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31st August - Today's News: Floods Peak After Irene

Flood waters surge as states come to grips with Irene's damage while supplies airfifted to Vermont towns and already estimates that Hurricane Irene cost seen as ranking amongst top ten. Meanwhile, scientists collect water quality and climate change data from huge storm.

And out in the Atlantic, Tropical Storm Katia gathers strenght, likely to become hurricane

Typhoon Nanmadol floods China's eastern coastal cities

UK has coolest summer since 1993. Though in my garden it has only been 0.015c cooler than 2007. And very much drier! Of course, conditions here have not be representative of the whole country. And last night Jersey's coldest August night temperature recorded under clear skies. It was just cloudy in Evesham.... though I've seen the temp drop to 5.2c before. And that was in August 2003.

Down in Australia it's been Canberra's warmest winter - I doubt we'll get quite the same here this winter but I don't expect it to be nearly so cold (or sn…

30th August - Today's News: Irene Leaves Vermont Under Water

Over the weekend Hurricane Irene claims lives and leaves trail of destruction. For New Jersey, Irene could have been worse but Hurricane Irene shuts down US nuclear reactors and flooding conditions 'awful' in Vermont due to Irene's rains. Today, death toll reaches 40 as recovery begins but Vermont's misery continues as flooding isolates communities.

Some are asking did media go overboard hyping Hurricane Irene? Maybe they should ask those who are dead .....

But Irene wasn't the only big storm at the weekend. Typhoon Nanmadol causes chaos in Taiwan whilst Typhoon Mina leaves 10 dead, 12 injured, 5 missing in Cordillera (Nanmandol is known as Mina in the Philippines)

Here in Britain summer? It's the coldest in for 18 years but in contrast, in Arizona August temperatures hit record 117

In Germany, hailstorms cut western swath of damage

And finally, despite some atrocious conditions, especially for the walk out on Sunday (there was snow on the summit of Cairngor…

27th August - Today's News: East Coast Evacuations Ahead of Irene

In the US, the assault begins: Torrential rain and tropical winds lash the Carolinas as Irene makes landfall with millions in US urged to flee path of Hurricane Irene. The main concern is the storm surge.

Elsewhere in the US, Las Vegas heat makes another entry in the record books

With over 19mm of rain yesterday - in part thanks to the first thunderstorm in over 2 months - rainfall here in the past 2 days is now more than for the previous 2 months. We may even end up with slightly above average rainfall this month now, though much depends on what showers we catch today. No problems here, but in Wales, flash flooding hits Port Talbot, Neath and Baglan


Typhoon triggered landslide kills 2 in Philippines

Eastern Europe heatwave alert

And back in Britain: Bad summer weather hits baby bats, says conservationists

26th August - Today's News: Irene Hammers Bahamas; US Declares Emergency in 6 States

Hurricane Irene hammers Bahamas whilst emergency declared in six States - Stu Robinson is over in North Carolina hoping to observe Irene make landfall. And it's a biggie: NASA satellites Hurricane Irene almost one-third size of US east coast. Looks like it may well cause problems for New York and New England later in the weekend. And in that respect, Irene conjures memories of 'great storm' of 1938.

20.7mm in my gauge in total yesterday - nearly as much as for the whole of July! And today it's cool and drizzly with a risk of thunderstorms later. Definitely the wettest spell of whether since the same week last year. The rain hasn't caused any problems here as yet but elsewhere in the country we could see some flooding today (especially in the SW) and yesterday in Wales there was a warning after storm damage hits Crumlin and Newbridge

For Taiwan, the impact of tropical storms Nanmadol, Talas remains unclear - they are currently circling one another and look …

25th August - Today's News: Rain Falls in Evesham

We had 18.6mm of rain in the early hours of this morning, making today the wettest day in Evesham since the 26th August 2010. But we're still only on 68% of normal average rainfall for the month to date.

