18th July - Today's News: Record High Temperatures & Deadly Wildfires in Scandinavia

Record-breaking heat hits Norway, Finland and Sweden as Sweden asks for more EU water bombers to combat wildfires and Norway calls in military to relieve exhausted fire service as one dies fighting forest blaze - as in Britain, most of the fires have been started by wholly irresponsible morons lighting BBQs and campfires.
The MetO assess the summer so far across the UK 
The Scottish government promises water help for communities 'running dry' after heatwave - mind, I recall Highland burns running almost completely dry in summer '99 .... and whilst the article specifies NE and SW Scotland, it's in the Highlands where most rural properties take their water direct from a burn.  Though they have seen somewhat more rain there than most of us.
British couple hit by lightning during violent storm in France
Rare funnel cloud forms over New York harbor during violent Northeast storm
Hundreds of Arctic glaciers shrinking, disappearing into 'city of icebergs,' study says

17th July - Today's News: Meteo-tsunami Swamps Balearic Islands

Tsunami hits Majorca and Menorca flooding shops and restaurants
Here, millions to face hosepipe ban in north-west England - although ironically NW England was amongtst places that did get some decent rain yesterday.  In the south though, at best just enough to dampen the ground and nothing forecast in the foreseeable future.  And the BBC has more pictures of the hidden landscapes the heatwave is revealing
In the US, flash flooding wreaked havoc from Georgia to Utah over the weekend
Heatwave blankets much of Japan, killing 14 people over long weekend
Typhoon signal upgraded to No 3 as Tropical Storm Son-Tinh edges closer to Hong Kong
Just as well the football's finished as heavy rain damages Russian World Cup stadium
When volcanos attack: Kilauea volcano: 'Lava bomb' injures 23 on Hawaii boat
How thawing permafrost microbiomes fuel climate change
And lift-off for Scotland: Sutherland to host first UK spaceport on the remote A'Mhoine peninsular between Durness and Tongue. …

16th July - Today's News: European Heatwave Impacts Farmers

14th July - Today's News: Rain Falls in Evesham ... Just.

Well, we managed 1mm of rain yesterday - so the absolute drought is over but it's really made much difference ....   Nothing much forecast in the next few days at least.   No storms, of course, though I hear Worcester had one.

'Training thunderstorms' made Japan's floods even deadlier

China floods wreak havoc, block roads and railways; more rain due

Huge iceberg threatens Greenland village

And here's five places that have just broken heat records

13th July - Today's News: Drought Reveals New Archaeological Sites Across British Isles

11th July - Today's News: Wild Boars Freed

10th July - Today's News: Japan Flood Toll Rises to Over 150