Friday, 1 August 2014

1st August - Today's News: Hottest August On Record Forecast .... Well, Sort Of .....

And in NZ, wild winds whip south.   Well, it is winter!

Asteroid impacts significantly altered ancient Earth

No, there is no suggestion of life once existing there, but fossils could be found on the Moon - if they are in rocks that were ejected from the Earth (by impacts here) and later landed as meteorites on the Moon.

We are 80% confident that Central England mean temperatures (which covers a large triangular region typical of most of the Midlands and much of the South of England this August will pip or be equal to the warmest on record. Our statement gives details of what this means and includes comment on the fact that while official records probably exagurate temperatures this August would still likley be in or near to the top 5 in the record of over 300 years if likely data exagurations were corrected.
I assume by that that he means it will be the warmest/joint warmest on record, according to official figures, but because (he thinks) the MetO always exagurate (sic) temps, in reality it will only be one of the top 5 warmest at best .......   At present there is nothing to suggest August will be exceptionally warm, but not expecially cool either and I think there's a good chance it will be another above average month (the 8th consecutive such month this year).

(incidently, his acolytes are already claiming that the Met Officer are predicting a washout August, on the basis of media stories saying it will rain this week.  You couldn't make it up!)

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

29th July - Today's News: Heatwaves, Storms & Floods Hit Northern Europe

More on yesterday's storms in the SE where torrential rain and flash flooding cause travel chaos

MPs bicker over IPCC report on causes of climate change - they still think that increasingly warmer La Ninas and a failure to see any fall in average global temps despite negative PDO, reduced solar actvity and increased pollution in some parts, constitutes a 'pause'. 

Rising water vapour in troposhere to intensify climate change

And a suggestion that 'bad luck' ensured that asteroid impact wiped out dinosaurs - they were vulnerable at the time due to climate change and rising sea levels; had it hit a few million years before or after they may have recovered.  Or not.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

26th July - Today's News: Storms & Heat Wave Cause More Travel Disruption Across Britain

Train delays and cancellations continue after lightning strikes yesterday (no storms here, of course, though a chance of one later today) whilst in Scotland heatwave causes havoc for travellers (even Aviemore has recorded official temps near 29c this week) and in Eire Midland's town hit by freak flood and mudslides

Brentford storm chaser captures fightening lightning shots - none other than a friend of mine, Peter Scott

More video from the 14th July Novosibrusk hail storm as intense Russian hail storm tears roof off building

And an 'extreme solar storm' could have pulled plug on Earth in 2012.  But it missed us.

Friday, 25 July 2014

25th July - Today's News: Typhoons Rammasun & Matmo; UK Storms and Heatwave

A week of news stories to catch up on!   Terrific thunderstorm in Evesham in the early hours of last Friday morning, with almost constant lightning for an hour - probably the best storm I have experienced since moving here in 1999.   Torrential rain on Saturday, whilst I was in Scotland, also saw the downpipes at my shop fail to cope with the water and some flooding of the shop ......   Meantime, I recorded a shade temperature of 28.6c at a bothy near Kingussie on Tuesday (too hot for me to even sit in the shade!) whilst back here in Evesham, yesterday saw my garden reach 29.2c.

In Alaska, Brooks Range gets a few inches of snow - winter is coming!

Killer tornado leaves two dead in France whilst another tornado is spotted as more storms spread to south-west France

And this is interesting mainly because I came up with a similar idea decades ago (around the same time, in my late teens, when I summised that there was a black hole at the center of most galaxies) mysterious black holes may be exploding into 'white holes' - my idea was that black holes could only 'absorb' so much matter before they reached a crtical mass and 'exploded'.  The extended hypothesis was that eventually all matter in a region of the universe would be contained within a single super-massive black hole, which would then 'explode' in a local 'big bang', starting the process all over again.  A sort of combined steady-state/big bang theory.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

17th July - Today's News: Britain's First Heatwave of 2014 Gets Underway, Storms to Follow

Last update before I go away for a week - probably be next Friday before I can next do a round up of the weather news, which undoubtedly will include the hot weather and thunderstorms expected in Britain over the next few days with heatwave health warning as Britons told to stay indoors (if you are elderly, young or in ill health - the story, as usual, omits the necessary qualification).  The actual Public Health England press release is here - and IMO is not quite so patronising, in context, as the usual suspects say.

Meanwhile warm seas bring in exotic species to England's shores

And if it's cooler weather you want, head for Australia where snow falls around Victoria in rare low-altitude dumping (although it looks more like a dusting than a dumping to me).  

(btw our hot summer - as it now looks like being - and possibly record warm year, follows Australia's hot summer and record warm year.  Does this mean a cold winter is on the way?  We will see ... )