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30th August - Today's News: Heavy Rain in Perth

Stormy weather set to continue in Perth and South West after the W.A. city's biggest August downpour for 10 years
Basements flood as rain hammers southern Manitoba, again
Alberta's cloud-seeding pilots see 2nd busiest year in 20 years thanks to more hailstorms
Iceland's volcano ash alert lifted
Climate sceptics see a conspiracy in Australia's record breaking heat - but then, they tend to see a conspiracy wherever data doesn't show we are experiencing catastrophic global cooling .....

And does Antarctic sea ice growth negate climate change?  Scientists say no .....  but of course they would do, they are all in on the conspiracy!

29th August - Today's News: Eruptions in Iceland and PNG

27th August - Today's News: Concerns Continue over Possible Iceland Eruption

Iceland volcano: new quakes raise concern over large eruption
Hurricane Cristobal heads towards Bermuda - but it doesn't look like coming towards Britain, though its remnants may help reinforce high pressure pushing up from the south next week which looks set to bring summer back to our soggy shores.
Stormy conditions again in Detroit where 120,000 in the dark as heavy rains close freeways, winds blow down trees
Heavy rain in South Korea kills five, shuts nuclear plant
Hiroshima's landslide death toll hits 70 one week on, 18 still missing

26th August - Today's News: Earthquake Strikes San Francisco

23rd August - Today's News: More Mid-west Flooding

22nd August - Today's News: Record High Temperatures in Azerbaijan

Highest temperature recorded in some regions of Azerbaijan over past 100 years
Japan landslide: death toll rises to 39 in Hiroshima Glacier-like hazards found on Ben Nevis - in fact they are found all over the Highlands every year, just not normally this late in the season, a consequence of the unusually heavy snowfall we had during last winter (which was also unusally mild - cold does not always equate to snow).
Severe drought is causing the western US to rise like a spring uncoiling
Iceland evacuates areas near Bardarbunga volcano as fears of a major eruption grow
Global warming slowdown 'could last another decade' - the AMO is certainly one of the factors that is masking the ongoing warming trend, but I suspect we will see a sure but steady increase in global temp despite it - and this year remains on track to be the warmest on record.   Which when you consider all the factors (AMO, PDO, low solar activity, increased Asian pollution etc)  that ought be causing it to be one of …

20th August 2014 - At Least 32 Dead in Japan Landslides

19th August - Today's News: Record Heatwave in Chile

18th August - Today's News: Deadly Floods, Landslides in India & Nepal

15th August - Today's News: Record Rainfall in New York

Record rains batter Long Island with pictures of Long Island before and after historic rain storm
Here, a day of thundery showers yesterday with funnel cloud spotted over Darlington and another funnel cloud hits Loughborough and surrounding area  - several more were spotted across England - whilst flash floods bring chaos to south London and rain brings flash flooding to Cardiff area
Royal Navy rescue children and dog from Torridon floods - they were trapped at Craig bothy.  An account of their experiences will feature in the next MBA Newsletter.
In NZ there has been winter chaos on roads, ferries
Rainfall of up to 100mm forecasts for next few days in some areas of Queensland which have seen little or no rain for months (or even years)
Train carrying 200 passengers derails after landslide on Swiss mountain

Storms hit southern Poland
And whilst it may not be melting as fast this year, snow has thinned on Arctic sea ice

13th August - Today's News: Record Rainfall in NE US

Baltimore-Washington D.C. area flooded by record rainfall after record rainfall in the Detroit area where woman, 100, drowned in Detroit basement during floods

Rare haboob blows through eastern Washington
And Las Vegas residents pray for snow after drought - though presumably not falling until winter!
Where has summer gone?   To SE Europe ....  Greece swelters through 41 degree heat whilst heatwave over Bulgaria to last until week's end
Heavy rain floods Tainan, Kaohsiung in Taiwan
Two people killed and eight injured in Ecuador earthquake
And extreme weather becoming more common, study says (this is the tabloid news story based a report on 'trapped atmospheric waves' posted in yesterdays blog).  Having run this news blog for five years now, I do get the impression that maybe weather events are becoming a little more extreme and a little more common, though I don't consider the time period long enough to determine any firm conclusions, let alone what, if anything, might …

12th August - Today's News: Ex-Bertha Brings Severe Flooding to Highlands

With over 100mm of rain in Lossiemouth yesterday, probably more in the hills, and rain still falling across lareg parts of the Highlands this morning, there has been widespread flooding in the Highlands - with at least one bothy - Bob Scott's at Derry Lodge - surrounded by waste-deep water and at least one Cairngorm briodge washed out, on top of lower level damage.  It will be several days before we know of any damage to other bothies.

