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31st January - Today's News: Queensland Prepares for Cyclone Yasi

Cyclone Antony brings heavy rain to the far north of Queensland , but otherwise made landfall without causing too much problem. Meawhile, whilst cyclone Bianca weakened off the WA shore, Bianca's forerunner brought death and destruction . Meanwhile, Sydney sizzles as temperature soar , but as Yasi approaches, Bligh warns Queensland is facing one of its biggest and most serious cyclone threats. The media warn that colossal US storm to pound 100m people - but, on the other hand, here in Britain, a weather front pushing down from the NW through today and tomorrow will affect nearly 60m people ...... almost the entire UK population!!! Though admittedly all we'll get is a bit of rain and some milder temperatures. But I think it puts the media hyperbole into perspective. In Bolivia, raging river sweeps away bus, killing 34. Heavy snow wreaks havoc on transportation along Sea of Japan coast 'Life chemicals' may have formed around far-flung star More frequent dro

29th January - Today's News: Cyclones Bear Down on Australia

Geraldton cops storm battering but weakened cyclones give WA, Qld reprieve . However, with Antony likely to make landfall in Queensland this weekend and another storm developing near Fiji, State Premier Anna Bligh warns that dual cyclone flooding could be worse than last month . But England and Australia set to give timely lift to flood-hit Brisbane tomorrow, with the 5th ODI taking place there. Meanwhile, Victorians play flood peak waiting game . Over in NZ, cyclone Wilma leaves trail of destruction, more bad weather for south In Saudi Arabia, the official Jeddah flood death toll rises to 11, mop-up gathers pace . But in Britain, water company warns customers to prepare for drought Although North America - where on Thursday record snow again buried north-east - is still being abttered, it's not the case everywhere in the N Hemisphere and, for example, Beijing unlikely to enjoy "white" Spring as longest snow-free winter in 60 years hits . Optical illusion ca

28th January - Today's News: Flash Floods Hit Jeddah

Flood-hit Jeddah still in shock after flash floods caused by twice the normal winter rainfall in just 4 hours, while the Saudi King orders urgent action to mitigate floods, warns against negligence . The weather remains quiet here in Britain, though a tad on the chilly side, but it looks like high pressure will drift south next week letting the Jet Stream run some big depressions into us: a rather stormy outlook by next weekend. A bit more exciting across the Atlantic though where Snow strands Brooklyn subway passengers overnight as New York slammed by fresh snowstorm and 'Thundersnow' causes havoc in US Northeast Heavy rain sets in as cyclone nears New Zealand, whilst 2 more cyclones menace WA, north Queensland . More flooding looks likely. Meanwhile, the Outback swelters in record heat 34,242 displaced by floods, landslides in Surigao Norte , Philippines And a big round up of science news today: This looks quite convincing: warming North Atlantic water tied to

25th January - Today's News: Toll Rises in S African Floods

South Africa death toll rises as government declares 33 disaster zones Australia flood toll rises to 22 as flood workers battle exhaustion - and stolen sandbags! And we shouldn't forget S America either where Brazil flood deaths top 800 with 400 still missing whilst the Philippine flood, landslide death toll rises to 71 . Meanwhile, in Canada, mayor tells Winnipeggers to be ready to sandbag ahead of the annual Red River flood. Cold jumps Arctic 'fence', stoking winter's fury - and on that note, it does look like turning a bit colder this weekend but with high pressure firmly settled over Britain, the real issue could be drought come the late spring and summer as once again winter rainfall looks like being well below normal. Meanwhile, there are wind chill warnings across Canada as Ottawa's deep freeze shatters 40-year old record . But it looks like a persistent drought to linger across southern United States whilst there's also a crop warning ov

22nd January - Today's News: Record Melt Season for Greenland in 2010

Last year saw a new melt record for Greenland ice sheet; 'exceptional' season stretched up to 50 days longer than average In Scotland there are high hopes for 'magic' ice-breaker - though forecasts continue to suggest no significant cold or snowy weather on the horizon. Roads flooded as bad weather hits North Island , NZ Australian 'inland sea' threatens towns in Victoria In the US, snow covers New England, bitter cold in Midwest Stratospheric warmings: meteorologists identify cause of warm and cold periods during winter And finally, it seems at last they've found where Scotland's longest river begins as source of River Tay 'pinpointed' . And it sounds like I've probably been there, when I climbed Ben Lui many years ago. And if anyone else finds it, then they're a fish supper reward because the team involved buried a time capsule contain some money - and all are welcome to seek it.

