25th March - Today's News: BoM Warn Debbie Could be Cat 5 Cyclone at Landfall

Cyclone Debbie could hit north Queensland as category five, Bureau of Meteorology warns
In southern Africa, Zimbabwe floods leave villagers stranded whilst Angola floods kill 11, cause widespread destruction
The Foehn effect: Can a mountain wind really make you ill?
Aurora Australis: Spectacular displays for first Southern Lights charter flight
And in the UK, severe weather causing delays to half of commuters at least once a month, Earth Hour poll finds - though I am not entirely convinced.   We don't even get severe weather that often!   I suppose if it's raining traffic may be slower though ....  which I think is what respondents were really thinking about.  ie weather causes delays to half of commuters at least once a month.

24th March - Today's News: Queensland Prepares for Cyclone Debbie

After a very quiet season so far, here comes Debbie! Category three cyclone possible for north Queensland as tropical low strengthens: BOM
A new study shows how global warming is increasing rainfall rates - meaning more extreme rainfall events will become common.   This does not mean however that overall rainfall may not decrease in some areas, including those that experience more floods.
Under the Dead Sea, warnings of dire drought for the region: rainfalls plummeted during the Holocene Climatic Optimum (Hypsithermal) and the Eemian Interglacial, when the world was warmer than today.
It's been said before, so nothing really new here, but another study suggests changes to flight paths could reduce aircraft effect on climate
Last year's NZ earthquake at Kaikoura: 'Most complex quake ever studied'
Mars rover spots clouds shaped by gravity waves
And Europa: Our best shot at finding alien life?  Within this solar system, probably

23rd March - Today's News: Record Low Sea Ice at both Poles

Sea ice extent sinks to record lows at both poles
Snow hits higher parts of the north of England
South African heat wave forces cancellation of school sport
As mentioned yesterday, today 'new' wave-like cloud finally wins official recognition along with several other cloud types, including contrails.  These aren't newly discovered cloud types, just ones that hadn't previously been officially recognised as seperate variants.
As drilling at Chicxulub continues, dinosaur crater's clue to origin of life and a major shake-up suggests dinosaurs may have 'UK origin' - or, rather, continents in the northern hemisphere ....  Though some early fossils have been found in Britain.

22nd March - Today's News: Sydney Hit by More Storms

21st March - Today's News: 2nd Warmest February as World Extreme Weather Trends Continue

Earth experienced the second-hottest February ever recorded as sea ice levels slip to a new low and the WMO report that 'extreme and unusual' climate trends continue after record 2016
Drivers face snow and icy conditions in some parts of Scotland - but it is March!  So quite normal.  What is not normal is that so far this month I haven't experienced a single air frost in Evesham ....

Australia's eastern states battered by storms with more rain to come

The unnamed phenomenon behind Peru’s extraordinary flooding
The last remnant (on Baffin Island) of the ice sheet that once blanketed North America will be completely gone in 300 years because of global warming, scientists warn - significant because declining axial tilt ought mean that, subject to precipitation, it should, if anything, grow ...  However, that it has only shrunk so low three times in the past 2.5 million years may not necessarily be so significant since most interglacials have been shorter than the current o…

18th March - Today's News: Peru Hit by Deadly Floods, Mudslides

17th March - Today's News: Brisbane AP Hit by Landspout and Dust Devil