3rd December - Today's News: Winter Arrives in Britain

It's here! England's first snowfall in Cumbria, and more is on the way this weekend - though really only for the hills at the moment, except perhaps in the far north of Scotland. There are sign though of a more general spread of snow later in the weekend. Winter has arrived, right on schedule. And just in case, there's plenty of salt stockpiled ready for winter roads.

Cider firms enjoy bumper harvest after cold winter and mild spring

November 2011 Jersey's mildest ever

Calif. residents grapple with windstorm clean-up

One more story from last weekend's storms in Norway where storm wave sweeps away film crew

Bodies recovered in Indonesia landslide, 30 missing

It would appear that over just the past 5 years the Arctic has taken a turn for the warmer. Whether the trend continues remains to be seen.

Are rapidly growing windfarms a 'new Klondike'

New projection shows global food demand doubling by 2050

Sharp decline in pollution from US power plants, NASA satellite confirms

And finally, we can sleep easy - the world won't end in just over 12 months time because the Mayans 'did not predict world to end in 2012'. But a few blokes selling books did.


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