Tuesday, 28 February 2017

28th February - Today's News: Reykjavik Sees record Snowfall

There was record Snow in Reykjav√≠k yesterday morning - with a total of 51cm, the highest ever for February.   Though actually not a huge amount more than we saw in Evesham in December 2010 .....  And here's some more incredible photos of the record breaking snowfall night in Reykjavik

And apparently Britain was hit by a -8C chill and nearly two inches of snow this morning just one day before the start of spring. Which is as unusual in the Pennines and Highlands in February as a misleading Daily Mail headline any time of the year .....   Meanwhile the Mirror seems to think we're still being hit by (non)storm Ewan ....

Monday, 27 February 2017

27th February - Today's News: Chilean Capital Without Water After Floods

After storm Doris finally formed some 3 weeks after the media incorrectly named it, further embarassment for the storm naming policy adopted by the MetO and Met Eirean with Ireland's snow, ice and wind warnings withdrawn as Storm Ewan weaker than forecast - in other words, Ewan is the storm that wasn't.   Although there are a few beefy showers around today, some of which could produce a little thunder, and snow over higher hills.

An interesting article asking why did Greenland's Vikings vanish?  It seems the answer may be more complex than assumed.  Oh, isn't that "Mayhew's Law"?  Again!

Friday, 24 February 2017

24th February - Today's News: One Dead as Storm Doris Hits Britain

Storm Doris devastation: Schoolgirl fights for her life after gym roof collapses on 40 pupils while debris kills woman, 29 whilst Storm Doris closes roads and schools across Scotland due to snow and in N Ireland, Game of Thrones tree victim of Storm Doris.  .   And this morning there are still 1,500 homes and businesses still without power in Wales.   It was just a windy day in Evesham.  Two plastic plant pots were blown from one side of my garden to the other.  And my rain gauge was somehow knocked over ....

And it is suggested that most wood energy schemes are a 'disaster' for climate change - although that's not actually what the report concludes.   Rather, that "The use of woody biomass for energy cannot be considered to be automatically carbon-neutral under all circumstances, though most policy frameworks treat it as though it is".  It can be read here.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

22nd February - Today's News: Britain and Europe Prepares for Storm Doris

Tomorrow's weather is starting to look serious as Met Office says Storm Doris is going to be bigger than previously thought - they've expanded theor amber warning for wind to include my back garden, and have also upgraded the warning for snow across southern Scotland to amber too.  However the spell of most intense winds looks likely to be fairly short lived.   The main issue is, of course, the lack of stormy weather this winter meaning more damage is possible than usual for this time of year - still plenty of dead branches on trees waiting to come down.

The storm is also expected to affect northern Europe with all of the Netherlands under a yellow warning as storm force winds set to batter the Netherlands on Thursday and warnings of hurricane-force winds on the way to Germany

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

21st February - Today's News: Tornadoes Hit San Antonio, Texas

In Omaha warm streak blasts one record after another- and they have not had a below average month since August 2015

A date record for the UK yesterday with 18.3c recorded at Northolt, and a slightly dubious 17c in my garden.  But winter is on its way back! And guess what, with an amber warning now issued for strong winds across the middle of Britain on Thursday, it's Storm Doris - the one the media told us we had three weeks ago  .... !

Singapore 'fire rainbow' cloud phenomenon lights up sky - it looks like particularly bright irridescence to me

And there are plans afoot for an ice-locked ship to drift over North Pole and provide meteorological and climate data