Wednesday 21st December - Today's News: No, it Won't be the Warmest Christmas on Record (But it Will be Mild)

The Daily Mail gets all confused with temperatures today as they ask will it be the warmest Christmas on record? There is in fact nothing at all amazing about a maximum temperature in December being higher than the April mean; and we're hardly looking at record temperatures when the predicted maximum temperature is still below the record highest minimum! But that's journalists for you! And we'd need temperatures to get over 16c to have a chance of the warmest Christmas on record. I suspect around 12c will be closer the mark. But, at least they have some nice pictures to accompany their misleading nonsense.

Meanwhile the Met Office provide this summary on how common a White Christmas is

Met Office guide to snow at Christmas

In Finland, unusually warm weather preventing birds flying south

And how will warm weather affect your holidays? If you live in Toronto - which like so much of the northern Hemisphere is suffering a dearth of cold and snow this winter.

Fourth hurricane-force windstorm blasting Anchorage Hillside

Waves of unusual clouds roll over Alabama - the most impressive KH clouds I've seen

Four killed as floods wreak havoc in Tanzania

It's long being argued in some quarters that global warming will lead to malaria spreading to places like Britain (despite it having been endemic here back in the Little Ice Age - Oliver Cromwell being perhaps the most famous victim). Well now we're told that global warming wilts malaria - not that it stops the spread of malaria spreading mosquitos (which need moist environments (malaria was wiped out in Britain when we drained the fens) but that in warmer conditions the parasites that actually cause it becomes less infectious.

Climate change killing trees across the Sahel, study says

Scientists say cloud seeding could tame hurricanes

A volcano erupts in west of Yemen with a bit more info here

East Lancashire earthquake goes unnoticed

And Kepler has now found the first Earth-sized planets beyind our solar system - though not ones on which I'd care to live!


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