12th August - Today's News: More Flooding in Sodden Scotland

In Scotland there's been flooding fury as new £4m deluge warning system fails at the first sign of heavy rain with Scotland's road and rail network hit by flooding and overall sodden Scotland suffering its wettest August in 60 years

Should I mention that so far this month we've had only 7.7mm of rain in Evesham and 50% of normal all year..... But things here aren't quite so bad as in the US where severe drought forces Texas town to recycle urine

And when it comes to the weather, it does seem that rose tinted specs are all the rage.

NZ set for 'perfect snowstorm'

Japan heatwave kills four, sends 900 to hospital

There are two differing new theories over methane puzzle - attempting to explain why the increase in atmospheric methane levelled off in recent decades.


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