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31st January - Today's News: Lack of Californian Snow Means More Drought

California's 'dismally meagre' snowpack signals more drought Evesham received an unexpected covering of snow around 2am this morning.   Fortunately I woke at 2.30am to see it - all had gone by dawn as precipitation turned to rain ....     It is supposed to finally turn colder this weekend (yesterday's max temp in Evesham was again above average for the time of year and we have yet to record an air frost during this "Arctic/Polar Blast") but whether we get any snow that survives on the ground for more than an hour remains to be seen. A sudden dose of winter causes traffic chaos in Germany - see, it's not just us who can't cope with a bit of snow Winter storm Kari blankets snow-weary New England Malawi floods leave grim legacy of death, destruction and devastation Gully patterns document Martian climate cycles Denmark's energy use hits 42-year low - despite econominc growth.  Maybe they finally learnt how to use the 

30th January - Today's News: More Snow Disrupts Parts of Britain

Snow brings disruption to travellers across the UK and there's  more snow forecast after schools close across Scotland with more Arctic weather as temperatures to hit -8c in Ireland ..... but apart from one brief flurry yesterday evening, nothing at all in Evesham.  Not even an air frost.... Meanwhile Londoners 'disappointed' by pitiful snowfall as other parts of UK freeze - ungrateful buggers!  At least they have seen snow-covered streets this year, unlike some of us. Flooding leaves mess in ocean-front Massachusetts after storm In Perth, WA, homes, traffic blacked out in storm Hot on the heels of Bolivia, flooding misery hits Peru Video shows motorway lampposts shaking violently during snowstorm in phenomenon experts call 'vortex shedding' Urban areas see more heat waves England shakes again as Oakham earthquake recorded at 3.8 magnitude Iceland rises as its glaciers melt from climate change   Global warming won't mean mo

28th January - Today's News: Snowstorm Hammers New England, Spares New York

As the historic New York snowstorm turns out to be not nearly as bad as some predicted, a very good piece on why we need to stop treating weather scientists like oracles .   But whilst New Yorkers question city's storm response , in New England there are homes shrouded in ice as floods and three feet of snow pummel northeast Meanwhile, in Britain, snow returns to the Highlands and we wait with interest to see if anything falls in Evesham tomorrow morning .... Thousands still thirsty after Malawi's flood Stunning images from space capture lightning in the centre of tropical cyclone Bansi Winchester hit by earthquake of 2.9 magnitude Kepler telescope identifies ancient solar system - where life could have evolved long before the Earth even formed.  Life, however, does not mean technologically advanced life, for which we as yet have no evidence to suppose exists, except, arguably, on Earth. And an interesting world map shows country size based on populati

27th January - Today's News: New York & Boston "Closed" Ahead of Snowstorm

Snow shuts down New York and Boston with vehicles banned and the subway closed as the forecast major snowstorm bears down on northeastern USA.  However there are some suggestions now that the storm may not prove quite as bad as initially thought. In northern Canada, extreme cold weather brings -62c wind chill to Iqaluit It won't be quite so cold in Britain, but some snow is on the way.... Britain braced for floods as 'supertide' strikes - or, more accurately, spring tides may be slightly higher than usual this year For Portugal, last year wettest in a quarter of a century   Heavy rain, flash flooding shut down roads, cause chaos across Sydney Is it okay to eat snow?   Just so long as it is not yellow (or pink!) Climate models disagree on why temperature 'wiggles' occur A new study suggests that global warming 'doubles risk' of extreme weather and hot days may double in Australia by 2090 And Siberian tiger Tanya shows her s

26th January - Today's News: NE US Prepares for Major Snowstorm

In the US, a 'historic' storm prepares to slam Northeast, airlines cancel flights as up to 3 feet of snow is forecast.  Here,they are simply predicting four inches of snow to hit Britain this week - and probably none again for Evesham! Floods return to Bolivia And watch the Arctic disappear: Animation reveals perennial ice melting over 27 years

