Saturday, 31 January 2015

31st January - Today's News: Lack of Californian Snow Means More Drought

Evesham received an unexpected covering of snow around 2am this morning.   Fortunately I woke at 2.30am to see it - all had gone by dawn as precipitation turned to rain ....     It is supposed to finally turn colder this weekend (yesterday's max temp in Evesham was again above average for the time of year and we have yet to record an air frost during this "Arctic/Polar Blast") but whether we get any snow that survives on the ground for more than an hour remains to be seen.

A sudden dose of winter causes traffic chaos in Germany - see, it's not just us who can't cope with a bit of snow

Denmark's energy use hits 42-year low - despite econominc growth.  Maybe they finally learnt how to use the 'off' switch and that cutting your energy consumption does not cost you money!

And according to the last of the datasets to be released, The MetO's HadCRU4, 2014 one of the warmest years globally - nominally, the joint warmest with 2010.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

28th January - Today's News: Snowstorm Hammers New England, Spares New York

As the historic New York snowstorm turns out to be not nearly as bad as some predicted, a very good piece on why we need to stop treating weather scientists like oracles.   But whilst New Yorkers question city's storm response, in New England there are homes shrouded in ice as floods and three feet of snow pummel northeast

Meanwhile, in Britain, snow returns to the Highlands and we wait with interest to see if anything falls in Evesham tomorrow morning ....

Kepler telescope identifies ancient solar system - where life could have evolved long before the Earth even formed.  Life, however, does not mean technologically advanced life, for which we as yet have no evidence to suppose exists, except, arguably, on Earth.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

27th January - Today's News: New York & Boston "Closed" Ahead of Snowstorm

Snow shuts down New York and Boston with vehicles banned and the subway closed as the forecast major snowstorm bears down on northeastern USA.  However there are some suggestions now that the storm may not prove quite as bad as initially thought.

In northern Canada, extreme cold weather brings -62c wind chill to Iqaluit

It won't be quite so cold in Britain, but some snow is on the way....

Britain braced for floods as 'supertide' strikes - or, more accurately, spring tides may be slightly higher than usual this year


And Siberian tiger Tanya shows her skills .... making snowballs - not just us humans who like to play in the snow!

Friday, 23 January 2015

23rd January - Today's News: Temperatures hit 49c in Western Australia

Extreme heatwave in WA's north brings sizzling temperatures but no records - nonetheless it still reached 49c at Marble Bar.

In contrast, it was the coldest night not only of the year so far, but for the past 3 years, in Evesham - it dropped to -4.8c and the last time it was lower than that in my garden was February 2012.  Meanwhile, from Wedneaday: As the North is carpeted in white, bringing with it travel chaos, the South escapes with barely a flake.  So why is snow harder than any other weather to predict?  Simply because in Britain, especially over lower ground, it is normally quite marginal as to whether it melts before it reaches the surface.   Being an Atlantic island, we dont have the persistent low temperatures that make snowfall much easier to forecast over continental landmasses.

In the US, snow blankets portions of Southwest, forces closings - and it was Amarillo's 11th snowiest day on record

Not sure how reliable this is as it appears to be primarily a publicity/donations drive, but according to the WWF, in Siberia there are fears for unique wildlife as heavy snowfall reaches depths of one metre

Rosetta:  'Goosebumps' on 'space duck' hint at comet formation

And according to Richard Lindzen, global warming believers are like a 'hysterical cult' - along, no doubt, with those who believe the Earth is round, more than 4,500 years old and that humans evolved from fish ...