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30th October - Today's News: No Piers, You Did Not Forecast The Storm!

St Jude storm hits Russia after devasting parts of Europe
Surfers in Portugal ride towering waves whipped up by storm

And how powerful was Monday's storm?   Pleased to see the MetO reference the 3rd Jan 2012 storm as I've been doing the past few days.

Could smog be vacuumed away?
Thawing permafrost: the speed of coastal erosion in eastern Siberia has nearly doubled
Paul Lister plans to push ahead with Alladale wolves plan - some years after he closed Alladale bothy (at short notice) to turn it into a luxury holiday cottage in the midst of what he planned to become a private wildlife park for the rich.   Personally, I'd love to see wolves reintroduced to the wild in Scotland and would certainly have no fears camping alone in the hills knowing they were about.   But I don't want Alladale fenced off.
And finally, our old friend Piers Corbyn decided to name Monday's storm after himself because, he claims, he predicted it 6 weeks in advance.  Did he?  Er ......This is his a…

29th October - Today's News: Storm Leaves at Least 13 Dead Across Northern Europe

Storm lashes northern Europe leaving at least 13 dead and whilst much of Britain escaped the worst, nonetheless, St Jude's Day Storm: Four dead after 99mph winds and night of destruction - but at least we saw it coming - worth pointing out that the even the Independent isn't immune from sensational, misleading headlines.   99mph refers to one gust recorded by the Needles Lighthouse weatherstation .....    And today, at least 61,000 homes are still without power as Britain's starts to recover from chaos caused by the St Jude's storm
So, in England, was St Jude's storm really that bad?  It's worth, perhaps, comparing it with the 3rd January 2012 storm- which produced similar winds (gusts of 93mph outside Sheffield (according to BBC), 89mph at Glasgow Airport and 81mph at Thorney Island on the south coast (according to weatheronline), for example) over a longer period of time and affected the whole country from the Hebrides to Kent, killing two people.  However, t…

28th October - Today's News: Disruption as Gales Hit Southern England

An inch of rain in Evesham overnight, making it probably the wettest night of the year.  But winds almost non existent as the center of the "storm of the century" [sic] passed just to our south.   A bit breezer to the south though with the highest inland gust looking to have been 79mph at Andrewsfield in Essex.   So it's not quite true that St Jude's Day storm brings hurricane-strength winds to UK, even if it has caused disruption for commuters in the SE and also problems in the SW where CrossCountry passenger train hits hits tree in Devon.  The Met Office have issue a release detailing wind speeds and rainfall totals. We may see genuine hurricane strength winds (sustained wind speeds in excess of 74mph) in the UK next weekend though - albeit in Scotland.  Sadly, girl dies as storm hits southern UK and certainly some damage in places where they've not strong winds for some time, including Westminster where crane collapses on Cabinet building.

Meanwhile, across th…

26th October - Today's News: Storm Warning for Southern Britain

Well, it seems it's not just any storm coming on Monday, it's a Megastorm: devastating 100mph winds to bring 48 hours of 'utter hell' this weekend - although it won't arrive until late Sunday night and will be all over by Monday evening.  I guess Nathan doesn't actually know how the days of the week work, along with a lot of other things!   Seriously though, there is now a strong likelihood of damaging winds across parts of Wales and southern and central England on Monday.  First decent windstorm in a while.  And whilst there are warnngs over storm due to hit England and Wales, we shouldn't forget that storm forecasts can change last minute, warns Michael Fish (who did forecast the Oct '87 storm - just not that it'd be as bad as it was)
Record dry year continues in California
Typhoon Fransisco dumps payload over Shikoku; Kyushu in crosshairs
Small tsunami reaches Japan after earthquake
Post-Phailin floods wreak havoc in Odisha, toll ten, five …

25th October - Today's News: Arctic Summers Warmest for 120,000 Years?

New evidence of unprecedented Arctic warming: average summer temperatures in last 100 years may be warmest in 120,000 years (ie since the Eemian interglacial) - but don't tell the new ice agers: for a new ice age, we'd expect summer temperatures to decline ......  which, to be fair, is also what we'd expect as axial tilt declines (less insolation in summer).
If New York freezes in January, blame Siberia snow now
In Japan, Izu Oshima residents warned to evacuate as Typhoon Francisco draws near
More heavy rains batter Andhra Pradesh, thousands evacuated

And heavy rain also leads to mass evacuations in South Sudan
Seven planet solar system found
And apparently, we're facing the worst weather since the Great Storm of 1987: Britain set to be battered by 90mph winds and heavy rain from Atlantic storm system - well it does look like being very windy towards the south coast early on Monday morning, but it'll be only the worst storm to hit Britain since last winter.   Per…

