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30th June - Today's News: A Record Warm, Dry Start to Australia's Winter

Winter finally arrives in Tasmania with dusting of snow, as Australia braces for cold snap .  Meanwhile, the driest start to winter on record has farmers worried and Perth breaks June heat record Torrential rain swamps Berlin’s streets, stretches firefighters to limits Bergen sets new record for rain - with 26 consecutive days of rain this month There's a 'very strong' climate change signal in record June heat , especially for Iberia Temperatures in Iranian city of Ahvaz hit 127.4 degrees, near hottest on Earth in modern measurements In the US, 27 large wildfires are burning across the West Global tropical cyclone activity paltry so far, despite Cindy and Dora More summer sunshine leading to increased Greenland ice melt NASA's colorful clouds light up the sky Incredible footage shows Boeing 787 Dreamliner create a giant billowing vapour-trail cloud (and not a chemtrail in sight) 'Bulges' in volcanoes could

28th June - Today's News: Drought Breaks in Evesham

A month's worth of rain falls in just 12 hours in East Anglia whilst here in Evesham the 17 day drought finally broke .... with 4.7mm of rain this morning.  That's the longest period with no recordable rain fall since I set up my current weather station on 1st July 2011.  S ome places, where it's been raining for 24 hours now, may see storm totals close to 100mm.   Meanwhile, there is no sign of another heatwave on the way just yet.  Despite the usual made up nonsense in the media! Extreme Southwest heat wave may be to blame for 12 Phoenix-area deaths, authorities say Last weekend, extreme weather conditions hammer northern Italy And the map that fills a 500-million-year gap in Earth's history

27th June - Today's News: Wildfire Warning as Record US Heatwave Ends

Southwestern USA's record-setting heat wave to end as wildfire threat ramps up in southwestern US Already, lightning storm ignites multiple wildfires in Idaho and it's reported that lightning is sparking more wildfires in the north as climate change causes more frequent storms Rate of global sea level rise has increased by 50% in just two decades amid rising temperatures and a thaw of Greenland's ice sheet And a computer reconstructions shows how the collapse of European ice sheet caused chaos in past

26th June - Today's News: The Curious Case of the Fox and the Rain Gauge

Cheeky fox suspected to be making regular contribution to WA farmer's BOM rain gauge One Upstate NY city just got a month's worth of rain in one day China landslide: More than 90 missing as search continues after torrential rain wreaks havoc in south China And Australia’s having its second worst start to the snow season in 21 years 

24th June - Today's News: At Least 140 Missing in China Landslide

China landslide leaves at least 140 missing in Sichuan Heat wave boosts burns in Phoenix as pavement, cars scald Phoenix heat, Tropical Storm Cindy show how climate change is a threat to our infrastructure And measuring the hot spell of June 2017

23rd June - Today's News: TS Cindy: Tornadoes, Floods and Fire Ant Warning

Tropical Depression Cindy state by state: Tornado damages structures near Birmingham; mayor of Lafitte, Louisiana, urges evacuations with additional warnings of a terrifying threat from Tropical Storm Cindy: Floating masses of deadly fire ants In Germany, tornado tears through Hamburg after extreme heat wave with trains cancelled across north Germany as fierce storms kill one Satellite images show devastating extent of Portugal forest fire Large hailstone deluge marks midsummer in Altai, breaking car windows, ruining harvests And there have been 'major improvements' to Met Office Mountain Forecasts although some reports suggests pages may be slow to load on mobile phones where signal strength is poor - exactly the situations where these forecasts are most needed!

22nd June - Today's News: Record Heat in UK & US

Yesterday saw the date record set for the UK and it was also the hottest June day since summer of 1976 in heatwave .  In my garden it was also the highest I have recorded in June at 32.4c.  In addition, dew points were extremely high getting above 20c to make a very sweaty and uncomfortable evening.   But the heatwave (4 consecutive days above 30c in my garden) ended here with not a rumble of thunder nor drop of rain .....  And it's not just the British Isles that have been unusually hot as California sees some of highest temperatures ever recorded amid heat wave whilst in the Arizona heatwave: Strange consequences of extreme heat with the life-threatening heat wave to retain its grip on southwestern US into the weekend Meanwhile, France's heatwave reaches peak as pollution spike hits Paris Already deadly Tropical Storm Cindy could cause “life-threatening” flash flooding, forecasters warn  as it continues to bring heavy rain to the US Gulf Coast  3 tornado

