16th January - Today's News: Snow & Storms Continue to Cause Problems

Not yet a big national news story, because there hasn't been a dusting of snow to cause chaos in London yet, but across the north of Britain major disruption: high winds cause power cuts in southwest Scotland as high winds bring hail, heavy snow and more than 200 flood alerts and drivers trapped on A9 by heavy snow, ice and flooding, while NI weather causes further travel disruption.   More snow likely over the next week as winter finally sets in across the country.
It's now confirmed that last year warmest in history of Czech measuring of temperature - another country to add to the list

California would need a ridiculous amount of rain to end its drought (or, more correctly, its water shortage - obviously by definition, any signifcant rain will end a drought!)

And researchers discover how the small of rain happens

Rate of sea-level rise 'steeper' over the past two decades than previously thought

Lost Beagle 2 probe found 'intact' on Mars - see silly, it wasn't shot down Martians after all!


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