23rd October - Todays News: Fairbanks Facing a 'Brown Halloween'

Ice, snow bring winter conditions to Manitoba and more snow and cold to blast central, eastern USA.  But no snow in Fairbanks yet?  A grim outlook at Halloween nears - the last 'brown' Halloween in Alaska's second city was in 1938.
Why did South Dakota snowstorm kill so many cattle earlier this month?
Hurricane Raymond soaks Mexico's Pacific coast
Over an inch of rain has fallen in Evesham in the past 24 hours - so it's now officially a wet month! No thunder here (as usual!) but lightning storm captured on camera over Portsmouth yesterday evening
The weekend's Hayling Island storm was 'typical tornado' say my friends from Torro
Houses, cars, trees damaged by storm at Ararat, in western Victoria
Fire threat to Australia's Blue Mountains 'averted' as Australian Prime Minister denies 25 years of research linking climate change to bushfires - but hey, he is a politician, so you wouldn't actually expect him to state the truth or even make sense.…

22nd October - Today's News: Flash Floods in Wales; Tornadoes in England

17th October - Today's News: Massive Wildfires in NSW

16th October - Today's News: Japan Hit by Deadly Typhoon Wipha

15th October - Today's News: Deadly Quakes Hits Philippines

14th October - Today's News: Cyclone Phailin Hits India

India's Cyclone Phailin leaves trail of destruction as hundreds of thousands return home - though many have no home to return to.  Timely evacuations appear to have saved a great many lives though, although there have still been 22 reported fatalities.  Meanwhile, as a consequence of Phailin, heavy rain triggers floods in Odisha, thousands evacuated

Vietnam and China brace for Typhoon Nari which has killed 13 in the Philippines
Damaging storm batters NZ
Global warming will increase intensity of El Nino, scientists say
And Salmond's wind farm 'gravy train' criticised by Conservatives

A different type of 'green' energy proposed as paradise island of Nevis plans to shift to volcano power
And having told us on Saturday that record-breaking snow predicted for November, Nathan Rao, Daily Express forecaster extraordinaire today says now it's going to rain heavily till Christmas ......  Er, which is it Nathan?   Sadly, there are some still fooled by his sensational…

12th October - Today's News: Evacuations as Cyclone Phailin Approaches India

Wind, rain, sea pound eastern India as Cyclone Phailin nears with mass evacuations in eastern India - it could be one of the strongest storms to hit India in modern times.

Elsewhere in India, there's more rain on the way, longest monsoon in Delhi in 72 yrs
Back home, two motorists killed in storms as torrential rain sweeps across Britain  - that's Britain as in SE England .... and when was the last time we heard "forecasters predict rain for parts of the country"?!!!!!!   That only happens nearly every day of the year!  Oh, and there's nothing to suggest either of the fatal road accidents were directly caused by the weather.   Nice pictures of pumpkins though ....
Winter forecasting - responding to the headline.  Yes, it's the silly season again when various journalists (sometimes helped by certain bloggers) make up winter forecasts so that in 6 months time they can claim the MetO got it wrong again ..... 
A bit of politics: the British climate change departme…

11th October - Today's News: First Heavy Snowfalls in Central Europe

9th October - Today's News: Record Rainfall Floods Shanghai

8th October - Today's News: Record Early Snowstorm Kills Thousands of Cattle in S Dakota

Winter storm Atlas kills thousands of cattle in South Dakota
Storm topples trees, power lines in NJ
And in NZ, strong winds cause significant damage in Auckland with some reports suggesting a tornado
Is the British weather unique in the world?  Well yes, I think it is!  And it's also the best - always varied, (almost) never too extreme.
Indian lightning storms kill 32 and whilst lightning strikes kill 100 people in Cambodia in 9 months, that's actually a slight reduction on last year
Plastic waste threatens lakes as well as oceans - it won't go away, but it will be our legacy in the geological record
And National Grid warns of winter black-out risk.  Of course, if we'd built a nuclear or coal power station instead of 2,000 wind turbines (which don't work under winter high pressure, when the coldest weather - and hence highest electricity demand - occurs) we wouldn't have such a worry....

7th October - Today's News: Typhoon Fitow Hits China

5th October - Today's News: TS Karen Approaches US Coast

4th October - Today's News: Tornadoes Hit Ireland

1st October - Today's News: Hottest September / 12 Month Period on Record in Australia