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31st October - Today's News: 50 Dead; $50Billion Damage from Sandy

30th October - Today's News: Record Storm Surge as Sandy Hits New York

29th October - Today's News: Wintry Weather Causes Problems, Deaths, Across Europe

27th October - Today's News: First Snow of Season for England

Autumn just turned white. Snow fell fairly widely in the Highlands and eastern Scotland yesterday, with some nice accumulation in, for example, Aberdeen.  Overnight and into this morning a few showers have spread south to some eastern parts of England - giving the first snow of the season here, a day earlier than we saw it in 2008, the last time lowland parts of England saw October snow.

But it could turn a lot snowier in parts of America soon as 'Frankenstorm' bears down on US east coast

And in the east, deadly tropical storm Son-Tinh batters Philippines
In Eskdale, Minnygap turbines blocked amid nuclear ban check fears - it's feared vibrations from them could affect the MoD seismograph used to monitor nuclear explosions.   Seen, nuclear weopons do have a positive benefit!

26th October - Today's News: 'Perfect Storm' Heading for NE USA?

Sandy pounds Bahamas after killing 21 in Caribbean and now Hurricane Sandy barrels towards US as meteorologist warns 'perfect storm' could pose 'greatest risk to human life' with Florida coastline under storm warning.   But as the polt thickens .... and our chance for snow rises it's worth noting there is still uncertainty on what track the storm will take over the weekend.
Here in Britain, gritters at the ready for Arctic blast of winter at half-term.  Well, it'll be a bit frosty tomorrow morning and there'll be snow on the Scottish hills for a time.   Hardly unusual.   But never let the mundane get in the way of a good headline, eh?   Btw, what happened to our 'blood rain'?   Just been damp and drizzly here all week ....
Meanwhile, in Sweden, icy roads after season's first snow hits Stockholm
Clean-up in flood hit Nicosia suburb
One dead as magnitude 5.3 earthquake hits southern Italy
Stunning pictures capture fore tornado at Thargomindah in Quee…

24th October - Today's News: TS Sandy Approaches Jamaica

Jamaica braces for tropical storm Sandy
Awards rain down on Scotland's most dedicated weather observers
UK public favours wind turbines over shale gas wells, poll finds - but it's wrong to imply this means there is public support for wind farms, any more than a poll in which, given the choice, a majority would rather live next door to Stalin than Pol Pot means the public like Stalin ..... 
In the Queensland outback it's been 100 days without rain .... and counting meanwhile, permanent cloud-seeding gets green light to increase snowfall in NSW.  Possibly.
Biologists record increasing amounts of plastic litter in Arctic deep sea
Opposite behaviours? Arctic sea ice shrinks, Antarctic grows
And the fight back aginst the anti-science lobby continues as climate scientist sues for defamation

23rd October - Today's News: Scientists Convicted For Failing To Predict Earthquake

In a shocking piece of medieval witch-huntery, a supposedly modern country has convicted scientists for failing to predict an unpredictable event (or more accurately, for implying that an unpredictable event was unlikely to occur).  L'Aquila quake: Italy scientists guilty of manslaughter.   It sets a frightening precedent.  What next?   Forecaster jailed for failing to predict the exact time and location of a flash flood?  If Michael Fish had made his infamous 1987 forecast in Italy, he would presumably have been imprisoned for life!  Is this the 21st century.  Or the 12th?   Michael Hanlon's view: Italy courts turn back on science.

