Wednesday, 1 July 2015

1st July - Today's News: Earliest Recorded Cyclone Forms off NE Australia

Cyclone Raquel forms as earliest big storm recorded off Australia's north-east - the official season doesn't start intil October ....

An interesting weather day in Britain with temperatures at 09z already up to 31c - and 26c even in the Highlands .....  Records will very likely fall as Britain is scorched on hottest July 1st ever (possibly) and Europe swelters as heatwave hits

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

30th June - Today's News: Heatwave Hits Western Europe

In Australia, poor snow falls leave Victorian ski resorts with the winter blues

Rare tropical cyclone seen forming in the Coral Sea - if it develops as expected it will be the first in July in at least four decades

Climate change plans require urgent action, government warned.  But will we get more heatwaves under climate change?  Or more deep freezes?   Retreating sea ice linked to changes in ocean circulation could affect European climate by impacting on ocean currents such as the Gulf Stream.

Earthquake didn't trigger Lusi mud volcano in Indonesia in 2006 - it was probably caused by drilling operations.

Friday, 26 June 2015

26th June - Today's News: Over 1,100 Dead in Pakistan Heatwave

And a heatwave on the way for England?  Looks like we could see 30c+ next week with a Met Office forecast of hotter weather for the start of July - the MetO being somewhat more cautious than the tabloid press predicting Britain set to bask in scorching 35c heat as Wimbledon heatwave arrives on Tuesday (with the obligatory pictures of girls in wellies and very short shorts arriving at this weekend's Glastonbury Festival)

At least one dead in Sochi's flash floods after a month's worth of rain fell on the Russian resort in one day