21st June - Today's News: TS Cindy Threatens US Gulf Coast

Tropical Storm Cindy strengthens over central Gulf of Mexico; life-threatening flash flooding possible along Gulf Coast whilst in the southern Caribbean, Tropical Storm Bret leaves flooding, damages in Trinidad Skiers hit the slopes in bikini tops as California's endless winter endures a heat wave UK weather: Fifth day above 30C predicted, matching 1995 as in Cambridgeshire, gritters deployed as Britain's roads melt in heatwave .  And today June heatwave set to break 40-year record And stalagmite records show that wet and stormy weather lashed California coast... 8,200 years ago - when it's believed global climate was affected by the emptying of Glacial Lake Agassiz (or, possibly, by something else .... )

20th June - Today's News: US and UK Heatwaves

England soaks up more hot weather   and temperatures above 30c are expected for the next 2 days before it cools off on Thursday.   Yesterday was again above 31c in Evesham.   There is a small risk of a thunderstorm later ...... Meanwhile, in the US, record setting heatwave to crush Las Vegas and Phoenix with temperatures reaching 120F as flights are grounded and people are warned of major health issues Portugal forest fire: 12 survive by hiding in a water tank Delhi gets highest rain since 2013, waterlogging brings traffic to a crawl Tropical Storm Bret becomes earliest named storm so far south in the Atlantic A million years of extreme activity by volcanoes 'triggered dawn of dinosaurs' MAVEN's top 10 discoveries at Mars And scientists throw light on mysterious ice age temperature jumps - and guess what?  They blame it on CO2 ....

19th June - Today's News: Over 60 Dead in Portugese Forest Fires

More tragic news this weekend.  In scene sadly so reminiscent of Australia's Black Saturday ,  four children among 61 killed by deadly Portuguese forest fires with many people 'trapped and burned to death in their cars' as they tried to flee .  Thought to have been started by lightning as temperatures in places exceeded 40c. Here it was quite warm enough with 32.2c outside Southampton and 31.6c in my garden yesterday with health warning issued as rising temperatures could see Britain bask in hottest June day since 1976 . Temperature should become more pleasant by the weekend.  But there's a good chance we could see the UK date reocrd fall today. And an even hotter heat wave creates health hazard in southwestern US Four missing after tsunami strikes Greenland coast - believed to have been caused by an earthquake.  What caused the earthquake though is not known.  Ice loss?  Maybe ...  Bangkok struggles to protect slum dwellers as floods worsen Accord

16th June - Today's News: Dog Recovering After Being Thrown 1,000ft by Tornado

A very lucky dog survives being thrown 1,000ft by powerful tornado in North Carolina Record hot weather scorches zone from Washington to Boston and a warning that in the SW, temperatures in deserts could hit 120 as heat wave grips San Diego region Great Britain-shaped cloud spotted (in Great Britain) Dams could 'permanently damage Amazon' Heavy rains, flash floods wreak havoc in Imphal, Guwahati There was widespread snowmelt in West Antarctica during unusually warm summer And weird weather on Saturn's largest moon Titan is responsible for a mysterious labyrinth terrain that 'looks almost exactly like some of the places we have here on Earth'

14th June - Today's News: Rescuers Race to Reach Bangladesh Landslide Victims as Toll Rises

Bangladesh rescuers race to reach landslides victims with the death toll now at 145 and expected to rise further. Record snowmelt causes drowning fears as rivers rage across America's West Freak hail storm hits Napa Valley vineyards Sahara greening may intensify tropical cyclone activity worldwide Volcanic 'plumerang' could impact human health And a large Canadian Arctic climate change study cancelled due to climate change - ice has become more mobile making travel more hazardous (certain websites have, of course deliberately misunderstood/misinterpreted this as further evidence there is no global warming and we are, in fact, plummeting into a catastrophic ice age ..... )

13th June - Today's News: Summer Snow Falls in Sierra Nevada

Rare winter-like storm brings snow to Sierra Nevada slopes Hail accumulates like snow as Twin Cities, Wisconsin ravaged by storms And check out this huge hail in northern Colorado Big wet raises flood risks for northern NSW as rain set to return to Sydney Bangladesh landslides: At least 40 killed, dozens missing following the heaviest rain in recent years Greece earthquake hits Lesbos: Tremors felt in Istanbul and Athens And in the Scottish Highlands, a warning that recent weather patterns 'heighten risk' of rockfalls

