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30th August - Today's News: Lightning Kills 323 Reindeer in Norway

27th August - Today's News: World's First weather Station Opens to Public

25th August - Today's News: Italian Earthquake Toll Rises to 247, More Still Missing

24th August - Today's News: Many Feared Dead in Italian Earthquake

At least 22 dead - including two children - and many more feared buried under rubble as 6.2-magnitude earthquake rocks central Italy in dead of night (the headline has already changed this morning from 10 dead, and sadly is likely to change further as the day goes on.  It looks like this could be quite a major disaster).
Whilst TS Gaston looks likely to become a hurricane, but not threaten land (although it could impact on Britain's weather later next week) another tropical system eyes Florida, Southeast U.S., may develop into hurricane
Sydney weather warning issued, month's worth of rain could fall in one night
So that's why we've had so much rain this summer: Miserable weather is blamed on the Atlantic jet stream - a headline which rather ignores the fact that not only does the jet stream's position determine our weather all year round, every year, but moreoever, some parts of England especially have had considerably less rain than normal over the past two months! …

23rd August - Today's News: Flash Floods in Northern England

Despite a little rain in recent days, it's still been a much drier than average month so far down here, but further north things have been a bit different.  There's further rain woe for flood-hit Glenridding in the Lake District, a pregnant woman rescued amid Lancashire flood warnings and in the Yorkshire Dales, at White Scar Cave: 'Exceptional' flood closes attraction
Tropical Storm Gaston forms in the eastern Atlantic; forecast to strengthen into a hurricane
Watch dust storm roll over Phoenix, Arizona on video, whilst there's also a crackin' picture as Phoenix haboob captured from above in photo taken from plane
Typhoon Mindulle dumps heavy rain on northern Japan

And the first signs that winter is coming to Canada with snow lightly falling in mountains west of Calgary (a day later than the first such snowfall last year)

22nd August - Today's News: Typhoon Mindulle Lashes Tokyo

20th August - Today's News: Typhoon Dianmu Hits Viet Nam

19th August - Today's News: Arctic Warming Forces Village to Relocate

17th August - Today's News: Louisiana Flood Toll Rises Higher

16th August - Today's News: July 2016 Warmest Month on Record

The records continue to fall:  July 2016 was world's hottest month since records began, says Nasa
Peru quake kills at least nine in southern Arequipa
The death toll rises to 7 in historic Louisiana flooding; 20,000 rescued
200 People Rescued From Moscow Flooding
Flood-odyssey elephant dies in Bangladesh
'Chemtrails' not real, say atmospheric science experts.  Pink unicorns and flying wombats are also thought not to exist, though in these cases further research is needed ....  Though if course, technically "chemtrails" are real - just not what chemtrailers claim they are (and ironically, if they were what chemtrailers claim them to be, they wouldn't be visible from the ground!).
Has a 'second Earth' been found around our nearest star? And Professor Brian Cox clashes with Australian climate sceptic in a classic example of demanding evidence and then refusing to accept it on the grounds it's all been "manipulated" to protect a "conspiracy&…

15th August - Today's News: Toll Rises in 'Historic' Louisiana Floods

13th August - Today's News: Torrential Rain, Floods, Kill 2 in Lousiana, More to Come

12th August - Today's News: Heavy Rain Causes Highland Landslides, Canal Closures

Up at Lochailort, just down the road from Essan, landslide blocks Highlands railway line and road whilst in Kintyre, heavy rain forces Crinan Canal to close for several hours as it had too much water in it.
France wildfires near Marseille contained
An Indian elephant rescued after flood odyssey
NASA climate modeling suggests Venus may have been habitable
And typically I forgot all about this last night, but hopefully there will be more to see over the weekend as Jupiter gravity nudge sets up 'meteor storm' on Earth

11th August - Today's News: Wind Powers Scotland for a Day

Scotland completely powered by wind turbines for a day due to strong winds on Sunday.  Now all we need do is find a way of keeping it windy during spells of hot and, especially, cold weather ....  And, of course, businesses use a lot less electricity whilst they are closed on Sundays ....
And the latest weather in Scotland: Freezing temperatures and heavy rain before August heatwave sets in - the -3.1c recorded by Lee Schofield in Carrbridge is certainly accurate but unfortunately as it's not an official station it won't get in the record books.  The heatwave looks like lasting a couple of days with temps maybe just topping 30c next Tuesday  ....
Hundreds evacuated from path of wildfire in southern France
Sudan issues flood warning as the Nile continues to rise
In India, the army rescues hundreds after flash floods inundate Rajasthan villages
K computer and high-tech weather radar come together to predict sudden torrential rains
Climate change already accelerating sea leve…

10th August - Today's News: Three Dead in Madeira Wildfire

9th August - Today's News: Earthquake Strikes Southern Ukraine

8th August - Today's News: 21 Dead as Flash Floods Hit Skopje, Macedonia

4th August - Today's News: Hurricane Earl Makes Landfall in Belize

3rd August - Today's News: Typhoon Nida Strikes SE China

2nd August - Today's News: Record Rainfall in Parts of North America

In the US, the rain that caused deadly Md. flood a '1-in-1,000' year event - they seem to be getting a few of them just lately ....   Meanwhile, in Canada, Calgary hasn't had this much rain in July since 1927 and in Alaska record rain continues to drench Fairbanks
India's capital Delhi gets record-breaking amount of rain in 24 hours as monsoon rains kill dozens in India, Bangladesh
And there's also been record rainfall for Tasmania as farmers continue 'wet paddock' struggle
In Wales, people rescued from flood water as more rain falls on first day of August than whole of July.  Here we had 9.8mm of rain overnight which is just 0.5mm short of my total for the whole of July.   The point being not that anywhere had an unusual amount of rain, just that July was very unusually dry in some places ....
Moscow’s July heat wave breaks 137-year record
Typhoon Nida: cities on high alert in China as storm makes landfall
Strengthening storm kills 6 in the Dominican Rep…

1st August - Today's News: Dramatic Rescue in Maryland Flash Flood

Maryland floods: men form human chain to save woman stuck in car as two killed in devastating Maryland floods
In Canada, 2 tornadoes confirmed in Saskatchewan Sunday
Whilst here, a huge waterspout pictured swirling above stormy skies over Suffolk - and as can be seen along with other pictures of funnel clouds and waterspouts spotted in Suffolk, it did touch down over the sea to become a waterspout.   And there was also a 'would be tornado' spotted near Folkestone at the weekend too.
And whilst it's true that more rain will fall in the next 24 hours than in the whole of July that's only because it will fall in parts that had an exceptionally dry month.  There are no fears of a "wash-out" August.   Whatever that might mean ...  But nor is a record heatwave expected (though a warm spell mid month is possible).
And welcome to the tropic of... Cornwall: Coastal county classified as having subtropical climate