5th October - Today's News: Bye Bye Nadine

Out in the Atlantic, Tropical Storm Nadine breaks up after tying modern age record - but it's remnants may bring more rain to Britain on Sunday.

Earlier this week, Southern Manitoba grass fires prompt evacuations though  better news now as rain, wet snow blows into Manitoba ending the warm, dry spell whilst across the border snow hammers northwestern Minnesota where they were also tackling wildfires just this week.

And there's a snowy winter ahead for some in the US according to the Accuweather winter forecast.   I will, as usual, be collating the various long range forecasts for Britain later this month.

Running the numbers on Antarctic sea ice  -the so-called climate sceptics and global coolers won't like this one!  Nor do they like the suggestion that methane emission can be traced back to Roman timesOh no!  They killed the Roman Warm Period!  LOL!   (I don't think Wattsy's gang will ever learn to accept that natural and anthropogenic factors can take place concurrently)

China landslide: all 18 children killed after school is buried. It's unclear what the cause of the landslide was, though an earthquake earlier this year may have left the land unstable.

And more on the biofuel disaster: land acquired over past decade could have produced food for a billion people according to Oxfam


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