12th October - Today's News: Evacuations as Cyclone Phailin Approaches India

Wind, rain, sea pound eastern India as Cyclone Phailin nears with mass evacuations in eastern India - it could be one of the strongest storms to hit India in modern times.

Elsewhere in India, there's more rain on the way, longest monsoon in Delhi in 72 yrs

Back home, two motorists killed in storms as torrential rain sweeps across Britain  - that's Britain as in SE England .... and when was the last time we heard "forecasters predict rain for parts of the country"?!!!!!!   That only happens nearly every day of the year!  Oh, and there's nothing to suggest either of the fatal road accidents were directly caused by the weather.   Nice pictures of pumpkins though ....
Winter forecasting - responding to the headline.  Yes, it's the silly season again when various journalists (sometimes helped by certain bloggers) make up winter forecasts so that in 6 months time they can claim the MetO got it wrong again ..... 

A bit of politics: the British climate change department spent £300,000 on UK flights last year - well obviously they're doing their bit to ensure global warming continues and keeps them in a job!

And finally, OMG!  It's the end of the world!  Again.  But not for a while ....  Scientists predict giant asteroid will collide with our planet at 38,000 mile per hour.  On the 16th March 2880.   With a probability of about 0.3%   (in other words, scientists predict it's extremely unlikely an asteroid will collide with the Earth in 2880....)


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