What is blood rain?  Er, sandy rain.  And not that uncommon.
Thick fog leads to more than 120 cancelled flights at Heathrow - well it is autumn, what do you expect? 
Ceredigion floods 'made worse' by floodplain building
Snow, rain and a tornado kick off winter in California
Australia's Antarctic runway melting
Allt Duine wind farm public en…

22nd October - Today's News: Pilgrims Evacuated as Lourdes Floods

Pilgrims evacuated as French floods hits Lourdes shrine and as the rains eased over the weekend, Lourdes launches massive clean up after flash floods
Apparently, this year, UK experiences 'wierdest weather' - by which they seem to mean a dry spring in 2011 was followed by a wet spring in 2012.   Which is as wierd as finding a chocolate button in a bag of Cadbury's chocolate buttons.   Very wierd.   And there's more wierd weather ahead as 'blood rain' forecast for Halloween - except Halloween is later next weekend and the rain containing Saharan dust is falling this week .....   So another rubbish headline.
Nine injured in multi-car pile-up caused by severe dust storm in Oklahoma
Could a hurricane ever strike southern California?
Cold to continue after wild weekend in NZ
Goodness gracious, great ball of lightning!
Forest fires linked to high temperatures two years before
The deadly 2011 Lorca earthquake 'caused by groundwater extraction'
An idea for offsetti…

16th October - Today's News: Joint Warmest September on Record

September matches global heat record, US says - tied with 2005 for the warmest September ever recorded.  NOAA's global state of the climate analysis for September is here
In the US, corn belt shifting north with climate change
Tropical cyclones are occurring more frequently than before, study shows
Circulation of Atlantic was faster during last Ice Age than today
Huge landslides inflicts damage on Bulgaria's Black Sea coast - not clear what the cause was.

And with not a lot of notable weather happening, I'm (probably) off too Essan tomorrow for a couple of nights, followed by the MBA AGM near Penrith - so probably no more upsdates till next week.

15th October - Today's News: The Great Storm 25 Years On

Today is the 25th anniversary of 'The Great Storm' - of which my main memory is waking up to hear a terrific roaring sound outside, turning over, and going back to sleep .....    And dodging debris on the road walking into work next morning.  Britain has, of course, been hit by worse storms many times since.  But not in the SE.   And it wasn't all disaster.  The Great Storm: the healing power of nature.   Meanwhile, Michael Fish gets 'hurricane' forecast right in tribute advert
Clean-up starts after violent storm in NZ
As Rafael moves through the Caribbean, storm could strengthen to hurricane
David Rose has been caught out making up misleading stories in the Daily Mail again.  He claims global warming stopped 16 years ago, reveals Met office report quietly released.   Except there is no such report and all he has done is to produce his own graph (it's not clear what the data points on it are) with a deliberately cherry-picked start date.  A graph which, inci…

13th October - Today's News: Floods Wash Half House Away in Scotland

12th October - Today's News: Spring Snow Causes Chaos in Eastern Australia

10th October - Today's News: Cold Night Brings Northern Lights to Britain

Yesterday was the coldest October 9th on record in Britain, with a minimum of -4.9c at Tulloch in the Highlands.  Nothing special though since Oct 9th was, previously, by far the 'warmest' date of the month and, indeed, even now, only 3rd Oct has not recorded a temp as low or lower (the date record for the 3rd is 4.8c).   However, whilst it has no bearing on the forthcoming winter, it's perhaps also worth noting that the latest MetO seasonal probability charts do indicate a higher than average probability that overall the period Nov-Dec-Jan will be colder than average and slightly drier than average.   This doesn't mean a repeat 2010 of course, since we could just have a long period of very slightly colder than average weather, but nonetheless all the signs are that this coming winter won't be a record mild one.
Meanwhile, coupled with the cold on Monday night  perfect magnetic storm brings spectacular northern lights show.   Grey skies here (and I was in bed), bu…

8th October - Today's News: Heavy Rain and Floods in Finland

Whilst it was a fine, autumnal weekend for most of Britain, parts of Finland were hit by nearly two month's rain in three days as today flood threat persists in western Finland
Dozens of houses, schools damaged by Typhoon Gaemi in Viet Nam
Scientists blame warmer Atlantic for wet summers - specifically, the current positive phase of the NAO
US runs out of funds to battle wildfires - hot and dry weather has made this year one of the worst on record for wildfires.
Spectacular 'one in a million' picture of a lightning strike by fearless stormchaser
And no surprise to learn that oil palm plantations are clearing carbon-rich tropical forests in Borneo

