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30th September - Today's News: Southern France Hit by More Floods

South of France hit by devastating floods after predicted storms on Monday.  More pictures here

And there were weather woes in Portugal last week too
Looks like for Britain as a whole September is driest on record as well as the 4th warmest.  I have seen just over 14mm of rain though, which means it's only my driest September since 2009 (and the driest of any month since April 2011).  And blackberry growers in bumper harvest due to warm weather - or is it black current growers, since that is what they show a picture of?
Wild winds up to 109km/h hit Melbourne in flash storm
California's drought: Studies disagree on climate change link; snow falls on Tahoe!
In India, Meghalaya flood toll now 52, waters recede a week after calamity
Australia's 2013 heat waves linked to human-caused climate change, studies conclude
While the Arctic is melting, the Gulf Stream remains
Greenland ice sheet more vulnerable to climate change than previously thought
Japanese volcano may erupt again, exp…

29th September - Today's News: 36 Killed by Japanese Volcano

27th September - Today's News: Japanese Volcano Erupts

Volcano erupts in central Japan, several injured - with reports of 250 climbers currently stranded near the summit.   And nearer to home, Iceland volcano lava flow seen from space
New weather forecasts part of President's climate plan
Melt ponds successfully forecast Arctic sea-ice extent
A Norwegian team suggests climate impact of black carbon severely overestimated - and we should concentrate more on curbing CO2 emissions.   But to complicate matters, a new paper by Judith Curry claims that climate not as sensitive to carbon dioxide as some suggest....  Expect papers retorting both findings soon!
And it seems that Earth's water is older than the Sun

24th September - Today's News: Flood Misery Continues in North India

Indian army rescue flood victims in Guwahati; thousands reel under floods in Goalpara
In the Californian King wildfire: firefighters rush to contain blaze before dry weather arrives
In Bulgaria first snow covers Petrohan Pass
What happened to the 2014 Atlantic hurricane season? - the quietest so far since 1997, though we did have a record early North Carolina landfall with Arthur, the first Cat 2 to make landfall in the US since Ike in 2008.
Liberia signs 'tranformational' deal to stem deforestation - Norway will pay the country not to cut down any trees.  A far more effective means of stemming climate change than taxing oil .... (if it works!).  Off course, this is but one small African country, but if the US and China followed suit with Brazil and Indonesia .....  However, since Brazil refuses to join pledge to end deforestation, that seems unlikely.
Iceland grows as Bardarbunga volcano continues to spew lava

23rd September - Today's News: Typhoon Fung-Wong Strikes China

22nd September - Today's News: At Least 12 Dead from TS Fung-wong

20th September - Today's News: Thunderstorms Bring Flash Floods to Parts if Southern England

Lightning storms and flash flooding leave huge swathes of Britain flooded... (for Britain read parts of southern England) whilst more torrential rain hit Essex this morning with Southend flooding: six people rescued from cars - obviously, we've still not had the most distant flash of lightning nor tiniest rumble of thunder in Evesham!
Extreme hail storm inundates Florence, Italy with ice
Philippine storm moves north, leaves five dead
In W.A. Perth temperatures break September record
Why Greenland's 'dark snow' should worry you
And according to a crazy Russian scientist: world facing 'mini-ice age' rather than global warming - which is no doubt why this year has been so warm ......  Methinks he's been reading too much Piers Corbyn!

19th September - Today's News: Britain Remains United

Well done to the people of Scotland who voted yesterday - 85% of the electorate!   That in itself is something to be proud of, even if the result was not quite what you had hoped.  But please bear in mind that more of your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours wanted Britain to remain united.  For myself I am simply relieved.   And now we can move on ....

Down here we has the first proper rain of the month yesterday, though of course, no thunderstorms.  But thunderstorm brings flash flooding to Wareham whilst overnight some parts of southern Britain woken by massive storms as lightning strikes cause train delays and rush-hour chaos and City of Bath experiences 'largest storm in decades'
Father watches his wife and daughter swept away in flash floods in south of France as river bursts its banks and kills at least five
Heavy rain causes flooding across central Texas
And Philippines shuts Capital on severe flood; flights scrapped as Luzon bears brunt of storm 'Mario'

17th September - Today's News: Typhoon Rains Trigger Deadly landslides in Viet Nam and China

16th September - Today's News: More Floods Hit Balkans

Parts of east Serbia cut-off in new Balkan flood as flooding inundates Slovenia and the Balkans
Hurricane Odile causes major damage in Baja California 
Hundreds evacuated in California wildfires
Typhoon Kalmaegi hits southern China
Liverpool twister?  Weird weather creates tornado-like formation over city - actually a funnel cloud.
And a tornado twists past Spanish nudist beach - or, in this case, a waterspout.

We have just experienced the warmest August on record, according to NASA GISS - NOAA data due out later this week.  And this despite the fact it was a cool month in Britain!  What will the 'sceptics' say?!!

Meanwhile, to futher confused the poor ol' deniers, extent of Antarctic sea ice reaches record levels - which must surely show the world is cooling, right?  Er .....
Climate change remedies 'affordable' says global body
Warning over Philippine volcano Mt Mayon

15th September - Today's News: Hurricane Odile Hits Baja California

Powerful Hurricane Odile bears in on Mexico's Baja - and has made landfall this morning.  While further north, southern Californians seek relief from soaring temperatures.
Typhoon Kalmaegi hits the Philippines; with target China Vietnam next and as a consequence of the storm, in Taiwan Kaohsiung sees 82-year record-high temperatures today.
It's snowing in September!  Parts of Wyoming, South Dakota, Montana and Colorado hit by freak snowstorm that dumped 20 inches on the ground
Heath fears loom after Kashmir floods
No rain for decades: stand by for "mega-droughts", scientists warn
Weather forecasters hope new technology will end embarassing gaffes - though it wont stop the media reporting "amateur" forecasts and thus continuing to make very embarassing 'gaffes'.  Or, indeed, the media reporting 'gaffes' which never actually happened!   And on that note, Piers Corbyn's August forecast is now online - the one which came with predictions of the …

13th September - Today's News: Calgary Trees Collapse Under 'Summer' Snow

12th September - Today's News: Early Snowstorm Hits Parts of N America

9th September - Today's News: Record Rainfall Floods Phoenix, AZ

8th September - Today's News: Severe Storms Hit Perth, W.A. and New England

6th September - Today's News: Hurricane Norbet Approaches Southern California

5th September - Today's News: Dozens Dead in India, Pakistan Monsoon Floods

3rd September - Today's New: TS Dolly Approaches Mexico

2nd September - Today's News: Flash Floods End Sunny Scandinavian Summer

Flash floods cause chaos in southern Sweden at the weekend whilst Copenhagen under water after downpour.   But it has been Denmark's sunniest summer in 55 years.
And what happened to our hottest August in 300 years?  It turned into the coolest in 21 years .....  Piers typically unapologetic.
Three kids injured as mini tornado blasts their tent 30ft across campsite in the Lake District
New satellite maps show polar ice caps melting at 'unprecedented rate' - a consequence of which is Antarctic coastal waters 'rising faster'
This will get the sceptics guffawing and pourning scorn: United Nations predict climate hell in 2050, with imagined weather forecasts.   Note to the sceptics: this is just an example of what could occur; if it doesn't reach 50c in Bulgaria in 2050 it does not mean that all the climate models and predictions are wrong and AGW is all a big hoax.