12th June - Today's News: Severe Atlantic Storm Hits Yacht Race

Yacht crews rescued after Atlantic storm - described as a "hurricane" but likely a sting jet was the culprit Australians warned that up to 200mm of rain could fall on parts of the east coast in next 48 hours In the US, summer comes early as heat wave sweeps across Midwest, East Rain-bearing clouds are thinning out over India And another reason not to like hit weather: How the heat makes us feel frosty towards our fellow humans

10th June - Today's News: Renewables Provide Over Half UK Energy

In South Africa: 10,000 Knysna residents evacuated amid fire as Knysna declared a disaster area  and Cape Town clears up after major storm Video of boy running through 'mini tornado' in Cologne goes viral (it's just another sust devil - and yes, I'd run through one! Rain, floods frustrate tourists and locals in south Florida Arizona blazes grow as wildfire season peaks  There were two alternative explanations for the mysterious bend in the Hawaiian-Emperor chain - but new sresearch suggests, in accordance with Mayhew's Law, that both probably played a role   And as we wean ourselves off Victorian technology and terrorist oil, renewables provide more than half UK electricity for first time

8th June - Today's News: Eight Dead in Cape Town Storm

Cape Town storm: Eight killed as drought ends whilst there are evacuations as wildfires spread in Southern Cape In Australia, cars stranded, thousands of homes without power and peak hour commuter chaos: Sydney and east coast flooded by torrential downpour Scottish driver killed by falling tree amid flood disruption - 65.2mm of rain fell at Edinburgh Botanic gardens in 24 hours to 18z on Tuesday - which is more than the average for the whole of June (61.2mm) Suffolk golfer dies after being struck by lightning after getting stuck in a thunderstorm last week.  And a New York man said he was struck by lightning while working inside Rochester office In Germany, an alleged mini tornado hits festival campsite causing carnage - but this time it's just a dust devil Lake Erie inches away from its highest ever level after massive surge California's endless winter: 8 feet of snow still on the ground in June There's an increased risk of

6th June - Today's News: Autumnal Weather and Tornadoes Hit Britain

Autumn seems to have arrived early .....  A cool, windy day here with over 10mm rain last night and this morning.   In Wales, hundreds without power after strong winds and rain whilst in London there was travel chaos for rail and Tube commuters as wind and rain batters capital Meanwhile, Britian is hit by a rash of non existent weather as a 'mini tornado' sweeps through industrial estate in Rockfield Road, Blackburn whilst at the weekend it's claimed another 'mini tornado' wrecks Cornhill Highland Games   in NE Scotland.  Whether or not they were tornadoes is a moot point: as the BBC in partiocualr have been told many times, there's a mini cooper and a mini clubman but there's never been a mini tornado. South Africa's Cape prepares for major storm A new study suggests that the earliest human-made climate change took place 11,500 years ago as the development of farming and associated deforestation in the Middle East increas

5th June - Today's News: Spring Warmest on Record for NI and Wales

It was my warmest May on record (from 2003) although, of course, my garden does sometimes experience higher temperatures than would be recorded by a properly situated thermometer.   Across the country May was also warm as Wales and Northern Ireland have warmest spring on record and for England it's the second warmest. Pakistan’s hottest day recorded in Turbat last Sunday with the mercury hitting 53.5c whilst as north India reels under intense heat, Delhi records 44.6 degree Celsius And in Viet Nam, Hanoi sweats through hottest day in decades Meanwhile, northern Sweden just had snow – in June! Canada tornado: Alberta lawn-mowing man defies twister And the Earth resists NASA's attempts to make red and green clouds

3rd June - Today's News: Major Flooding Hits Taipei After 150mm Rain

  Major flooding engulfs Taipei as storm unleashes over 150 mm of rain in Taiwan After the storm earlier this week there's now been June snow in Moscow whilst a huge tornado terrifies locals in southern Russia The death toll in Mexico from Tropical Storm Beatriz rises to five There is new geoscientific evidence for subglacial lakes Frost on moon's surface: New evidence And the dramatic moment seven foot tidal wave sweeps away beach chairs, boats and parasols as mini tsunami strikes the Netherlands

2nd June - Today's News: Heavy Rain as TS Beatriz Hits Mexico

Tropical Storm Beatriz bringing heavy rain to Mexican coast; dangerous flash flood, mudslide threat Rare red tornado tears through a town in Mexico The 2016 hurricane season 2nd longest on record Cyclone Debbie rainfall dump ensures wetter than usual Queensland autumn, BOM says Cyclone Mora: Bangladesh fishermen missing after storm   Antarctic ice crack takes major turn - an "iceberg" the size of Wales will form when the crack finally reaches the edge of the ice sheet And Rover findings indicate stratified lake on ancient Mars