Wednesday, 19 November 2014

19th November - Today's News: Four Dead as Thunder Snow Hits New York State

The Yanks continue to pinch all the cold and snow .....  with 4 killed as 'thunder snow' slams New York and all 50 US states sink below freezing point after second polar plunge dumps five feet of snow on Great Lakes.  Some early signs that we could see some colder weather in Britain by the beginning of December, though no severe frosts or snow to low level at all likely at present.

Sun's magnetic field boosts lightning strikes across UK - though I think I will need to see a bit more lightning that the one big storm we had in July before I am convinced!

And the Jurassic climate of large swath of western US was more complex than previously known - just in case anyone was thinking of building a time machine and popping back there for a holiday any time soon ....

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

18th November - Today's News: Snow Covers Half Contiguous USA

Arctic blast that killed 11 people over the weekend sweeps across the US, leaving half of lower 48 states covered in snow - and it is events like this that on the face of it (if you dont think about it) seem to support the assertions of a so-called climatologist: 30-year cold spell strikes Earth.  In fact, it seems he's just a (former?) aeronautical engineer (working on a space shuttle doesn't make you a climate expert) and is selling a book which, typically, predicts really catastrophic cold weather in about 10 years time: soon enough for the gullible to worry about, but far enough off that by the time it doesn't happen they will have forgotten who scammed them into beleiving in it.   Meanwhile, it has just been discovered that the World extends beyond the borders of the contiguous US states - and it's getting warmer.... Earth has warmest October on record as ocean temperatures top charts (according to NASA, JMA and UAH - NOAA data not yet in) keeping us well on track for the warmest year on record.

Heatwave hell as 5000 dead bats drop from trees in Casino, northern NSW

Taps run dry in Sao Paulo drought

And as predicted, the MetO issued a rebuttal to the nonsense stories about a record wet winter, basically just reiterating what I said here yesterday.  But that hasn't stopped the Metro from repeating it all again today.....  One does wonder whether anyone in the media ever gets news from the source these days, or do they just rely on what they read in the media, accepting it as true without question?

Monday, 17 November 2014

17th November - Today's News: No, It Is NOT Forecast to be the Wettest Winter Since 1981

Another rant as the media run another load of complete twaddle, falsely claiming that heavy rain and strong gales expected in 'wettest winter since 1981'.    The Met Office have made no such claim and in any case, since last winter was the wettest on record, this winter can only either beat that, to be the wettest ever, or be the wettest since, er, last year ....  The Mail and most other newspapers - national and local - have made similar claims, which appear to have originated, in of all places,  The Sunday Times.  The full article is behind a paywall and I have not therefore read it all, but from the opening paragraphs this seems to be based on nothing more than the fact that the latest MetO contingency planner's forecast, issued last month, suggested a 25% probability that the period Nov-Jan will be wetter than average, and only 15% that it will be drier than average.    Expect a Met Office rebuttal of the claims later today.  

The Telegraph more accurately says only that 2014 on track to be one of the wettest years on record.

In the real world, landslide kills two as stormdeath toll hits 11 in Italy with 70 coffins "washed away" as floods and landslides hit Europe and six dead as floods hit south of France.  More pictures here of Italy's torrents of destruction

Queensland swelters in spring heat wave.   But was the 1896 heatwave deleted from the record? - as some climate change deniers claim?  No ...  A good article pointing out why some early data is not considered accurate and therefore excluded from the records.

And 6.5 magnitude earthquake shakes North Island's east coast

Friday, 14 November 2014

14th November - Today's News: ESA Probe Lands on Comet

Congratulations to ESA for succesfully making mankind's first soft landing on a comet.  But whilst Philae lander sends back first ever image from comet, with its battery life limited, it's 'time for risks' with comet lander today.