21st April - Today's News: Tropical Storm Arlene Forms in Atlantic

The first named system in April since Ana in 2003, Tropical Storm Arlene intensifies slightly in the open Atlantic; no threat to land
East Coast told to brace for giant 4m waves as another large storm takes aim for New Zealand
Snow, strong wind complicate traffic on Czech, Slovak roads
Sticking to their religion, regardless of what they see before them, in Louisiana: As the seas around them rise, fishermen deny climate change
And some reasons to fear the next UK heatwave - one of which is that we have spend thousands insulating our homes to make them warmer ....

20th April - Today's News: March 2017 2nd Warmest on Record, Despite no El Nino

Despite no El Nino, March and year to date were 2nd warmest on record for world.  Still believe global warming is a hoax Mr President? 
The hurricane season’s first depression just formed in the Atlantic Ocean
In Canada's Martime provinces, they ask where is spring? Winter-like weather continues with snow, record-breaking cold
Meanwhile in Europe, unseasonal snowfall brings Bosnian capital to halt
But in South Africa, an autumn heatwave hits drought-stricken Western, Northern Cape
The MetO always seem to be a day behind ..... but as pointed out yesterday, early April remains dry but some rain is on the horizon (though it won't be much, and there's the potential for some damaging frosts, and even snow in places, if latest model output is anything to go by)  
Arctic river ice deposits rapidly disappearing - melting up to a month earlier than they once did.
Water is streaming across Antarctica - the continent is not quite so frozen after all
More signs of man's true foo…

19th April - Today's News: Water Shortage Warning After Dry Winter

Water companies warn parts of UK could see drought this summer after the driest winter in more than 20 years - and more worrying, many places have only seen 1mm or 2 of rain in April, with nothing much on the horizon either.   At this time of year more rain is needed because of plant growth, which extracts more water from the ground.   Given recent trends, we could have both water shortages and floods this summer - with rain falling in more intense downpours, and long dry spells inbetween.
But before then, we could see snow next week (and not just over hills).  And not just here.  Much of Europe continmues to experience a colder than usual second half of April.  Denmark has coldest April night this century.  There's already spring snow in Serbia.  And after spring weather, Slovakia faces record cold and snow
Iceberg tourists flock to Newfoundland town
NASA images show new crack in Greenland's Petermann Glacier
And the Southern Alps will likely save NZ from 'river piracy'…

18th April - Today's News: A Cold, Snowy Easter in Parts of Europe

14th April - Today's News: Life on Enceladus?

13th April - Today's News: Ex-Cook Makes Landfall in NZ