18th January - Today's News: Snow in Jerusalem; Australia's Warmest Ever Night

17th January - Today's News: Records Continue to Fall in Australian Heatwave

A few places saw some snow this morning - obviously not Evesham, but we did get a sun rise for the first time this year!   Arctic air has now swept down over the country and the long-mooted winter has finally arrived.  
Roads melt as temperatures break records across NSW whilst the soaring heat turns outback into ghost town as the temperature there hits 48.2c 
Heavy snow causes transport problems across Sweden
Five dead as storm slams Northern California
In Minnesota the latest subzero temperature record likely for Twin Cities
Cairo turns orange as sandstorm sweeps Egypt
And there's evidence of changing seasons, rain on Saturn's moon Titan's north pole

16th January - Today's News: Another Alpine Hotel Hit by Avalanche

15th January - Today's News: More Record High Temperatures in Australian Heatwave

14th January - Today's News: Snowstorm in US Midwest; More Snow in Central Europe

11th January - Today's News: More Deadly Snowstorms and Avalanches in Europe