28th June - Today's News: Drought Breaks in Evesham

A month's worth of rain falls in just 12 hours in East Anglia whilst here in Evesham the 17 day drought finally broke .... with 4.7mm of rain this morning.  That's the longest period with no recordable rain fall since I set up my current weather station on 1st July 2011.  Some places, where it's been raining for 24 hours now, may see storm totals close to 100mm.   Meanwhile, there is no sign of another heatwave on the way just yet.  Despite the usual made up nonsense in the media!
Extreme Southwest heat wave may be to blame for 12 Phoenix-area deaths, authorities say
Last weekend, extreme weather conditions hammer northern Italy
And the map that fills a 500-million-year gap in Earth's history

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22nd June - Today's News: Record Heat in UK & US

Yesterday saw the date record set for the UK and it was also the hottest June day since summer of 1976 in heatwave.  In my garden it was also the highest I have recorded in June at 32.4c.  In addition, dew points were extremely high getting above 20c to make a very sweaty and uncomfortable evening.   But the heatwave (4 consecutive days above 30c in my garden) ended here with not a rumble of thunder nor drop of rain ..... 
And it's not just the British Isles that have been unusually hot as California sees some of highest temperatures ever recorded amid heat wave whilst in the Arizona heatwave: Strange consequences of extreme heat with the life-threatening heat wave to retain its grip on southwestern US into the weekend
Meanwhile, France's heatwave reaches peak as pollution spike hits Paris
Already deadly Tropical Storm Cindy could cause “life-threatening” flash flooding, forecasters warn  as it continues to bring heavy rain to the US Gulf Coast 
3 tornadoes hit Quebec on Sunday…

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