15th November - Today's News: Deadly Storms, Floods in Arabia

14th November - Today's News: Death Toll in California Wildfires Continues to Grow

12th November - Today's News: Camp Fire Now Deadliest in California History

10th November - Today's News: Camp Fire Most Destructive in California History; At Least 9 Dead

9th November - Today's News: Wildfire Destroys Paradise

Northern California wildfires force thousands to flee Paradise as town burns
In NZ, bad weather moves north after bringing snow, heavy rain and washouts to the South Island
Here, it's been soggy out west: Roads and homes flood in Pembrokeshire as more rain due
And the good news is a 'remarkable' decline in fertility rates.  The bad news is the suggestion that ever growing human populations are in any possible way anything at all other than a very, very bad thing ....  A 50% drop in population levels over the next 100 years ought be the target (and would probably, in itself, alleviate most human induced climate change).

8th November - Today's News: Giant Hail, Floods and Aurora Down Under