23rd July - Today's News: Flash Floods Follow New York Heatwave

Severe storms and heavy downpours leaves New York streets underwater less than 24 hours after the temperatures hit 100F
Deadly floods hit south and east China
Across the USA, record high temperatures far exceed record lows - a trend of the climate crisis
A report urges us to 'restore UK bogs' to tackle climate change though it does miss the point that many of our upland bogs are, at least in part, caused by deforestation ....  I'd rather see bogs drained and replanted with native trees.   Would help cut down the midge population too!   Meanwhile,  East Anglia and the Fens are our main arable farming region so if they revert to peat bog, where does our food come from?  Imported from abroad meaning an increase in CO2 emissions (until they invent nuclear fusion planes and boats, anyway).  Plus an increase in farmland meaning elsewhere, which means draining bogs or cutting down forests in other countries.
40 years ago, scientists predicted climate change. And hey, they were rig…

22nd July - Today's News: Major Wildfires in Portugal

20th July - Today's News: Tornado Near Manchester

An unexpectedly wet day in Evesham yesterday with 15.3mm of rain making it the wettest day of the year so far - but being only the second day in over 3 weeks to produce any measurable rainfall, very welcome for gardens and farmers!   Still no thunder and lightning.  But up near Manchester residents recall Hale “tornado” that blew roof off house and damaged car.  But there's likely to be a brief hot spell to follow rain as another plume of warm air comes up over Europe next week, just clipping the British Isles

Meanwhile, after the lastFrance heatwave: June's record high revised up
And turning very hot in America too as dangerous heatwave starts hitting US and Canada
Rain pounds southwestern Japan as typhoon approaches Korean Peninsula
Worst floods in years 'submerge' Bangladesh villages
Woman's body recovered after flash floods in NW Turkey
Greek earthquake: Buildings collapse as powerful tremor shakes Athens
Australian 'flash droughts' strike fast and hard, an…

19th July - Today's News: Clouds Cause Japanese Cucumber Crisis

16th July - Today's News: More Exceptiional Arctic Heat

13th July - Today's News: TS Barry Threatens Massive Rainfall for New Orleans

11th July - Today's News: Six Dead as Storm Hits Greek island