Thursday, 21 July 2016

21st July - Today's News: Iraqi Heatwave Hits 53c

It may have been warm here in Britain, but it was nothing compared with the Middle East where Iraq heat wave sends temperatures up to 53 degrees Celsius

Meanwhile, down under, Canberra records warmest ever July night and it's forecast that parts of Australia and NZ could see more July temperature records broken in the next few days.

Arizona monsoon storm floods social media with great pictures of a strong microburst over Phoenix

Vitamin D supplements 'advised for everyone' in Britain, because we don't get enough sunlight.  Not, I think, because there isn't enough sunlight, but rather our lifestyles mean that, especially in winter, we are rarely out in it ...  Going for a regular winter walk would, of course, solve the problem as well as bringing many other health benefits! 

And finally, I was rather surprised - but very pleased - to see this picked up by the BBC after I posted a plea to keep mountain bothies free of rubbish on the MBA website and Facebook

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

20th July - Today's News: Spanish Plume Brings Storms and Record Heat to Britain

With a max of 34.3c in my garden (33.4c at Pershore) yesterday was my hottest day since July 2006, and the overnight min of 21.2c made it my warmest night on record.  And there was chaos as trains are cancelled because rails are too hot and roads melt as temperatures pass 33C.  No relief down here - and continuing exceptionally dry - but lightning storms hit parts of Scotland after hottest day.  The highest temps were actually in the Channel Islands where Tuesday was the hottest July day since records began in Jersey

And 2016 climate trends continue to break records as NASA announce June was globally the warmest on record.  Again.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

13th July - Today's News: One Dead as More Winter Storms Hit SE Australia


And here in Britain it's supposed to be July! Tornado hits Wales as heavy showers spark flood warnings (actually it's a waterspout).   Has been a bit cool and cloudy of late, but thats the British summer for you.  It's why we invented Benidorm ....   And in Evesham at least it remains rather dry with just over 5mm of rain this month so far (and not a lot more forecast over the next couple of weeks).