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30th June - Today's News: Heatwave Hits Western Europe

29th June - Today's News: Ukrainian Tornado and Russian Flash Floods

26th June - Today's News: Over 1,100 Dead in Pakistan Heatwave

Pakistani mulls artificial rain as Karachi heatwave toll tops 1100 whilst in India, monsoon rain 24% excess so far, 60 die in Gujarat floods
And a heatwave on the way for England?  Looks like we could see 30c+ next week with a Met Office forecast of hotter weather for the start of July - the MetO being somewhat more cautious than the tabloid press predicting Britain set to bask in scorching 35c heat as Wimbledon heatwave arrives on Tuesday (with the obligatory pictures of girls in wellies and very short shorts arriving at this weekend's Glastonbury Festival)
At least one dead in Sochi's flash floods after a month's worth of rain fell on the Russian resort in one day
The Thais talk of drought, and cats, and rain gods
Tropical Storm Kujira: Flash floods kill 7 in northern Vietnam
And more pictures as the aurora australis southern lights stun New Zealand

24th June - Today's News: Drought Hits Caribbean

23rd June - Today's News: Pakistan Heatwave Toll Tops 450

22nd June - Today's News: Worst Ever Floods in Parts of NZ

20th June - Today's News: New Study Confirms "6th Extinction" Underway

A US study confirms Earth 'entering new extinction phase' - the full paper can be accessed here (thanks to John Mason for the link)
India monsoon rains bring busy Mumbai to grinding halt
In Canterbury, NZ, hundreds face third night without power after damaging snow storm while there's a state of emergency in Whanganui as flooding hits lower North Island

Saturn's moon has Earth-like 'polar winds' as well as 'waterfalls' rainfall and sea - but on Titan it's liquid methane rather than water.

And no noes, we're all going to die (again): mankind will be extinct in 100 years because of climate change, warns expert in doom porn (so far as I can tell he is not an expert in anything else of relevance!)

19th June - Today's News: May Warmest on Record

NOAA data now in shows Earth has its warmest May and is off to warmest year on record - of course, some will tell us that's simply because NOAA manipulates the data to show what they want and really we're plummeting into a new ice age .....   

.....which, if true, makes it even odder that Alaska breaking records with unsually hot, dry weather - shouldn't Alaska be getting colder?

Further south, Arizona swelters in triple-digit temps as heat wave drags on, with 115f in Phoenix

Storm heads northeast after flooding Oklahoma, Arkansas

Of course, it's mid winter in NZ, so no surprise that South Island wakes to freezing conditions, closed roads - plenty of snow for skiers
 Research by the Niels Bohr Institute suggests a risk of major sea level rise in England, northern Europe - up to 1.5m by the end of the century, assuming global temperatures - leading to increased melting of ice caps - rise by around 4c as per some predictions.   Meanwhile, a separate study shows that Alaska …

17th June - Today's News: North Korea Facing Severe Drought

16th June - Today's News: Britain's 'Tornado Alley' Revealed

15th June - Today's News: Zoo Animals Escape in Deadly Tbilisi Flood

13th June - Today's News: Record Floods Follow Siberia's Warmest Recorded Spring

Siberia registers its warmest recorded spring sparking new fears for rapid climate change whilst floods break the banks of the Ob, with 10 metre rise in water level as snows melt
Here, we have had the first significant rain of the month and the first rumbles of thunder were heard in Evesham overnight since last July ....  But no spectacular storms (as some had hoped for/predicted).   
Rain ruins more than three million days in Plymouth each year
Massive rainfall floods streets throughout Denver metro area
Heavy rains cause flooding in southern Oman as Cyclone Ashobaa weakens
Summer in Madrid: Hail, storms and flashfloods
And not quite the Total Perspective Vortex, but the incredible map that reveals our place in the universe

11th June - Today's News: New Zealanders Excited by Aircraft Contrail

9th June - Today's News: Wettest May on Record for USA

8th June - Today's News: Injuries as Lightning Strikes German Music Festival

6th June - Today's News: At Least Eleven Climbers Dead as Earthquake Hits Malaysian Mountain

5th June - Today's News: Floods Cause Ghanaian Fire Tragedy

Explosion rips through Ghanaian petrol station killing at least 150 people after floodwater washes fuel into a fire while the victims were sheltering from torrential rain
First tornado of 2015 confirmed in Canada
Maui beach flooded by waves generated by a storm 5,000 miles away
Drought fears after lower monsoon forecast in India
Malaysia earthquake traps 160 climbers on Mount Kinabalu
US scientists: Global warming pause 'no longer valid' - although I have been saying this for some time (it only exists if you select which data you look at, and in any case a linear increase would not be expected unless all other factors were eliminated.   The underlying trend continues regardless.) their particular arguments have come under some criticism.
Interuption of Gulf Stream may lead to large cooling in Europe - apparently it happened in the Eemian, which was a warmer period than today.
Nice photos of mammatus in Siberia: the beauty of the cloudy sky
And it has been suggested that even the M…

3rd June - Today's News: Thunderstorm, Tornado Likely Cause of Chinese Ship Capsize

Yangtze sinking: Could Mei-yu front be behind disaster?   It certainly looks like massive thunderstorm complez, tornado capsized Chinese ship
In NZ, flooding wreaks havoc in Dunedin - with more rain expected

UAE heatwave arrives as temperatures hit 50.5c in Al Ain
'It is climate change': India's heat wave now the 5th deadliest in world history
A silly story from the BBC telling us that snow falls over Scotland's mountains - which is actually as unusual in May and early June as rain .....   It's not even as much as we saw in 2009 and 2010, for example, and lying snow was more extensive in some parts this time last year.   
Did comet impacts create the mystery lunar swirls?

And that age old connundrum: if a tree falls in the forest and there is no-one there to see it, does it make a sound? may finally have been answered.   It doesn't, because new test backs up theory that the world doesn't exist until we look at it, ergo if we're not looking at the tree it do…

2nd June - Today's News: Record Warm May in Japan, parts US

1st June - Today's News: Winter Starts With Snowfall in Australia