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30th June - Today's News: Record June Rainfall in Auckland

Auckland weather bomb breaks June record for heaviest rainfall
In the Solomon Islands, Rennell record lowest temperature ever - just 17c ....
But it's also been NZ's warmest start to the year on record

Tornado spotted in Suffolk
Severe drought in India leads to rise in violence as neighbours are prepared to kill to slake their thirst
And a regional headline that puts the Daily Express to shame: Bookies slash odds on snow as summer shapes up to be the coldest ever - this comes as June look like ending around 1.5cwarmer than average ...  (and snow falling at 4,000ft in the Highlands in June is as unusual as rain falling in Wimbledon this time of year ... )

28th June - Today's News: Still Wintry in Australia

27th June - Today's News: West Virgina Braces for More Rain

25th June - Today's News: 23 Dead in West Virginia Floods

24th June - Today's News: Severe Storms Bring More Flash Floods to SE

22nd June - Today's News: Cypriots Warned of Heatwave as Wildfires Kill 2 Firefighters

21st June - Today's News: TS Danielle Forms in Gulf of Mexico

20th June - Today's News: Southwestern USA Hit by Deadly 120f Heatwave

18th June - Today's News: Hail Turns Alice Springs White

17th June - Today's News: More Flash Flooding in Britain

14th June - Today's News: May 2016 Provisionally Warmest on Record

13th June - Today's News: Tornado and Yet More Flash Floods

Terror as mini tornado lifts bouncy castle 30ft into the air at Friskney in Lincs,  whilst in Manchester, firefighters rescue elderly woman from rising flood water in a wheelie bin and in Evesham I recorded my highest ever rain rate (80.4mm/h) as nearly an inch fell through the course of the day, with some thunder to boot (third time this year!).  And there's more rain to come ...
Paraguay shivers in the coldest night of the year as a cold spell continues to grip parts of South America

11th June - Today's News: Greenland Records Highest Ever June Temperature

Greenland witnessed its highest June temperature ever recorded on Thursday - warmer than most parts of Britain ....  Meanwhile the Arctic sea ice hits new record low for May.  And whilst El Nino and other weather patterns may be largely responsible, we've had El Ninos and the same weather patterns many times before ...
June snow blankets Alaska's North Slope, Mt. Washington, New Hampshire - although it's not that unusual in either location.
A different type of record, which probably won't last much longer: a streak not seen since 1900: Colin was the 144th consecutive Atlantic tropical cyclone to not make U.S. landfall as a major hurricane
How El Nino made a nuisance of itself in 2015 in the US
More storms, more flash floods in England as 'freak weather' floods Nottingham suburbs after torrential rain, a Telford flash flood leaves residents trapped and closes store with Liverpool hit by storms and heavy rain as well.
Meanwhile, Paris floods made almost twice as …

10th June - Today's News: More Flash Flood Rescues

Wednesday saw three children rescued from London flash floods as weather paints mixed pictures across the UK whilst in the West Midlands roads swamped, cars abandoned and shops evacuated in floods - it remained dry in Evesham, but at 26.5c (26.3c Pershore) was the warmest day so far this year.
And was there freak weather at Tan Hill as pub goers are hit with snow and June!?  Er, not really.  It was only hail, and the biggest hailstorms  usually occur during summer thunderstorms ....
A record-breaking warm winter's day for southern Queensland, BoM says
Hydro Tasmania asked to explain cloud seeding in catchment day before flooding - but despite their success claims, I doubt it made any big difference and the floods would have occurred much the same regardless.  Especially since the rain fell over a much wider area that that which was seeded.
A week late, the Indian monsoon has arrived on the mainland
Greenland's 2015 melt records consistent with 'Arctic amplificatio…

8th June - Today's News: Thunderstorms Bring Flash Flooding to Parts of Britain

7th June - Today's News: Tropical Storm Colin Hits Florida

Tropical Storm Colin hits Florida with heavy rain, hail and tornadoes cause chaos from Indiana to Florida as Tropical Storm Colin heads for the East Coast
Thousands told to evacuate as rivers rise in northern Tasmania whilst in NSW, Collaroy Beach 'loses 50m' after Australia storm.  Meanwhile, up north,  NT's weather 'all wrong' as records tumble in first week of June with record temperatures for the month and unusual rainfall patterns.  And what was climate change's role in eastern Australia's storms?  As usual, the conclusion is none specifically - and any individual event cannot really be attributed to climate change anyway, only a change in long term frequency/intensity.  
Cooling in the North Atlantic could lead to less rainfall in Europe
England not windy enough, admits wind industry chief
From Siberia, more details about the appearance of a mysterious crater in 2013: big bang formed crater causing 'glow in sky': explosion was heard 100 km away

6th June - Today's News: Storms Continue to Batter Eastern Australia

4th June - Today's News: Wild Weather Hits Eastern Australia

3rd June - Today's News: More Rain Expected in Flood-hit Europe

2nd June - Today's News: Siberian Summer Starts with Snowfall

1st June - Today's News: Deadly Storms, Floods Strike Europe and Texas

Back from a sunnhy long weekend on Dartmoor - a full account and pictures will hopefully be posted up here later this week ....

Meanwhile, the weather news whilst I was away looks to have been dominated by storms over Europe and in the US:
Three people die as thunderstorms batter Germany
Fireman dies in Austria on flooding call out Heavy rain brings floods to northern France
6 dead in Texas floods, and more rain is coming with Texas river expected to rise to record levels as floods overtake state
Whilst in East Anglia intense thunderstorms bring nearly a month's worth of rain in six hours
And the second named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season (the first was Alex - way back in January!) occurred whilst I was away as well: Bonnie shuts down I-95 as it soaks Carolinas
In Nepal, lightning strike casualties on rise
'Snow' fall in Midlands of Zimbabwe .... described as actually being 'sleet' in the story, I am pretty sure it was hail!
One day into the month and already Ta…