6th October - Today's News: Climate Scepticism More Prominent in UK & USA Than RoW

5th October - Today's News: Bye Bye Nadine

Out in the Atlantic, Tropical Storm Nadine breaks up after tying modern age record - but it's remnants may bring more rain to Britain on Sunday.
Earlier this week, Southern Manitoba grass fires prompt evacuations though  better news now as rain, wet snow blows into Manitoba ending the warm, dry spell whilst across the border snow hammers northwestern Minnesota where they were also tackling wildfires just this week.

And there's a snowy winter ahead for some in the US according to the Accuweather winter forecast.   I will, as usual, be collating the various long range forecasts for Britain later this month.
Nigeria floods brings crocodiles, hippos into homes - I'm not sure which is worse!
Running the numbers on Antarctic sea ice  -the so-called climate sceptics and global coolers won't like this one!  Nor do they like the suggestion that methane emission can be traced back to Roman timesOh no!  They killed the Roman Warm Period!  LOL!   (I don't think Wattsy's g…

3rd October - Today's News: Triple Digit Temps in California

October heatwave brings triple-digit temps to Southern California
Tourist attraction boss considers suing Met Office over 'pessimistic' weather forecasts, claiming amongst other things that "Over the August bank holiday weekend I remember they forecast a whole weekend of rain with heavy rain on the Saturday. We did not have a drop and were enjoying sunshine and blue sky all day" - radar archive clearly shows widespread and quite heavy showers affecting all parts of the country on Saturday, and again in the SW on the Bank Holiday Monday afternoon.  This thread on UKww contains reports of heavy thunderstorms, hail and a lot of lightning on the 25th (including torrential downpours in Devon)  ......  Oops!  Sounds to me like the MetO got it spot on!   To persue a successful legal case he would need exact details of what was forecast and what actually transpired - I suspect after obtaining such in the case would be quickly dropped .....   Of course, he may just be one of t…

2nd October - Today's News: 3 Killed in Jamaica Floods

Flood claims 3 in Jamaica
Amazing footage from Russia of the moment driver us truck by lightning as he drives down busy highway.   Ouch!   Mind, I've not witnessed a groundstrike at all in years!
Bulgaria sees record heat for 5th consecutive day
Wine prices to rise after dry weather in Spain and Italy - fortunately I prefer non European wines
Thus far, autumn warmer and wetter than usual in Finland
But it looks like wet winters a thing of the past for Australia
I see Piers Corbyn is up to his usual games, claiming: TOP RED WARNING End Sept-Start Oct (R5+, Sept29-Oct1) – WeatherAction expects major extreme events around the world which will be notably more extreme than expectations of standard Meteorology from one day or so ahead The result is top success for this WeatherAction 'Toppest' (R5+) Sun-Earth extreme events Special Warning Sep29-Oct1.  Events started with 30MeV and 10MeV proton bursts on 28th Sept. The Spanish deadly floods 29th with associated Jet Stream split and h…

1st October - Today's News: Deadly Typhoon Jelawat Hits Japanese Car

Powerful typhoon kills two, hurts scores in Japan with video footage as Typhoon blasts car across Japanese car park
British tourist, 52, swept to her death after severe flooding and torrential rain hit southern Spain - death toll from last week's flash floods is now 10.
In Newcastle, more Newburn flood-hit residents told to leave by council
A warning that climate change could cripple southwestern US forests but, in contrast, better news for Canada as rising temperatures may bring back forests to icy northern borders
And a new geoengineering idea that doesn't involve sulphur: global warming could be combatted with asteroid dust
Another story on how wind farms given £34m to switch off in bad weather - which does however ignore the fact it's cheaper and much easier to switch off wind turbines than any conventional power station.   The story is true: but not all the pertinent facts have been mentioned.   The real issue is that we need to develop a means of storing wind generat…