9th December - Today's News: Snow Hits US Deep South

8th December - Today's News: Snow Showers Follow Storm Caroline

6th December - Today's News: Record "Cold" in Western Queensland

Winter-like weather sweeps across western Queensland - with the temperature in Burketown dropping to +16c and Mount Isa seeing a December record minimum of ......  +12c    Some Aussies found it so cold they had to put a t-shirt on!
La Nina declared heralding a humid, wet summer for Australia's south
How future arctic sea ice loss could dry out California
And as Britain faces the prospect of the coldest, snowiest, December since 2010, a good blog piece by Liam Dutton on why you shouldn’t believe a UK snow forecast more than three days ahead

5th December Today's News: Record Nine Hour Rainbow in Taiwan

2nd December - Today's News: Waterspouts Filmed in Italy and Cornwall

1st December - Today's News: Flash Floods in Melbourne as Record Deluge Begins

As forecast, flash floods hit Melbourne as storm moves across Victoria and an explanation of why south-east Australia is expecting a tropical deluge this weekend
Cyclone Ockhi: Dozens of fishermen missing in Indian storm
Yesterday saw snow falls on England's east coast beaches whilst a tiny amount of snow hit London and people couldn't contain themselves - but it might be all they see this winter!   No signs of anything for Evesham just yet.  But the weather may turn interesting in a week's time ....
Meanwhile, the new radar on Lewis can measure size of snowflakes - so we shoukld get more accurate radar returns from that corner of the Isles.
After the successful tranbsfer of data from the Ben Nevis Observatory, there's now an even bigger huge weather rescue project under way
And how Alaska's coast is vanishing, 1 storm at a time as Arctic sea ice hits record lows off Alaska