21st January - Today's News:Another Big Snowstorm Threatens US North-east

Icy weather proves treacherous in Oklahoma whilst they're expecting another 'Arctic blast' to batter North East as 20 states are put on alert over giant snowstorm . In Victoria, Swan Hill next in flood firing line I'm disgusted that bogus bids floor Cahill flood auction , but rather more pleased to hear of a nice little gesture from Carlton United Breweries who're providing free beer for flood volunteers in Queensland. Snow hinders lunar new year travel in China (as I seem to recall it does most years) According to the Met Office: 2010 was second warmest year on record but, for Britain, 2010 was the coldest year since 1986 says Met Office . Always interesting how different newspapers spin their headlines in different directions! The MetO press release is here . However, as far as the WMO is concerned, 2010 ties record for world's warmest year alongside 1998 and 2005. Of course, our dear friend Piers Corbyn thinks all this is " delusional, i

19th January - Today's News: More Flood Evacuations in Victoria

In Queensland, severe storms batter flood-ravaged region whilst Victoria town residents told to flee . Good news though as girl in chilling flood photo found safe . And new satellite images results in Queensland's soggy soils revealed . On Monday night there was a flood alert as heavy rainfall in west Cornwall while on Tuesday there were forty crashes after freeze in Dumfries and Galloway as colder weather returns to Britain - but it looks like staying rather settled and quiet for the foreseeable future now, with neither severe cold nor snow on the horizon. India plans Asian tidal power first In the US, a messy storm brings ice, snow, sleet and rain to northeast . New Zealand escapes 'wild' weather Loss of reflectivity in Arctic doubles estimate of climate models But how much can we really trust climate models to tell us about the future? None at all according to some, especially those who don't understand what climate means and expect all trends to be

17th January - Today's News: Floods Spread Across Victoria

In Australia, whilst the clean-up continues in Brisbane, thousands leave homes as floods hit Victoria with more towns in flood firing line as Horsham residents brace for Wimmera River to peak . Some low lying parts of Scotland (such as around Perth) had seen lying snow for at least 50 consecutive days - until this weekend when residents flee homes as melting snow and rain trigger flooding as the rain causes rise in flood risk in Scotland . But the good news is that this week there's going to be a respite after weekend of rain in Wales , with high pressure due to settled over the country by midweek. South Africa says flood death toll rises to 40 And as Sri Lanka floods begin to recede, death toll stands at 38 Brazil mourns as flood death toll climbs to over 600 There's no relief from flooding in Philippines But at least cyclone weakens on approach to NZ Japan socked by another snow storm In China, the south to feel the freeze once again And on Rum, warming

15th January - Today's News: 2.5 Million at Risk in Somalia Drought

Somalia drought might kill 2.5 million, Prime Minister says - though of course the civil war hasn't helped this poverty stricken country. And as I said many, many years ago at the time of 'Live Aid' - if we feed them today then we leave them only to suffer again in future. Some places simply cannot sustain a large human population. In Brazil, more rain hampers rescue effort while in Australia, the death toll could rise with police to scour Brisbane river for flood victims while off the coast they have employed a minesweeper to search for flood debris . Flood warnings in Conwy valley and Tenby as rain continues - there are also concerns about flooding in Cumbria. Are there rivaling reasons for the world's extreme weather ? Okay, it's just a blog piece but I do like his conclusion: If one can draw any conclusion, it's that multiple explanations are possible, and that the more simplistic the explanation, the more likely incomplete. How many times have I

14th January - Today's News: Hundreds Killed in Brazilian Floods, Landslides

Already being described as the country's worst ever natural disaster, the Brazil floods: more than 500 dead Fortunately the Brisbane River peaked at around 1 metre lower than predicted (and, by the way, quite a bit lower than the 2007 Evesham floods - though of course topography plays a bit part in the damage caused: most of Evesham is built above the flood plain). So now Brisbane begins massive clean-up . Meanwhile, other floods hit NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and Victoria awaits crippling flood peaks . And the Toowoomba flood death toll now 16 . Fortunately it's not heading towards Queensland, but a new Cyclone set to bring winds and rain to NZ And with the British weather having swung from one extreme to the other, we now have it very mild, and very wet, with disruption on road and rails in Wales as floods continue and a likelihood of more this weekend. The Avon is already in flood in Evesham, though so far doesn't look like exceeding normal winter flood level

12th January - Today's News: Queensland Floods: More Dead, Many Missing, Brisbane Evacuated

The trouble with floods (one of many trouboles with floods) is that they can go on and on and on ..... Especially where big, slow moving, rivers are concerned. Queensland flood toll 12, as 51 missing Disaster in Brisbane as water keeps coming Fears worsen for Brisbane 'Significant flood event' facing New South Wales Chinchilla expecting new flood peak Soaked Victoria warned of flash flooding However it looks like Ipswich flood may have peaked And it looks like it's La Nina to blame : this could be the strongest on record. NASA image shows La Nina caused woes down under - this is Rockhampton: Meanwhile, elsewhere, floods ground Sri Lanka president whilst Philippine floods kill 40 and affect 1 million and in Malaysia more non-stop rain causes major flooding . Winter storm moves from southern US to north-east and apparently there's currently snow present in 49 of the 50 US States . The last time this happened was, er, last winter ..... Storm kil

