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30th April - Today's News: Rain, Floods Cause Deaths in Kenya

29th April - Today's News: Spring Snow Surprises Hebrides

Difficult to find any news stories specific to this, but yesterday saw lying snow to sea level across the Inner Hebrides and parts of the mainland coast around Lochaber.   This is unusual even in winter ...  A picture from Coll was used by the BBC as they warned Met Office issues snow warning whilst for some reason Tiree featured as walkers and climbers warned of late spring avalanches
Today snow has fallen across parts of northern England and mainland Scotland - not entirely unknown this time of year, but still unusual to see so much settling to lower levels as snow and sleet hit bank holiday weekend getaway and there's a travel warning as spring snow falls in north and east Scotland.  We haven't seen snow like that in Evesham - at any time of year - in years!

And on the continent, there's weather chaos as Austria hit by April snow
In contrast, extreme heat sears southeast Asia with all-time records; worst heat wave in Thailand in 65 years
Second Indiana tornado flattens …

27th April - Today's News: April "Snow" Showers and a "Mini" Tornado

26th April - Today's News: Earth Getting Greener as CO2 Levels Rise

25th April - Today's News: Cyclone Amos Hits Samoa

22nd April - Today's News: Deadly Indian Heatwave Continues

20th April - Today's News: Ecuador and Japan Earthquake Tolls Rise

19th April - Today's News: Houston Hit by "Historic" Rain, Floods

18th April - Today's News: Hundreds Killed in Ecuador Earthquake

16th April - Today's News: March Shatters Global Temperature Records

Well that was a surprise.  Hot on the heels of Thursday's thunder, this morning we had snow in Evesham - for the first time since January 2015.  A good hour and a half's worth of big flakes (up to 2") which sadly failed to settle on the wet ground, though Bredon was looking white on the way in to work.  Snow stops play on the first day of the cricket season as a dusting covers the north of Britain.
Globally, the impacts of El Nino coupled with underlying AGW continue as March temperature smashes 100-year global record based on NASA and JMA data.
Japan's second massive earthquake in 24 hours kills 18 people, sparks devastating landslides and razes scores of buildings to the ground while Mount Aso volcano erupts following violent earthquake streak in Japan
Tornado kills 4, injures hundreds in Uruguay while Iraq hit by actual tornado after years of bombing by UK Tornado jets (some unfortunate and unnecessary anglophobic comments there, but I guess Putin and co don't l…

15th April - Today's News: Nine Dead in Japan Earthquake

Japan earthquake: Aftershocks rattle country's south-west after nine die, hundreds injured in tremor
Landspout tornado swirling near Calgary is 1st of season for Prairies while in the USA, tornado activity to ramp up in May after unusually cool April suppressed severe weather
Huge hailstones damage 1,000 houses in northern Vietnam
Satellite images reveal dramatic tropical glacier retreat in PNG
NOAA issues La Niña watch as tropical Pacific temperatures tank
And thunder!  Yes we had a thunderstorm near Evesham yesterday evening (it actually passed over Bredon and deluged Pershore whilst Evesham remained dry, but there was quite a bit of thunder and a little more associated with a shower that did bring us rain later).  That's the first thunder I have heard since I was in the Borders at the beginning of July last year, and the first local thunderstorm I have experienced since July 2014.   It was more dramatic in the east though with rain, hail, lightning and a funnel cloud whil…

14th April - Today's News: Noah's Ark Caught in Floods ...

12th April - Today's News: El Nino Ends

11th April - Today's News: Storm & High Tides Brings Flooding to SW England, Southern Ireland

8th April - Today's News: Panasonic Develop New 'Better' Weather Model

6th April - Today's News: Fiji Braces for Cat 3 Cyclone Zeta

5th April - Today's News: Waterspout Capsizes Chinese Boat

4th April - Today's News: Heavy Rain, Floods Hit Pakistan and Fiji

2nd April - Today's News: Snow Falls in Guadalope

1st April - Today's News: Tornadoes, Storms Hit US South