Friday, 11 April 2014

11th April - Today's News: Cat 4 Cyclone Ita to Make Landfall in Queensland Today

Currently a Cat 4 storm as it approached the Queensland coast - due to make landfall today - Cyclone Ita 'has the potential to take lives' with disaster declared in Cooktown as severe Tropical Storm Ita threatens to 'wipe out' town.  And more live coverage from ABC News here - more on this no doubt tomorrow.

In Missouri last week storm tears apart man's home so violent he woke up in the street - sadly he died of his injuries on Tuesday.   Interesting that wind speeds are quoted as only being ~60mph.   Meanwhile, in Mississippi, mobile home destroyed after being thrown 20 feet in the air while the family were still inside - in this case, it was a tornado and the family fortunately survived.

'Cherry tree from space' blooms early, Japanese scientists baffled - grown from a seed that spent time on the ISS, it's produced blossom six years earlier than normally occurs.  Spooky ....

And Saturn's hexagon: an amazing phenomenon, perhaps related to Earth's Rossby waves?