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31st March - Today's News: Strong Winds Batter Britain

March goes out like a lion with very strong winds roaring across much of the country with travel chaos as Britain is battered by 100mph winds overnight (actually, the highest low level gust was 97mph - but gusts to 60mph were widespread) whilst in south London Lord's Father Time weather vane damaged by high winds.   Conditions will remain unsettled through the week but it still looks like being much quieter - and mostly dry - over Easter.

And across the North Sea, storm brings transport chaos to the Netherlands too
Meanwhile, March continues sunny theme for UK
Two people were rescued from their cars after being caught in flash floods caused by heavy rain in Sydney, with reports also of a "mini tornado"

Decaying Cyclone Nathan dumps heavy rain on Pilbara, Goldfields

But it's a cold start to autumn for southeast Australia with parts of Victoria recording their lowest March temperatures for 20 years.   Must be the new ice age .....
Kashmir floods: Fifteen killed in landslid…

30th March - Todays News: At Least 10 Dead as Flooding Hits Kashmir

28th March - Today's News: Antarctica Records Highest Ever Temperature

Antarctic may have set its highest temperature ever recorded Tuesday as it hit 17.5c at Argentina's Esperanza base.  Of course, we haven't been recording temperatures there for very long and even now the data is very sparse - so it could have been warmer elsewhere in the past.   But still, that's quite warm.

And perhaps then no surprise Antarctic ice shelf thinning speeds up
In the US it's snow joke: winter refuses to budge in the East while West gets record highs
Climate change does not cause extreme winters, experts say - contradicting other experts who have suggested it does ......  But that's science!
There is more evidence for groundwater on Mars - conditions may be suitable for microbial life - whilst ancient Martian lake system records two water-related events
And finally, what will the weather be like at Easter?   Cold and snowy?   Or the hottest ever?  Well, current indications are neither.   Quite nice, dry and sunny but not especially warm (though pleasant…

27th March - Today's News: One Dead as First Tornadoes of Season Hit Oklahoma

25th March - Today's News: Bogata Buried in 2 Foot of Hail

24th March - Today's News: Is the Gulf Stream Weakening due to Arctic Melt?

23rd March - Today's News: Arctic Sea Ice Extent at Record Winter Low


19th March - Today's News: World's Warmest Dec-Feb on Record

No real surprise here: Northeast USA left out in the cold in Earth's warmest winter on record - with the full NOAA report here
In Queensland, record Sunshine Coast temperature as state sweats
Another storm batters Nova Scotia
Lots of stunning pictures as sensational light shows wow crowds across the globe as 'severe' solar storm strikes planet (not sure there were quite any crowds out watching it, and sadly nothing was visible to the naked eye in Evesham - and worth noting that quite often what we actually see is not as stunning as shown in long exposure photos)

And 'northern lights' observed on Mars, too
Warnings issued as air pollution rockets across Britain
Strange 'snow carrots' found at meteorite impact site
There are probably planets in the habitable zone around most stars, researchers calculate - increasing the already strong likelihood of there being an abundance of extraterrestrial life, though not necessarily as we know it, let along what we migh…

17th March - Today's News: Can El Nino Help Predict Tornado Season Severity?

16th March - Today's News: Boston's Snowiest Winter Confirmed

14th March - Today's News: Vanuatu "Devastated" by Cyclone Pam - Dozens Feared Dead

13th March - Today's News: Cyclone Pam Wreaks Havoc in Pacific

11th March - Today's News: No Snow at World's Snowiest Resort

10th March - Today's News: World 24 Hour Snowfall Record Broken?

9th March - Today's News: Heavy Rain Brings Floods, Landslides to Highlands

7th March - Today's News: Heavy Snow Hits Balkans

6th March - Today's News: Record High Temperatures in Cape Town

3rd March - Today's News: 25 days of 40c+

2nd March - Today's News: Record Cold February & Warm Winter in Parts of N America