Parts of Scotkand affected by ex-hurricane Bertha

Wester Ross landslides force overnight road closure

Emergency funding for Scottish flood damage

And a yachtsman dies as Hurricane Bertha claims UK victim
But it is not just us getting wet, as historic rain event slams metro Detroit and Metro communities struggle with flooding after torrential rain

And Sydney hit with coldest day of the year as rain pours
Doomsday storm cloud over Wirral looks like scene straight out of disaster movie
This week sees the end of record-breaking heatwave in Finland whilst ra…

11th August - Today's News: Tornadoes and Floods as ex-Bertha Hits Britain

With 32mm of rain - much of it falling in the space of 2 hours - yesterday was my wettest day of 2014 (so far).   It was also the first time since June that the temperature did not reach 20c
Ex-hurricane Bertha brings high winds and rain across UK    In Wales, two women strip to their underwear and jump in when their car gets trapped in flood water whilst a tornado hits east Hull.   And today, UK weather still affected by ex-hurricane Bertha
In France, clean-up begins after wild weekend Hawaii's Big Island struggles after tropical storm

And in Japan, typhoon leaves up to 10 dead, dozens injured

(repost) 6th August - Today's News: Canny Reindeer Shelter in Road Tunnel from Arctic Heat

Canny reindeer invade Arctic road tunnel to escape heat as Norway's hot summer continues.   Meanwhile it appears that 37.8c was recorded in Ventspils on Monday (not 37.2c as reported yesterday) making it the first 100f temperature on record in Baltics
 But don't worry, there is no such thing as global warming, and as proof, Death Valley shatters cool temperature record - it was the lowest August 3rd maximum ever recorded there.  Even colder than Latvia.   Ergo, no global warming....  Right?
Las Vegas area sees first tornado in more than a decade
New technology measures snowpack amid California drought 
Storms rip through southern Poland
In Sheffield, last month was city's driest July since 1976
Wild winds whip southern Tasmania, downing trees and power lines
Earthquake shakes South Africa, killing one whilst in China earthquake: toll nears 600 amid flood fears
After 10 years, the Rosetta probe arrives at distant comet
And finally, just for fun, let's have a quick look…

9th August - Today's News: Flash Floods Hit Eastern England

Heavy storms in the north and east yesterday with over 50mm falling in an hour in the March area as flash floods hit Cambridgeshire and a busy night for firefighters as flooding brings chaos to Norfolk and Cambridgeshire whilst Louth 'was like a sea' as torrential rain brings chaos to northern Lincolnshire
 In Eire, beach closures forecast as Hurricane Bertha sparks pollution fears  and it looks like being a wet and windy day across much of England and Wales on Sunday too as even Michael Fish says there's a storm coming.  But no hurricane!   Just a normal Atlantic depression containing some remnants of tropical moisture from the now dead Bertha.  Btw Piers Corbyn assures us it will all pass south and hit France instead.
Iselle leaves Hawaii, Julio to miss the State
Japan issues highest alert as typhoon heads for southwest Japan
Snow to sea level closes schools in Dunedin
July marks fourth lowest Arctic sea ice extent on satellite record
Tourist trips cancelled as Italy volcan…

8th August - Today's News: Twin Hurricanes Bear Down on Hawaii

Hawaii braces as hurricanes draw closer to island - Iselle is due to hit today, with Julio passing close by at the weekend as it follows in Iselle's wake.
Here, there remains uncertainty as to what impact - if any - the scant remains of ex-Tropical Storm Bertha may have on Britain on Sunday as it merges with a developing Atlantic low.   Probably a bit wet and windy in places, but nowt to get too excited about.
Freak floods wreak more havoc in Balkans
Mont Blanc tunnel reopens after mega flood - though one with geological rather than meteorological causes
On NZ's South Island, snow turns to rain, thunderstorms
Heavy rain hits Istanbul, bring city to standstill
Tornado strength, frequency linked to climate change

5th August - Today's News: Latvia Breaks All-Time Record High Temp, 2 Days Running

4th August - Today's News: Hundreds Dead in China Earthquake

2nd August - Today's News: Australians Enjoy Winter Snow

Parts of Australia blanketed in a winter wonderlands as cold front delivers a brisk start to the weekend with Tasmanians finding snowfall a treat for all after wild winds and rain
Tornado hits Greymouth in NZ
Tropical Storm Bertha finally forms, heading into Caribbean
In Russia, Emergencies Ministry forces on alert to prevent wildfires, while heat sets in
Severe storm hits southern South Korea
Massive landslide hts river near Nepal capital
Wildfires and other burns play bigger role in climate change than some scientists thought.  "...about 18 percent of all anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions - comes from biomass burning"  And that is on top of black carbon, another AGW contributor, and of course the health issues (around a quarter of million deaths per year can be attributed to pollution from biomass burning).  Which is why I have for many years advocated that ending tropical forest destruction would make a much bigger difference to our impacts on the climate (and environme…

1st August - Today's News: Hottest August On Record Forecast .... Well, Sort Of .....