Hurricane Irene hammers Bahamas on way to US

Meanwhile, in the east, storm 'Mina' now a typhoon

Cloud simulator tests climate models

Global warming may cause higher loss of diversity than previously thought - which begs the question, if it's only global warming responsible, how did life survive previous warmer periods? Maybe the problem isn't quite so straight forward?

24th August - Today's News: Earthquakes Rattle USA

Hot on the heals of the Lochailort earthquakes, the US gets hit by 2 in a day in places not usually known for them. First up, Colorado experiences largest quake in more than 40 years and then Virginia earthquake felt in Washington and New York.

But there's a bigger worry for those on the east coast with Florida and Carolinas on alert as Hurricane Irene rips through Caribbean on a trajectory that could see it impacting New York at the weekend. Meanwhile, tourists ordered off tiny NC island ahead of Irene

Houston breaks record of 100-degree days but for those in California, especial San Jose: this August has been the coolest in 35 years.

Heatwave hits Austria with August looking certain to be one pf the warmest months ever there.

And here in England, a floody hell feared for the south* - well, there is a risk of some heavy showers over the next few days. Even here in the Desert! Potentially we could see our wettest day of the year. We'll see.

* okay, not much of a story, I …

23rd August - Today's News: Hurricane Irene to Hit USA?

Hurricane Irene marks first big US threat in years - it could be the first to make proper landfall in the States since Ike hit Texas in 2008. Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas all at risk at this stage. For now though, Dominican Republic braces for Hurricane Irene. Irene is the first Atlantic storm to reach hurricane status this year.

More from Ontario, Canada where Goderich residents assess tornado damage, begin clean-up after the weekend's storm.

Somewhere I'm glad I don't live: sweltering Oklahoma City's 51 days of 100-degree heat breaks 31 year record

Switzerland swelters in August heatwave

In NZ, spring returns after icy interlude

And here's a surprise: climate change scientist cleared in US over emails

It's a blog, it's opinion, but I think it's well worth reading about the myth of mountaintop removal mining.

A surprising ally in the war against further destruction of remote hillsides as windfarms prevent detection of secret nuclear weapon tests,…

22nd August - Today's News: TS Irene Approaches Domincan Republic

20th August - Today's News: Clean-up Continues After Record Dorset Rainfall

Beaches closed as clean-up takes place after Dorset flash floods and more news from Thursday: flooding affects Reading houses despite new defences. After the July 2007 floods, I'm pretty confident my house and business are both safe, if and when the rains ever return to Evesham.

There's a heatwave and ozone pollution warning for France whilst in Italy: 40c heatwave forecast across country in coming days. Meanwhile, here in England, August heatwave a killer for old folk - though I think many Britons might react to that with "what heatwave?!"

On Friday, deadly weather system hits Sweden whilst in Germany, storm chaos hits North Rhine-Westphalia

And on Wednesday, Swedish girl zapped by lightning twice whilst taking a shower

Back in Britain and autumn comes early after hot dry spring

India monsoon above normal

Amid Texas drought, a water war brews

This has to be my favorite headline of the week: Dismal Swamp's 'superfog' chokes traffic in Suffolk

Melting ice d…

19th August - Today's News: 5 Killed as Storm Hits Belgium Music Festival

The second such event this month, as Belgium festival death reach five.

Dorset flash flooding causes disruption whilst neighbouring Hampshire sees flooding after heavy rain fall - some places had as much rain in a few hours as we in Evesham have had all summer. It was reportedly Bournemouth's wettest day for 30 years. Some dramatic pictures here. A cool wet day here too, but only 2.1mm fell in my garden. I can't help thinking that when the Evesham drought breaks, it may do so in similar dramatic fashion....

Another big dust storm envelops Phoenix, downs power lines - I do hope Piers Corbyn forecast it after making such a fuss about correctly predicting dusts storms occurring somewhere or other back in July ..... (but I bet he didn't).

2011 set to become worst ever year for US weather disaster - and we may yet have hurricanes to come.

