23rd October - Todays News: Fairbanks Facing a 'Brown Halloween'

Over an inch of rain has fallen in Evesham in the past 24 hours - so it's now officially a wet month! No thunder here (as usual!) but lightning storm captured on camera over Portsmouth yesterday evening

The weekend's Hayling Island storm was 'typical tornado' say my friends from Torro

Fire threat to Australia's Blue Mountains 'averted' as Australian Prime Minister denies 25 years of research linking climate change to bushfires - but hey, he is a politician, so you wouldn't actually expect him to state the truth or even make sense.   Just don't ask him about the tooth fairy .....

Torrential rain pours across Fiji

Climate change increased the number of deaths in Stockholm between 1980 and 2009

And don't tell the ancient alien advocates,  but no known homimid is common ancestor of Neanderthals and modern humans, study says - that proves we're alien hybid thingies, dunnit?


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