24th January - Today's News: Brazilian Drought Worsens

Brazil's most populous region facing worst drought in 80 years Mountaineering group warns about 'killer cornices' in the Highlands Sleet, snow kick off winter storm in Northeast USA Rain, fog add to winter woes in north India:  67 trains cancelled Ocean could hold key to predicting recurring extreme winters in Europe Arctic ice cap slides into the ocean Slovakia joins the "2014 club": record temperature measured January 10, the entire 2014 was a record And sorry skeptics: NASA and NOAA were right about the 2014 temperature record

23rd January - Today's News: Temperatures hit 49c in Western Australia

Extreme heatwave in WA's north brings sizzling temperatures but no records - nonetheless it still reached 49c at Marble Bar. In contrast, it was the coldest night not only of the year so far, but for the past 3 years, in Evesham - it dropped to -4.8c and the last time it was lower than that in my garden was February 2012.  Meanwhile, from Wedneaday: As the North is carpeted in white, bringing with it travel chaos, the South escapes with barely a flake .  So why is snow harder than any other weather to predict?   Simply because in Britain, especially over lower ground, it is normally quite marginal as to whether it melts before it reaches the surface.   Being an Atlantic island, we dont have the persistent low temperatures that make snowfall much easier to forecast over continental landmasses. In the US, snow blankets portions of Southwest, forces closings - and it was Amarillo's 11th snowiest day on record Not sure how reliable this is as it appears to be primaril

21st January - Today's News: Heavy Rain Affects UAE

After-effects of heavy rain felt across the UAE A little snow in parts of Britain yesterday, though nothing particularly disruptive, and only sleety rain in Evesham as a fairly normal winter continues. Some problems in the southern Pennines though as motorists abandon cars on busy motorway as heavy snow causes travel chaos .    I think we will see more snow before March, but I am not expecting anything significant, albeit that my patent "antipodean SLATless forecast" did highlight the risk of a notable cold/snowy spell in late January or February - and there's still time for that to prove true! In the US at the weekend, freezing rain makes Northeast roads slick; at least 5 killed Cluster of storms and rain ease Gold Coast heatwave Spain hit by proper winter Flood death toll across southern Africa reaches 260 Floods cut off roadusers on highway linking Brunei, Sabah and Sarawak in Borneo Heat wave in Brazil forces power cuts In Malta, 2014 wa

19th January - Today's News: Warning of 50c Temperatures in Western Australia

Even Aussies aren't enjoying Brisbane's humidity heatwave - but it's worst in the west where there's a near-50 degree forecast for Western Australia later this week. Police called to ski area as snow causes chaos on Highlands - the main problem being people parking alongside the A82 !  Whilst this morning, temperatures dip to -12c on coldest night of winter so far.  Not unusual though and only down to -3c in Evesham. Southern Finland slips and slides through the weekend And in SW Canada, B.C. storm leaves thousands without power, triggers avalanche warnings

17th January - Today's News: Malawi Flood Death Toll Rises

Malawi flood death toll rises to 176, 200,000 homeless More heavy snow brings chaos to Scot;and's transport system and we had another light dusting of snow from a shower this morning in Evesham.  It's starting to feel a lot like winter! Mini tornado sweeps through Clevedon, leaving trail of destruction in its wake From Victoria, incredible footage of trees tumbling in a storm periously close to drivers And 2014 warmest year on record, say US researchers - confirmed what the JMA had already reported.

16th January - Today's News: Snow & Storms Continue to Cause Problems

Not yet a big national news story, because there hasn't been a dusting of snow to cause chaos in London yet, but across the north of Britain major disruption: high winds cause power cuts in southwest Scotland as high winds bring hail, heavy snow and more than 200 flood alerts and drivers trapped on A9 by heavy snow, ice and flooding , while NI weather causes further travel disruption .   More snow likely over the next week as winter finally sets in across the country. And Cornwall 'tornado' throws wreckage 300ft It's now confirmed that last year warmest in history of Czech measuring of temperature - another country to add to the list Mozambique and Malawi floods cause havoc The heartbreaking scene of 100 dead cows floating in a lake, after the herd wandered onto the frozen reservoir, broke through the ice and drowned California would need a ridiculous amount of rain to end its drought (or, more correctly, its water shortage - obviously by definition