In Taiwan, typhoon and flood research institute launched in Taichung City

In Uganda: landslide risk as rains drench eastern districts


16th August - Today's News: Snow Brings Chaos Across NZ

NZ sees snow in winterless north amid weather chaos and it's not over yet!

And South Africa also has icy weather back again

English rivers run dry after lack of rain - though it's not as the article suggests the hot dry spring to blame so much as the ongoing summer drought. I guess the Telegraph can't say it's a dry summer though because they're saving up to moan at the Met Office for it being a wet summer. It's worth noting that in Evesham we've had only a inch of rain more than Texas has this year.

And that devastating Texas drought shows no signs of letting up as East Coast lines up for another heatwave at the end of the month

After record rainfall, residents in NY and NJ try to repair flood damage

How Indonesia crippled its own climate change

15th August - Today's News: Storm Winds Collapse Indiana Stage Killing 5

Five killed as 'freak wind' blows down festival stage at the Indiana State Fair

In NZ, snow blankets many parts of the country as snow falls in Auckland for the first time in decades - in fact, since June 1976

In Britain, supposedly, summer 'over' as bad weather prepares to set in for August - here in Evesham, as well as being an exceptionally dry month - again! - it's also so far been the warmest August since 2003. Bit cloudy, but hardly a bad summer! some decent rain would be nice but I can't see it happening. And I'm not convinced it'll be particularly cool in these parts over the second half of the month either. Certainly very warm out there this morning!

NYC sets record for rainfall at JFK airport - worth noting that 7.72" is slightly more than we've had in Evesham all year .... In contrast, drought is limiting targets for Texas cloud seeding - they just can't find any clouds to seed!

And new rains prompt west Sweden flood warn…

12th August - Today's News: More Flooding in Sodden Scotland

In Scotland there's been flooding fury as new £4m deluge warning system fails at the first sign of heavy rain with Scotland's road and rail network hit by flooding and overall sodden Scotland suffering its wettest August in 60 years

Should I mention that so far this month we've had only 7.7mm of rain in Evesham and 50% of normal all year..... But things here aren't quite so bad as in the US where severe drought forces Texas town to recycle urine

And when it comes to the weather, it does seem that rose tinted specs are all the rage.

NZ set for 'perfect snowstorm'

Japan heatwave kills four, sends 900 to hospital

There are two differing new theories over methane puzzle - attempting to explain why the increase in atmospheric methane levelled off in recent decades.

9th August -Today's News: July Hottest Month Ever for Southern USA

Brutal heat still grip south-central U.S. as the southern states break US heat record in July. The full NOAA report is here. Overall, the USA had its 4th warmest July on record.

In Scotland, care home residents are avacuated in flood threat

In Pakistan - where the monsoon is underway - rain wreaks havoc in Islamabad, cities in Punjab and KP

Muifa downgrades, rain continues in nort-east China

Helsinki battles with snow that just won't melt - manmade glacier anyone?

Billion year old piece of North America traced back to Antarctica - I'll have to ask the 'expanding earth' advocates about that one!

Finally, let's get one thing clear. The braindead zombie scum causing trouble in London and elsewhere are looters and arsonists and nothing more. Criminals pure and simple. They are not protesting about anything, and their actions are not the fault of the current government. Rather it is the fault of successive governments - and society as a whole - which has allowed all …

8th August - Today's News: More Summer Floods for Scotland

Heavy rain once again hit parts of Scotland, as well as NE England over the weekend. Wish they'd send some of it down here! We're currently on 54% of average for the first week of August as the dry spell goes into it's 12th month.

Sandbags issued as heavy rain hits north-east England whilst Scotland wetter than a Mumbai monsoon

Meanwhile, in Lancashire, lightning strikes Barrowford man in his garden. Needless to say despite some thunderstorms in the spring, we've had nothing of late and I've yet to see any lightning this year.

