17th January - Today's News: Record Winter Heatwave Makes Alaska Hotter Than Florida

Tropical heat wave sends temperatures to record levels in Alaska - where it was even (briefly) warmer than Florida ....   And across the Arctic weather anomalies accelerate the melting of sea ice
Moscow only got six minutes of sunshine in December - its gloomiest month on record
Heavy snow in places yesterday, especially the Borders, saw hundreds of stranded drivers spend a freezing night in their cars - and where's Sir Andy Flurry? Keeping track of Scotland's gritters
Meanwhile the media have been completely flummoxed after thinking windy weather tonight would be named Storm Fionn - only for Met Eireann to designate the name to winds on their west coast last night. Storm Fionn aftermath: Thousands of people without power, snow and strong winds forecast. As yet, no name allocated for tonight and winds don't now look likely to be strong enough to warrant one. ....  However, forecasters issue new warning of persistent heavy snow for parts of Scotland and NW England.   Just r…

16th January - Today's News: Ex-Joyce Brings 4 Months Rain in 1 Day to Perth

15th January - Today's News: California Mudslide Toll Rises

13th January - Today's News: Black Snow Falls in Kazakhstan

11th January - Today's News: California Mudslide Kill at Least 17

10th January - Today's News: Philip Eden RIP

Sad news this morning as it's announced that one of Britain's most kind and knowledgeable meteorologists has passed away.  Philip had been suffering Parkinson's and dementia for several years.   No obituary has been posted yet.
In California: Rescuers search for mudslide survivors with 13 so far confirmed dead
Alps snow strands thousands of tourists in Switzerland.  Again
In WA, a yellow alert for Kimberley and Pilbara as cyclone bears down
And 2017 was the third warmest year on record for the U.S. according to preliminary NOAA data

9th January - Today's News: Cyclone Ava: 29 Dead in Madagascar