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31st December 2011 - Today's News: 2011 Britain's 2nd Warmest Year

The last of the year!

After a cold 2010, the Met Office announce (to no great surprise) that 2011 UK's second warmest year on record - the actual press release is here.

Looks like being a mild but damp Hogmanay across many parts of Britain tonight, though hopefully not as wet for most as in NZ where New Year's Eve celebrations washed out.

34 die in south India cyclone

And a record heatwave hits South Pole

Why tornadoes take the weekends off in summer - it's all down to pollution

World pays Ecuador not to extract oil from rainforest in an initiative that we may well see become commonplace in future decades.

Cloud Appreciation Society's beautiful 2012 calendar is a hit with sky gazing fans - featuring a stunning photo of Nocties over Fort William taken by my good friend John Cameron.

30th December - Today's News: Cyclone Thane Hits India

28th December - Today's News: Christmas Storm Hits Scandinavia

26th December - Today's News: A MIld Green Christmas

In stark contrast to one year ago, it've been a very mild, green Christmas in Britain this year - the warmest on record in N Ireland and overall the 3rd warmest for the whole country. Nonetheless, not good news for all as winds of 101mph recorded in Northern Isles

Here in Evesham it was a breezy 12.3c which is a date record since 2003. Though in 2004 I recorded 14.4c on the 23rd December. Last year the max was -4.4c ! Which was also a date record...

In Eire too, there's cheer for swimmers as unseasonal weather puts Greece in the shade

Elsewhere, a rare white Christmas graces Texas panhandle and wild Christmas weather hits Australia as thousands mop up after hail barrage inflicts havoc on Christmas Day.

And in the Philppines, more floods feared as new storm threatens Mindanao

24th December - Today's News: Merry Christmas One and All!

Wednesday 21st December - Today's News: No, it Won't be the Warmest Christmas on Record (But it Will be Mild)

The Daily Mail gets all confused with temperatures today as they ask will it be the warmest Christmas on record? There is in fact nothing at all amazing about a maximum temperature in December being higher than the April mean; and we're hardly looking at record temperatures when the predicted maximum temperature is still below the record highest minimum! But that's journalists for you! And we'd need temperatures to get over 16c to have a chance of the warmest Christmas on record. I suspect around 12c will be closer the mark. But, at least they have some nice pictures to accompany their misleading nonsense.

Meanwhile the Met Office provide this summary on how common a White Christmas is

In Finland, unusually warm weather preventing birds flying south

And how will warm weather affect your holidays? If you live in Toronto - which like so much of the northern Hemisphere is suffering a dearth of cold and snow this winter.

Fourth hurricane-force windstorm blasting Anchora…

20th December - Today's News: Up to 1,000 Now Feared Dead in Philippines Flood Disaster

Philippine floods: President declares national calamity with current estimates of up to 1,000 dead. It's a Christmas to forget in Mindanao. The Met Office supported charity Shelterbox assesses Philippines flood damage.

In the US, deadly snowstorm halts travel across Great Plains

But there's be no snow in Britain this Christmas - as indeed has looked the case since the beginning of the month. In fact, after a few days ago predicting a white Christmas, the tabloid press are now proclaiming Scotland in for hottest Christmas Day ever - not sure of that, although with southwesterly winds a fohn effect could bring very mild temperatures to the northeast. Looks like Piers Corbyn will be losing his bets this year! And on a more serious note,Scotland's cities' chances of a white Christmas rated with, on average, Aberdeen coming out top.

But this years extreme weather baffles butterflies in Britain

Aussies shiver in coldest start to summer in 50 years

After recent rainfall, Jers…

19th December - Today's News: Many Hundreds Dead, Missing After TS Washi Hits Philippines

Over the weekend, Philippines flood toll passes 650 as search continues with mass burial for Philippines flood victims. Grim scenes indeed. It's been the worst storm of the year for a country which is sadly prone to such disasters.

Here in Britain, still no snow seen in Evesham and we're looking very likely now to see an entirely snow free 2011. And a green Christmas. Just like in the US: dreaming of a white Christmas? Dash it all! They too have had a lot less snow than last year, and indeed only around half the longer term average. Must be this new ice age they keep telling us about! Although that said, today a major storm takes aim at SW Great Plains.

