19th September - Today's News: Britain Remains United

Well done to the people of Scotland who voted yesterday - 85% of the electorate!   That in itself is something to be proud of, even if the result was not quite what you had hoped.  But please bear in mind that more of your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours wanted Britain to remain united.  For myself I am simply relieved.   And now we can move on ....

Down here we has the first proper rain of the month yesterday, though of course, no thunderstorms.  But thunderstorm brings flash flooding to Wareham whilst overnight some parts of southern Britain woken by massive storms as lightning strikes cause train delays and rush-hour chaos and City of Bath experiences 'largest storm in decades'

August and June-August global temperatures each reach record high - despite the so-called 'pause', global cooling and AGW being a fraud .... (allegedly)   And there is still talk of El Nino conditions developing in the Pacific, which would lead to even higher temperatures.


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