15th November - Iran Quake Toll Hit 530 as Cold Weather Threatens Survivors

14th November - Today's News: Cars Washed Into Sea as Storm Hits Greek Island

13th November - Today's News: Hundreds Dead in Iranian Earthquake

Iran-Iraq earthquake: Deadly tremor hits border region
Sunday saw the Australian media invent a new weather term as lightning showers and hail the size of golf balls as severe storms lash Perth (or have they just missed out a comma?)
The first CO2 rise in four years puts pressure on Paris targets
Here, Venus and Jupiter conjunction: Sky-watchers witness dawn display - though one of the pics the BBC have published is fake, as the Moon was not in the same part of the sky (though it will move closer over the next 2 days)
And choking on democracy: Why Delhi's air worsens as Beijing's improves

11th November - Today's News: Typhoon-hit Vietnam Braces for Second Storm

8th November - Today's News: Severe Weather Hits Bundaberg. Again.

After record rainfall last month, is this the "severe weather capital of the world"?  Bundaberg storm clean-up continues but thousands of residents still without power
Typhoon Damrey: Drone footage shows Hoi An floodwaters after deadly storm in Vietnam
In New Delhi: Off-the-scale pollution prompts public health emergency, school closures
A study shows Jordan water crisis 'to get worse' due to climate change
And there were spectacular views of Northern Lights from Scotland last night - I forgot to go out and look, although down here they may have only be visible on camera, if at all.

7th November - Today's News: Tropical Storm Rina Forms in Atlantic