Walker dies in avalanche on Y Garn in Snowdonia after a cornice he was standing on collapsed

In Victoria, residents evacuated as storms cause flash flooding

India cold wave claims dozens of lives in north - though I'm not quite sure how water pipes froze if the temperature only plummeted to +2.8c? Such cold spells …

17th December - Today's News: Storm 'Joachim' Hits Europe

Yesterday's storm - named Joachim - caused a fair bit of damage. Jersey homes flooded and roads closed in heavy storm with a massive outage as storm batters northern France and Joachim lashes Switzerland. Meanwhile in Germany, winter storm 'Joachim' snarls traffic.

Still no snow in Evesham - we even had rain this morning, despite the temperature having dropped to -1.6c (coldest night so far this autumn/winter). But there was snow elsewhere yesterday: in Wales, snow and ice strands motorists on A55 for up to five hours

Nevis Range ski resort to open after storm repairs

Philippines storm triggers deadly flash floods with reports of hundreds dead or missing

Flooding, landslides claim more lives in Colombia

Irene was tropical storm, not hurricane, over NJ

Looks like we'll soon be able to gaze in awe and wonder at majestic wind turbines from the Cairngorms National Park as approval of Allt Duine wind farm recommended. Any excuse to build roads over the Monadh Liath - one of …

16th December - Today's News: Man Swept From Armchair in NZ Flash Floods

In NZ flash flooding: man swept from armchair and earlier this week in WA thunderstorm causes widespread damage

Snow on Bredon and the Cotswolds this morning, but nothing even fell in Evesham. Last time we had sleet was 27th December 2010. Some parts of the SE have seen snow today though, as well as Wales and further north as Britain wakes to snowfall and heavy rain as bookies slash odds of a White Christmas - though there is nothing at all at present to suggest the southern half of Britain will see snow on the 25th. Maybe Scotland.

The storm that tracked across southern Britain overnight has had more impact on the Continent as winter storm 'Joachim' reaches Germany and storm Joachim arrives in Switzerland

Yesterday morning, snow in Sheffield 'caught out' city council

In Londonderry, storm-hit residents left to pick up pieces

While in Wales, double lightning strike hits Arriva and FGW services

And in Coventry, Keresley residents mystified by apple shower - from a tor…

14th December - Today's News: Record Waves as More Storms Batter Britain

Snow and strong winds disrupt travel in Scotland with in Ireland a record breaker: monster wave in top surf spot and a severe weather warning as storms batter Ulster whilst heavy rain and snow disrupt traffic.

In Hampshire, ex-ambassador Richard Wilkinson trapped as tree smashes roof and roof blown off Bexhill flats as gales batter South-east.

Stormiest UK weather for years expected to continue and there could be more gales tonight, whilst although the big storm on Thursday/Friday now looks like tracking south bringing the worst of the winds through the Channel and especially into France - which could see some very serious conditions on Friday - there is now an increased risk for snow across the Midlands. All good wintry stuff!

And during last week's storm, up on Orkney, seal pup blown into field of sheep by gale-force winds

Poor spring blamed for affecting sea eagles

Flooding means state of emergency declared in Nelson, NZ

America's top hurricane forecasters give up trying to p…

12th December - Today's News: Britain Prepares For More Storms

Get ready for the windiest week of the year as storms are on their way to batter most of the UK - it's going to be wet, it's going to be very windy at times, and we might even see the odd flurry of snow. But after this week the weather looks like calming down a bit, especially in the south, and it's odds on from a rather mild, green Christmas.

Some studding photos from Australia where you can expect to be drenched: rain causes Sydney chaos

Motorists trapped in flooded Gothenburg on Friday night

Britain's birds suffer bust and boom due to 2011's rollar-coaster weather

Strong earthquake rattles Mexico, killing tow

There have been 1,500 accidents and incidents on UK wind farms in the past 5 years - it would be useful it have a comparison with other forms of energy production though since on their own these figures don't really mean anything.

10th December - Today's News: Did Deforestation Cause Haiti Earthquake?

First air frost of the 'autumn' here in Evesham this morning, though only just with a min of -0.8c. Rather different to last December! This is the latest date on which I've recorded an air frost still my records begain in 2003. The previous latest date was 1st December 2009.

Some more stories from Thursday's storms:

Scotland clears up storm damage but many still without power

Family flee as wind whips through house

Oil vessels broke anchors in winds

A82 briefly reopens and snow returns

And the bad news is that there's more to come with another storm on Tuesday and a potentially much worse one next Friday.

Snow fall in the Alps - and not a minute too soon

In Nigeria, hot weather heralds severe harmattan

A daft and frankly nonsensical Plain English award for Met Office 'gobbledygook' - apparently it's because they don't understand the difference between precipitation and rain. Idiots!

