8th October - Today's News: Record Early Snowstorm Kills Thousands of Cattle in S Dakota

And in NZ, strong winds cause significant damage in Auckland with some reports suggesting a tornado

Is the British weather unique in the world?  Well yes, I think it is!  And it's also the best - always varied, (almost) never too extreme.

Indian lightning storms kill 32 and whilst lightning strikes kill 100 people in Cambodia in 9 months, that's actually a slight reduction on last year

Plastic waste threatens lakes as well as oceans - it won't go away, but it will be our legacy in the geological record

And National Grid warns of winter black-out risk.  Of course, if we'd built a nuclear or coal power station instead of 2,000 wind turbines (which don't work under winter high pressure, when the coldest weather - and hence highest electricity demand - occurs) we wouldn't have such a worry....


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