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30th November - Today's News: Spring Storms Cause Chaos Across NZ

Spring storms cause chaos across New Zealand to end November whilst in SE Australia they await what is expected to be record rainfall over the next few days .
'Start panic buying bread!' Twitter users turn to #SnowWatch as two inches of the white stuff hits rush hour with temperatures plunging to -10C tonight on coldest night of year - it was -3.4c here this morning.  The same day last year saw -5.9c ......   The lowest I have seen for the UK this morning is -6.0c at Pershore (Throckmorton) - which is always colder than anywhere else locally in forsty weather.   Meanwhile, snow leads to accidents and closed schools in north east Scotland (but remember this?)
Flood hits Central Java, forces thousands to evacuate
And it appear that the time between world-changing volcanic super-eruptions less than previously thought

29th November - Today's News: Ski-ing Starts in Scotland

27th November - Today's News: Bali Volcano Eruption Looks Imminent

25th November - Today's News: Morrocans Pray for Rain as Drought Continues

Morocco prays for rain as shortage threatens agriculture
Indonesia tornado injures dozens, damages hundreds of homes
Our 4th air forst of the month here this morning!   Obviously not the tiniest slight hint of the merest prospect of snow, though.  But other parts have seen a bit, especially the Highlands where cold leads to boat false alarm on Loch Ness
Spinning ice circle in frozen river attracts tourists to Inner Mongolia city
Climate change could increase volcano eruptions in Iceland
Eat more chips!  Deep fat fryers may help form cooling clouds
More incomfortable scenes from picture postcard to plastic swamp: new images show how idyllic Caribbean island has been ruined by rubbish
And with the Ministry Of Health looking onto changing Icelandic time zone by one hour back (west - which makes sense) a good map showing just why moving the UK's time zone one hour forward (east) is such utter nonsense.   Also worth noting that if we went onto Central European Time, as some suggest every …

23rd November - Today's News: Autumn Floods Hit Britain and Ireland

Emergency services rescue more than 70 from floods overnight as Britain is battered by heavy rain, 8 inches of snow and 70mph wind - but such weather is not unusual this time of year.  Meanwhile, in Eire, the army mobilised as Laois flood cleanup gets underway

Here we just had a bright, breezy, day with a few spots of rain in the evening ....   We've only had around 425mm so far this year, against an annual average - in one of the driest parts of Britain - of just over 600mm. 
Record-breaking heat blankets southern California ahead of Thanksgiving holiday
In NZ, Cromwell in Central Otago heats up the record book
Lightning, with a chance of antimatter
And next time the schools shut because there's a forecast of a slight dusting of snow, or risk or icey pavements, take a look at this: Going home from school, Siberian-style, in violent storm force Arctic winds

22nd November - Today's News: Early Avalanche Warning for Highlands

21st November - Today's News: Parts of Australia Face More Record Heatwaves

20th November - Today's News: Greek Flood Toll Rises to 20

18th November - Today's News: 2017 to be 2nd Warmest Year on Record?

16th November - Today's News: At Least 15 Dead in Greek Flash Floods

15th November - Iran Quake Toll Hit 530 as Cold Weather Threatens Survivors

14th November - Today's News: Cars Washed Into Sea as Storm Hits Greek Island

13th November - Today's News: Hundreds Dead in Iranian Earthquake

Iran-Iraq earthquake: Deadly tremor hits border region
Sunday saw the Australian media invent a new weather term as lightning showers and hail the size of golf balls as severe storms lash Perth (or have they just missed out a comma?)
The first CO2 rise in four years puts pressure on Paris targets
Here, Venus and Jupiter conjunction: Sky-watchers witness dawn display - though one of the pics the BBC have published is fake, as the Moon was not in the same part of the sky (though it will move closer over the next 2 days)
And choking on democracy: Why Delhi's air worsens as Beijing's improves

11th November - Today's News: Typhoon-hit Vietnam Braces for Second Storm

8th November - Today's News: Severe Weather Hits Bundaberg. Again.

After record rainfall last month, is this the "severe weather capital of the world"?  Bundaberg storm clean-up continues but thousands of residents still without power
Typhoon Damrey: Drone footage shows Hoi An floodwaters after deadly storm in Vietnam
In New Delhi: Off-the-scale pollution prompts public health emergency, school closures
A study shows Jordan water crisis 'to get worse' due to climate change
And there were spectacular views of Northern Lights from Scotland last night - I forgot to go out and look, although down here they may have only be visible on camera, if at all.

7th November - Today's News: Tropical Storm Rina Forms in Atlantic

6th November - Today's News: Dozens Dead as Typhoon Damrey Hits Viet Nam

In Vietnam: At least 27 killed by Typhoon Damrey over the weekend.  Today, Vietnam's death toll from Typhoon Damrey nears 50
And flash floods kill five in Malaysia, army deploys to rescue thousands of displaced
First air first of the season in my garden this mkorning - though it took it's time to finally, very briefly, dip down to -0.1c.  Normally second half of the month before we see a frost though, so a nice start.  Over the weekend the first snow hits the UK (I think some light snow had fallen already on Scottish hills, but there was the first noticeable, widespread, covering). In Ireland, too the 'first dusting of snow this season' - Stunning views from the top of Carrauntoohil mountain.  And the first snow of the winter has fallen in Italy
October hottest month recorded since 1902 in Bahrain
And do you believe chemtrails are real? Study finds 10% of Americans think the conspiracy theory is true - which is somewhat less than believe in angels .....

4th November - Today''s News: Rare Hailstorm Hits Bogata

3rd November - Today's News: Heavy Monsoon Rains Raise Flood Fears in Chennai

Heavy monsoon rain sparks fear for India's Chennai with a repeat of the deadly 2015 floods possible
Send some here! Snow falls in Tasmania after warmest October on record
Freeview blames air pressure for TV disruption - pressure was fairly high at the time, but not unusually so.
New Greenland maps show more glaciers at risk of melting
Wind may be driving the melting of East Antarctica’s largest glacier
UK's Halley Antarctic base set for second closure this winter due to nearby cracks in the ice (and the difficulties of evacuation in winter should that become necessary)
We now have a clearer picture on how the Chicxulub asteroid impact plunged dinosaurs into catastrophic 'winter'

An opinion piece in Forbes:
Calling every bad storm a 'superstorm' or 'weather bomb' is why people tune out weather forecasts is as applicable to the UK as it is the US.   And it doesn't help either when the popular media publish stories bizarrely claiming that "BRITS are b…