20th December - Today's News: Up to 1,000 Now Feared Dead in Philippines Flood Disaster

Philippine floods: President declares national calamity with current estimates of up to 1,000 dead. It's a Christmas to forget in Mindanao. The Met Office supported charity Shelterbox assesses Philippines flood damage.

In the US, deadly snowstorm halts travel across Great Plains

But there's be no snow in Britain this Christmas - as indeed has looked the case since the beginning of the month. In fact, after a few days ago predicting a white Christmas, the tabloid press are now proclaiming Scotland in for hottest Christmas Day ever - not sure of that, although with southwesterly winds a fohn effect could bring very mild temperatures to the northeast. Looks like Piers Corbyn will be losing his bets this year! And on a more serious note,Link Scotland's cities' chances of a white Christmas rated with, on average, Aberdeen coming out top.

But this years extreme weather baffles butterflies in Britain

Aussies shiver in coldest start to summer in 50 years

After recent rainfall, Jersey's desalination plant switched off - worth noting that here in Evesham, although a bit wetter of late, we could still end with our 14th consecutive dry month.

India cold wave death toll rises to 39

A Katla volcanic eruption doesn't mean catastrophe: Icelandic expert

And contrary to what some more consipiracy minded folk like to pretend (expecially with 2012 looming) big quakes no more likely than in the past.


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