24th September = Today's News: Deadly Storm Fabienne Hits Germany

22nd September - Today's News: Canadian Captures Video From "Inside" Tornado

A big tornado touches down in Ottawa and Gatineau, injuring several people and how about this? From the inside of a tornado, a Gatineau man shot video on the third floor of his building
Sparks fly from Canvey Island power lines in high winds
How extra Arctic observations can improve predictability of tropical cyclones
Something for bothiers to consider? Cooking with wood or coal is linked to increased risk of respiratory illness and death And the annual Rao/Madden fantasy winter forecast has been issued in the Express.   It's almost the same as last year, the year before, the year before that, and so on.  Except only the coldest winter for 10 years.  Not 100 .....   How disappointing!     I am sure it'll be upgraded before long though.

21st September - Today's News: Storm Bronagh Brings More Disruption, Floods

20th September - Today's News: Traffic Disruption After Storm Ali Kills 2; Bronagh Looms ...

19th September - Today's News: Deadly Storm Ali Hits British Isles

17th September - Today's News: Deadly Typhoon Mangkhut Hits China