14th January - Today's News: First Snow in Evesham for 22 Months

After nearly 22 months the snow drought is over in Evesham with a light dusting on cars and roofs this morning.  Not quite as much as some other places though as Britain hit by thundersnow and mini-tornadoes   whilst  snow causes closure of more than 100 schools in Northern Ireland   and in Scotland, where some places now have up to a foot of lying snow, snow causing further disruption .  All very normal for January, of course.   There are also reports that a 'tornado' flattens garage after striking Harrow in 'scene frm Wizard of Oz' though it is suspected it was straight line wind damage of an already fagile building, and not a tornado.  And in Eire, there is weather chaos - standstill at country's busiest train station after overnight snow .  Tonight it is expected to turn wet and windy across much of the country, before more wintery showers over the weekend. Storm stands ferry for over 24 hours off Bergen Scores killed as floods hit Malawi and Moza

13th January - Today's News: Snow Falls in Viet Nam

Tropical snowfall causes congestion in Sa Pa , in the northern Vietnamese hills, as tourists flock to see it at the weekend. Meanwhile, as sleet and snow disrupts travel across north-west of Ireland today, there is actually a slim chance we could see some flakes of snow in Evesham tonight - or, failing that, over the weekend and next week.  The first really wintry spell of weather for a couple of years (and of course, we have a spell of wet and windy weather Wednesday night to look forward to too). But if it does snow, be careful ..... Saudi fatwa banning snowmen triggers heated debate Wisconsin tornado path visible from space after more than 7 years ... and in snow Cold weather fatal for Brisbanites - so wrap up warm if the temp falls below 35c!    And are these the greatest images of the Northern Lights ever taken?    Well they are pretty good!

12th January - Today's News: Storms Continue to Batter Britain & NW Europe

It's be a wild few days weatherwise in Britain, and more wild and stormy weather to come this week.  There's even a very small chance of some snow in Evesham (though not settling!) .....  Winds batter Britain causing travel chaos ahead of snow with lots of pictures in the Mail of battered Britain as three rescued after becoming stranded in Cairngorms blizzard as thousands remain without power in north of the country  (and all credit to the well prepared utilities and emergency services - including Mountain Rescue - who have been providing hot meals to those in remote communities with power).  Today, power supplies still not restired to 1,100 homes . Meanwhile, in Europe, super storm leaves 40,000 without power as  west Sweden faces rush hour chaos after storm whilst double storms wallop Denmark .  In Lapland, Utsjoki breaks cold record - twice (that's the record for the lowest Finnish temperature this winter) as it drops to -39.6c In Australia, torrential do

10th January - Today's News: Heavy Rains, Floods Envelop Australia

One dead, communities cut off as rain, flooding hits areas across Australia Here, severe winds see shopping streets closed as heavy storm moves south as gales cause damage and disruption across Wales whilst in Scotland, thousands remain without power after storms And an unsual number of UK flowers bloom over the new year

9th January - Today's News: Major Storm Hits Northern Britain

Major travel disruption, most homes north of the Great Glen without power and some structural damage as hurricane gusts cause disruption to power and travel (there is of course no such thing as a 'hurricane gust' but winds have gusted in excess of 100mph at low levels - it will be interested to see what the highest sustained windspeeds were) and further south too North England storms caue travel disruption and power cuts  whilst in Ireland flights diverted and power cut as 120kmh gales sweep country . But one upside: planes flew from New York to London at near supersonic speed due to powerhouse jetstream   Winter storm brings misery to Middle East refugees with Gaza hard-hit by regional storm as snow to pile on Jerusalem, reach negrev Desert There are 'dangerously cold' temperatures and snow across US (except in California where there's an exceptional heatwave!) as one Colorado reporter hospitalised with frostbite after attempting a broadcast in fre