Typhoon Muifa passes S Korea along west coast, killing 4 and although now downgraded, the Storm threatens China chemical plant with more than 360,000 evacuated in east China as tropical storm Muifa approaches

6th August - Today's News: Summer Fog in Newfoundland

5th August - Today's News: Drought in Vale of Evesham Worse Than 1976?

2.6mm of rain fell in Evesham yesterday, as the Evesham Journal reported anecdotal evidence that the water table in the Vale is now lower than in 1976, making this, in practical terms, the worst drought in living memory. The story doesn't seem to be available online but under the headline "Severe drought is worrying growers" Billy Byrd, from Bretforton is quoted as saying the well he uses for irrigation is the lowest it has been since it was dug 52 years ago. An unnamed relative of Mr Bryd is also reported as saying that the river level was lower than he could ever recall. However, across much of Britain there's been plenty of rain of late. On Wednesday, thunderstorms led to Yorkshire flash floods: clear-up operation underway whilst up to 5,000 lightning bolts strike eastern England in summer storms. Not even had a rumble of thunder here since mid June and the last proper storm was back in April .... !

And this year produced a record breaking spring due to warm …

3rd August - Today's News: Hot Weather Brings Greenflies and Green Broads

Here in the UK sudden hot spell turns Norfolk Broads into pea soup as rampant poison algae spreads whilst apparently the great greenfly invasion follows in wake of hot spring - can't say I've noticed any yet this year.

Heat warnings issued for 12 states as U.S. continues to swelter in record-breaking temperatures

And the July heat in Washington was unprecented

But record heat unlikely to cool climate change debate

Meanwhile it's also been a hot August day for Sydney - where of course it's still winter.

Tropical Storm Emily headed for Hispaniola - latest indications are that at worst it'll just clip the coast of Florida or the Carolinas.

More heavy rain and flooding in Manila as typhoon fuels monsoon in Philippines

Russia may lose 30% of permafrost by 2050

Three Himalayan glaciers shrinking

And finally, a totally off topic story that most definitely deserves mentioning: fireman's lift saves Ben Nevis crisis dog. Always heartening to know that there are good people out …

2nd August - Today's News: July was Oklahoma's Hottest Month Ever

Unheard of heat continues in NE Oklahoma as the Oklahoma Climatological Surveys says July was the hottest month ever recorded in the state. And across the US, there was at least one July heat record set in every state.

And here in Britain, southeast basks in balmy weather - but it wont last. Fortunately. A very muggy 28c here yesterday. Incidentally, are they even aware that in South Africa and Australia it's currently mid winter? No wonder London is warmer ....

Steady rain causes flooding in eastern Germany

In NZ, spring should be warmer than usual thanks to ENSO being in a neutral state.

In parts of China, continuous drought leaves 4.28 mln people short of water

Toll from two Philippine storms rises to 70

NASA satellite tracks severity of African drought

US sets drought monitor's 'exceptional drought' record in July - though to be fair, the monitor has only been running for 12 years!

Snow, rain hit world's driest desert

The denial squad are up in arms again over on

1st August - Today's News: Deluges Cause More Problems in East Asia

Just back from an enjoyable weekend in the Cheviots - despite the meeting lasting a mammoth 9 hours, I still managed to get up a hill. And drink lots of red wine. Good weather - and this morning the British press are full of stories about it being quite warm this week, though some thundery showers look likely too. Normal summer weather then. Some rain round here would be good - only 53% of average rainfall in Evesham during July as the 'drought' continues unabated. The last wet month here was August 2010.

Somewhat different in east Asia though where Torrential rain hits NW China whilst there are 3 dead, 3 missing as heavy rains lash northeastern Japan and South Korea rain deluge hits weapons dumps.

However, hot weather persist in central United States whilst extreme drought continues in Texas as Tropical Storm Don fails to bring prayed-for rain to parched state

And according to the Daily Star, Brits to bake in 100f. Which is probably true. If they happen to be on holid…