Chile's Jorge Montt Glacier shrinks half a mile in a year

2010 spike …

9th December - Today's News: Disruption as Major Storm Hits Scotland

It was well forecast and with warnings heeded there appears, fortunately, to have been no serious injuries (though a number of vehicles were overturned and one person was injured in Lochailort when their static caravan blew over). Credible reports have come in of low level gusts in excess of 100mph whilst the 165mph recorded on Cairngorm was just short of the all time record (173mph).

The Daily Mail runs with a headline claiming it was too windy for wind turbines! 165mph gales raise MORE questions about wind farms as gusts leave trail of destruction across country
with a lot of great pictures including some of a wind turbine exploding - but this of course is not a reason to ban turbines any more than the pictures of lorries blown over is a reason to ban them.

Met Office researchers fly into violent Atlantic storm affecting Scotland

Police declare 'major incident' in storm-battered Lochaber with many roads blocked. The A82 south of Ft William was due to be closed over the weeken…

7th December - Today's News: Cold Start to Summer Down Under

As Brisbane chills out through first week of summer - with today probably their coldest December day on record - it's been Sydney's coldest start to summer since 1960.

Here in Britain there's blizzard warning as gales sweep south with up to 4 inches of snow on the way by tomorrow - in Scotland. Nothing much expected down here whatever the media might say - though the odd flurry is possible on Friday with maybe a further risk of snow on Sunday night, before it turns milder again. Still, some nice pictures, especially of the white reindeer. The main concerns though are the winds across Scotland tomorrow and Friday. With another bad storm possible next week, and the current very unsettled conditions looking likely to persist through the month.

In Germany, this season's first wintry weather causes road chaos

French alpine glaciers in retreat

New Taipei City sets record high winter temperature

6th December - Today's News: Alps Finally See Some Snow

5th December - Today's News: Britain Gets Some Snow

Driver killed as snow hits Britain but, a year after Britain ground to a halt under snow and ice, pictures show this season's warmer winter. Currently no indications of snow down in this parts before Christmas.

It's been confirmed that Scotland has warmest November on record - with reports of midges still biting. But whilst it was a warm November in much of Europe, Bahrain shivers during a record cold month - with a mean temperature of just .... 23c!

More contrasts in Finland where Helsinki 20 degrees warmer than last December

High winds return to southern California

Canary Island volcano: a new island in the making?

And thousands flee as Indonesian volcano erupts

Cornwall and Devon homes hit by earthquake

And it now appears that after the LGM, there was simultaneous ice melt in Antarctica and Arctic - interesting.

3rd December - Today's News: Winter Arrives in Britain

It's here! England's first snowfall in Cumbria, and more is on the way this weekend - though really only for the hills at the moment, except perhaps in the far north of Scotland. There are sign though of a more general spread of snow later in the weekend. Winter has arrived, right on schedule. And just in case, there's plenty of salt stockpiled ready for winter roads.

Cider firms enjoy bumper harvest after cold winter and mild spring

November 2011 Jersey's mildest ever

Calif. residents grapple with windstorm clean-up

One more story from last weekend's storms in Norway where storm wave sweeps away film crew

Bodies recovered in Indonesia landslide, 30 missing

It would appear that over just the past 5 years the Arctic has taken a turn for the warmer. Whether the trend continues remains to be seen.

Are rapidly growing windfarms a 'new Klondike'

New projection shows global food demand doubling by 2050

Sharp decline in pollution from US power plants, NASA satellite…

2nd December - Today's News: A Record Warm, Dry November Across Europe

Across a large part of England now there are calls for hose pipe ban after warmest November in 353 years. In Germany, parched November the driest month ever whilst Norway sees the warmest November in 111 years. And in Switzerland, mild weather fools trees - meaning that 'officially' it's now spring! - whilst so far, snow is a no-show at Swiss ski resorts.

No drought worries in SW Scotland though, quite the opposite as flood family rescued after being cut off for two days whilst further north, slip could close A83 Rest and be Thankful for 24 hours - the 3rd time the road has been closed by a landslide in 4 years.

Earlier this week, storm 'Berit' leaves 80,000 without power in southern Sweden

Violent wind storm leaves path of destruction in California, other western states

Abrupt permafrost thaw increases climate threat

And it's being suggested that a drop in carbon dioxide levels led to polar ice sheet forming in Antarctica. Basically, whilst CO2 levels were at …