7th January - Today's News: Winter Storm Hits Middle East

Winter storms Israel with snow in Jerusalem, north as snow blankets the Middle East in rare cold snap Big freeze hits Cyprus, snow in Paphos Melbourne storms: dangerous driving conditions in parts of city as rain wreaks havoc whilst Adelaide experiences weird weather with high temperatures and heavy rain - but bushfires in both states continue. For NZ, 2014 was the year of the weather rollercoaster There was a new record high temperature in east Iceland on 29th December - albeit somewhat contrived since it was only for the period between Christmas and New Year, not the whole month.   Still, it was warmer than anywhere in Britain in December! Another twist in the long-running Clovis Comet hypothesis debate as a new study casts doubt on mammoth-killing cosmic impact And are we a step closer to finding extraterrestrial life? Eight new planets found in 'Goldilocks' zone: Two are most similar to Earth of any known exoplanets

6th January - Today's News: 2014 Warmest Year Globally & for UK

2014 officially hottest year on record according to JMA data.  It seems likely NASA, Hadley and NOAA will follow suite, although it appears that the satellite record is not so emphatic .   Meanwhile  2014 confirmed as UK's warmest year - though for me it was only the warmest since 2011.  2006 was also warmer in my back garden. And not so warm down under as Australia records third-warmest year in 2014 .  Their warmest was 2013.  Though Victoria experienced hottest daytime temperatures on record in 2014 and Sydney experienced a record warm year with few cold spells . And 2014 was warmest year on record for much of Alaska too A Met Office round-up of extreme global weather - basically the cold spells in the Middle East and North America.  There are warnings that police may shut roads into Jerusalem ahead of forecasted storm whilst in the US frigid Lake Michigan turns to ice as winter storm 'Gorgon' threatens to drop 2,000 square miles of snow and even out in the

5th January - Today's News: Tornadoes in US South; Ice Storm in Quebec

In the US, severe storms strike the South; At least nine tornadoes confirmed whilst Florida's record warmth mocks rest of cold, shivering US .  Further north, snow, rain wreak havoc on B.C. roads with thousands left without power Sunday as ice storm moves across Quebec Alaska communities reach record high temperatures in 2014  With 30 homes already destroyed in South Australia bushfire: Firefighters warn of worsening weather Heat warning as temperatures in Perth forecast to soar to 41c - in fact it reached 44.4c today, Perth's sixth hottest day ever And with cold weather heading for Turkey and the Levant, US issues travel warning as snowstorm nears Israel

3rd January - Today's News: S.A. Bushfires 'Worst Since 1983'

Homes lost as Adelaide Hills blaze burns towards townships with the situation reportedly the worst there since 1983 Four injured after plane blown off Stornoway runway Thousands have power cut by storm in eastern Finland Earlier in the week, five reported dead as Balkan countries endure cold snap whilst Western Turkey snowed under bad weather In Hawaii, storm hits Oahu with rain, winds, power outages Northern Territory on alert for possible first cyclone of season next week Three dead, one missing after heavy storm in Misiones , northern Argentina Volcano explosions mark end of 2014 in Mexico And figures 'prove Scotland has enough wind farms already'

2nd January - Today's News: Britain, Germany & Norway Report Warmest Year on Record

Bliadhna Mhath Ur! 2014 was the warmest year in record in Britain as the Met Office summarise 2014: a year in weather and we were not alone as 2014 was the warmest year of history in Norway and in Germany too 2014 was the warmest year on record: official .   Denmark and France have already declared 2014 the warmest in their records as well.   But the Finns failed to join the club: 2014 the second hottest year in Finnish history , beaten by 1938 whilst 2104 one of the warmest Czech years on record , but exact positon not yet confirmed And despite seeing some cold and snowy weather at times, 17 US cities on track for hottest year . Two dead, many drivers trapped as western US storms chill New Year's Eve with the Grand Canyon blaneketed in snow Video footage as 'dust devil' sends tents flying at Rose Bowl fan fest, injuring four In Sweden, hundreds without power as storm Svea spread s 2014 'worst on record' for Venice high tides Roads clo