Friday, 15 August 2014

15th August - Today's News: Record Rainfall in New York

Here, a day of thundery showers yesterday with funnel cloud spotted over Darlington and another funnel cloud hits Loughborough and surrounding area  - several more were spotted across England - whilst flash floods bring chaos to south London and rain brings flash flooding to Cardiff area

Royal Navy rescue children and dog from Torridon floods - they were trapped at Craig bothy.  An account of their experiences will feature in the next MBA Newsletter.

In NZ there has been winter chaos on roads, ferries

Rainfall of up to 100mm forecasts for next few days in some areas of Queensland which have seen little or no rain for months (or even years)

And whilst it may not be melting as fast this year, snow has thinned on Arctic sea ice

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

13th August - Today's News: Record Rainfall in NE US

And Las Vegas residents pray for snow after drought - though presumably not falling until winter!

And extreme weather becoming more common, study says (this is the tabloid news story based a report on 'trapped atmospheric waves' posted in yesterdays blog).  Having run this news blog for five years now, I do get the impression that maybe weather events are becoming a little more extreme and a little more common, though I don't consider the time period long enough to determine any firm conclusions, let alone what, if anything, might be attributed as a cause.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

12th August - Today's News: Ex-Bertha Brings Severe Flooding to Highlands

With over 100mm of rain in Lossiemouth yesterday, probably more in the hills, and rain still falling across lareg parts of the Highlands this morning, there has been widespread flooding in the Highlands - with at least one bothy - Bob Scott's at Derry Lodge - surrounded by waste-deep water and at least one Cairngorm briodge washed out, on top of lower level damage.  It will be several days before we know of any damage to other bothies.

Parts of Scotkand affected by ex-hurricane Bertha

Wester Ross landslides force overnight road closure

Emergency funding for Scottish flood damage

And a yachtsman dies as Hurricane Bertha claims UK victim

A global temperature conundrum: cooling or warming climate?  A new model suggests it has been warming for the past 10,000 years ......  Despite temperature proxies (and, indeed, observations of glacial advance and increasing sea ice)  indicating otherwise.  They seem to think the models are right.  I suspect they are wrong.

And trapped atmospheric waves triggering more weather extremes: trend expected to continue - so expect more milder or colder winter, hotter or wetter summers etc. .....

Monday, 11 August 2014

11th August - Today's News: Tornadoes and Floods as ex-Bertha Hits Britain

With 32mm of rain - much of it falling in the space of 2 hours - yesterday was my wettest day of 2014 (so far).   It was also the first time since June that the temperature did not reach 20c

Hawaii's Big Island struggles after tropical storm

And in Japan, typhoon leaves up to 10 dead, dozens injured

(repost) 6th August - Today's News: Canny Reindeer Shelter in Road Tunnel from Arctic Heat

Canny reindeer invade Arctic road tunnel to escape heat as Norway's hot summer continues.   Meanwhile it appears that 37.8c was recorded in Ventspils on Monday (not 37.2c as reported yesterday) making it the first 100f temperature on record in Baltics

 But don't worry, there is no such thing as global warming, and as proof, Death Valley shatters cool temperature record - it was the lowest August 3rd maximum ever recorded there.  Even colder than Latvia.   Ergo, no global warming....  Right?

In Sheffield, last month was city's driest July since 1976

And finally, just for fun, let's have a quick look at Piers Corbyn's July forecast (this is his 30 day forecast, so expected to be the most accurate), which is now available to read and evaluate on his website.

I note in particular that overall he predicted "Cool/cold overall Br+Ir but nights mostly not very cold" - I suppose he did get the latter bit right!   Although as the MetO summary points out, the month was warm overall more for the high daytime temps than warm nights, which were closer to normal   No mention of a heatwave and nothing in any of the forecast to suggest the very warm conditions that affecting most of the British Isles for a good part of the month, notably through the second half.  He does mention plenty of thunderstorms and floods and no doubt will argue that the storms of the 18th and 19th July were covered by his mention for the period 15-17 July of it being "very wet and windy in most parts with hail, thunder and floods" or maybe the 22-26 July which was expected to be "very wet and windy in all parts - including the South - with extreme thunder, floods damaging hail and tornadoes".   Neither period was windy, anywhere, nor was it cool!   He did mention it would be "quite warm, especially East Anglia" from the 18-21st though.   And the 18th was the warmest day of the month with 32.3c recorded at Gravesend.    He predicted the month would end "very wet windy with major large dmagaing hail, thunder and local floods" but add there would be "less in SE" - and there was 51.2mm in Suffolk on the 28th, but the rest of the country was mostly dry.....  Overall, nothing to suggest any success at all with all the major weather events missed, and the overall picture completely wrong.  And so far his predicted record warm August is looking no better.

However at least he puts up his forecasts so that we can see how right - or wrong - he was.   Just as shame that he still persists in claiming success even when all can see he failed.   A little less hubris would go a long way.