22nd October - Today's News: Pilgrims Evacuated as Lourdes Floods

Apparently, this year, UK experiences 'wierdest weather' - by which they seem to mean a dry spring in 2011 was followed by a wet spring in 2012.   Which is as wierd as finding a chocolate button in a bag of Cadbury's chocolate buttons.   Very wierd.   And there's more wierd weather ahead as 'blood rain' forecast for Halloween - except Halloween is later next weekend and the rain containing Saharan dust is falling this week .....   So another rubbish headline.

An idea for offsetting global warming: targetting solar geoengineering to minimize risk and inequality.   But still  beware the law of unintended consequences ........

Tropical collapse in early Triassic caused by lethal heat - delaying Earth's recovery from the PT Extinction Event.

And Glenelgs on Earth and Mars twinned.   I wonder when the Martian twinning Association group will turn up in Kintail?


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