10th January - Today's News: At Least 4 Dead in Toowoomba as Australian Floods Spread

The situation in Australia doesn't get any better - floods return to Dalby, as Gympie goes under , there are two dead as wave of water smashes Toowoomba (now reported as 4) while more flash floods feared west of Brisbane and there are more than 1000 isolated in NSW floods . There are also now flood warnings for Western Australia's north . Slightly better news from Malaysia though where there's been a drop in victims as flood situation improves . But not so good in Europe where German cities threatened by flooding after winter thaw . In the US, winter weather slams South with snow, icy road Snow blasts Alberta, strands motorists Climate change to continue to year 3000 in best case scenarios (by which they mean carbon emission derived global warming; and in the worst case scenerios our activities may affect the world's climate zones for much longer - assuming assumptions are right)

8th January - Today's News: More Rain Hits Flood-stricken Queensland

Problems continue in Queensland as heavy rain lashes Gympie, Maryborough with reports of 300mm falling, meaning Maryborough next flood victim And in Malaysia, flood situation in Kelantan worsens, Rantau Panjang cut off Here in Britain airline passengers face snow chaos in Scotland... but it's much milder in the south while on Lewis, coastguard aids care workers in snow In New York there's relief! City underwhelmed by snow as storms head east, south in winter re-run . But whilst it's snowy now, the northeast had a broiler of a year in 2010 . And if you want really cold weather, Oimyakon in Russia records minus 61.2 celsius How likely is the prospect of another little ice age? - none at all judging by last summer's heatwave! It's the summer we need to look at, not the winter. All the cold and snow you can imagine won't make a glacier advance one inch if it all melts again in the spring. Get a run of cold summers, and then we might start to wonde

7th January - Today's News: Rain Fails to Prevent England Stuffing the Aussies

First up, and totally OT, congratulations to Strauss and the boys out in Australia with an empathic Ashes victory over a dire Aussie side! Remarkable that we won by an innings on 3 occasions. I think we know who's going to win the BBC Sports Team of the Year Award for 2011! Torrential rain causes flooding in parts of Cornwall this morning whilst further north there's tricky driving conditions as snow returns to Wales whilst Shetland and Orkney face snow problems too. Here in Evesham we just has a bit or moderate rain - not enough yet to clear the snow piles left over from the pre christmas snowfall though. December 2010 'coldest on record' in Northern Ireland and overall, last December UK's coldest for 100 years . In Germany, ice causes transport chaos Several die in Guadeloupe floods after torrential rain In Queensland, they describe waiting for the flood peak 'like a slow death' In Malaysia, more flood victims in Pahang and Kelantan e

5th January - Today's News: Freezing Rains Forces Evacuations as Homes Collapse in Southern China

We think we had it bad in Britain, but spare a thought for China where cold front wreaks transport havoc and in the south, homes collapse under weight of ice . Meanwhile, Reuters have a factbox on China winter weather latest developments . In Queensland, city dodges flood peak but more rain looms whilst more heavy rain poses NSW flood threat as well. Not surprisingly it's been Queensland's wettest year on record . There's also been a flood warning issued after heavy rains in S Africa At Eskdalemuir, December was 'coldest in a century' However, in contrast, South Baffin swelters in winter heatwave with temperatures around 20c above normal - in fact it's even been above freezing - and "it doesn't show any signs of abating". It was overcast here in Evesham, but some in the country managed to see an early partial solar eclipse for 2011 . China makes gain in battle against desertification but has long fight ahead Oceanic garbage patch n

3rd January - Today's News: Ne'er Eve Tornadoes Kill 7 in USA

Bliadhna mhath ur! Welcome to 2011. Though not such a good start for some. As 2010 came to an end, tornadoes kill seven in south and mid-western USA And the 'Biblical floods' continue in Australia; three dead as flood chaos hits 22 Queensland towns as supplies flown into Queensland's flooded Rockhampton . Winter storm closes key highway in California India freezing weather kills 24 - down to -7.8c even in Dehli. Not so cold in Canada though where on New Year's Day Toronto sets record high temperature of 12 degrees C NZ had a warm month to end warm year whilst 2010 was hottest year in Israel's recorded history Northern Ireland schools to be hit by water crisis In Yorkshire, snow forces drivers to abandon cars - you'd have thought they'd be used to it by now. And yes, it was forecast. In Japan, snow wreaks havoc in Tottori There are claims that an Abu Dhabi weather project 'creates man0made rainstorms' though I for one remain sc