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31st January - Today's News - Deadly Freeze Spreads Across Europe

Low temperatures, snow paralize Serbia, claim victims , there's a fatal freeze in Bulgaria and further deaths in Ukraine and Poland in freezing Europe weather - which is slowly spreading into Britain. The end of the week will be coldest, with some uncertainty thereafter but a risk Atlantic fronts could bring a spell of widespread snow. Here in Evesham today we had some snow grains precipitate out of the fog to give our first wintry precipitation since December 2010. And apparently, army on stand-by as temperatures plummet to -11c (actually whilst such temps are normal in January and February in some places, they haven't dropped that low as yet). Heavy snow leaves 53 dead, hundreds injured in north, west Japan And it's oh, snow! in Junneau, Alaska In Argentina, one dead, fifteen injured after severe thunderstorm hits Cordoba Blue balls theories rage after Dorset storm mystery Was the Little Ice Age triggered by massive volcanic eruptions? An i.ntriguing hyp

30th January - Today's News: Daily Mail Deliberately Mislead Readers

A little bit of snow in Wales and the West Country yesterday and today - nothing at all in Evesham and currently nothing on the horizon. January will now certainly be our 4th consecutive winter month without sleet or snow - a remarkable record. It does look like being cold this week though as Britain buttons up for big freeze as temperatures plummet . Uncertainty as to how long it may persist and whether we get any snow next weekend. 3 people die in freezing weather in Serbia In WA, Iggy threat wanes and cyclone Iggy tracks Pilbara coast whilst flooding eases across northern NSW . But drenched Queensland braces for more rain . Deadly tornado attacks on Indonesia - triggered by Cyclone Iggy 3,000 displaced as cyclone hits Madagascar At 10 degree celsius, Mumbai witnesses coldest January day in 10 years Strong earthquake hits Peru's central coastline This has to be one of the worst pieces of misleading, non sequitur journalism I've come across in the mainstream

28th January - Today's News: Britain Prepares for Winter

Winter is finally bearing down on us, with a risk of snow in Evesham on Sunday and Monday, though more likely the precipitation will stay west of here. Thereafter a cold, but mostly dry, week looks likely. How long this cold spell will last remains to be seen although the Met Office have hinted it could last till at least mid February. And down in NZ, where it's the height of summer, South Island hit with snow and wild winds In Australia, rescue as monsoon rains cause further flooding in northwest Queensland with further deluges for Qld while NSW north coast allowed flood reprieve . Meanwhile, in WA, Caernavon battles fire and cyclone 'refugees' and Pilbara braces as Cyclone Iggy heads for coast . Earlier in the week, Tropical Cyclone Iggy wreaks more havoc in Indonesia . Anchorage on track to set record for coldest January but elsewhere, the US seems to have largely escaped winter . Accumulating 'microplastic' threat to shores Cumulative impact of m

27th January 2012 - Today's News: Heavy Snow Hits SE Europe

A few places in England saw their first snow of 2012 yesterday - including Bredon hill just outside Evesham (but not a flake in town). More possible today and we're monitoring developments at the end of the weekend with interest as a front from the west stalls over Britain and may be undercut by colder air from the east. Looking further ahead it's all very uncertain, but a spell of more wintry weather is certainly possible, after what has thus far been a very mild winter. However, although there are plenty of stories in the press today on this, none are worth quoting! I doubt we'll see anything like they've been having this week in Europe though: Road closures, power cuts as Bulgaria buckles under weight of snow with one dead as heavy snow hits southeast Europe and Romania uses army to save snow-trapped travellers One forecaster we won't hear talking about it is Jonathan Powell from PWS, who has announced his 'retirement' after George Monbiot asked d

25th January 2012 - Today's News: First Snow of 2012 in Tokyo

Tokyo snow causes injuries, disrupts traffic Davos hit by heaviest snow un 66 years ahead of the World Economic Forum There could be some snow showers in western parts of Britain tomorrow, but most eyes are on developments next week when there's growing confidence we could see the start of the first really wintry spell of weather across the country. No predictions yet on how cold or how much snow, but I think in the next couple of weeks we could well see our first flakes since December 2010 in Evesham. Qld flood threat eases but more rain due whilst rivers burst, towns flood in northern NSW but further south there's fine weather forecast for Australia Day in Victoria and South Australia, with a heatwave in Perth. Woman killed in Alabama tornado is found 40 feet from her house Huge solar storm produces outstanding aurora over Alaska Low temperatures enhance ozone degradation above the Arctic - and could mean the Arctic ozone hole becomes a regular occurence s

24th January - Today's News: Extreme Weather Across Australia

In Australia, extreme weather hits Northern Terriory, east and west coasts with Queensland braced for flash flooding, monsoonal rain, in worst weather since 2011 flood disaster and a tropical cyclone threat for WA coast . And they're expecting a record breaking heatwave to hit Perth More strong storms hit Alabama, kill two In Mozambique, floods cut off Maputo whilst heavy rains displace people in Malawi in the wake of cyclone Funso. Two dead in Fiji floods Arctic freshwater bulge discovered Sun's changes unlikely to slow global warming, scientists say - which perhaps explains why the long predicted mini ice age steadfastly refuses to show itself? Death Valley's volcanic explosion crater may have future potential And tonight we're expecting the arrival of the strongest solar radiation storm since 2005 - with good potential for aurora to be visible in Britain. Bet it's cloudy ....

23rd January - Today's News: Can African Storms Affect the Weather in Britain?

The only weather news of note from Britain at the moment is that here in Evesham we've had only half the average rainfall so far this month as the drought continues unabated. Maybe it's all down to conditions in Kenya? As scientists discover how the weather in Africa can change conditions above Shetland New York hit by snowstorm as wintry weather sweeps across the Northeast Tornadoes strike Arkansas as storms menace south US weather radar network gets upgrade In Queensland, storm buffets north west town Storms spark fires across Victoria, NSW Cold snap sweeps across the UAE Namibian floods close 64 schools New Year firework frenzy to send Beijing pollution readings rocketing Oceans have acidified more in the last 200 years than they did in the previous 21,000 - and guess why? It's not so much the acidification that's the problem but, as with climate change, it's the speed it's occuring - which makes it difficult for life to adapt. Someth

21st January - Today's News: Dramatic Thunderstorm Strikes Perth

In Perth, dramatic thunderstorm strike's city's south - nice pictures. In Chicago, snow cripples commute, cancels flights and moves on whilst after NW storm, outages and flood concerns abound Cycle of unusual cold weather descends on northern region of Viet Nam New study blames current cold weather in the capital on pollution - that's New Delhi, not London (I hadn't realised that the Daily Mail published an Indian edition) Good timing as Aviemore sled dog rally takes place on snow this year Good video from yesterday of a waterspout off north Devon coast NASA 'climate change' test chamber to simulate Venus' toxic conditions And it's all safe for GMT as clocks change bill runs out of time in Commons

20th January - Today's News: Ice Storm Adds to Pacific NW Weather Woes

If snow wasn't bad enough? Now Oregon is battling floods but after falling tree kills ATV rider in WA ice storm , the Northwest hopes for reprieve from powerful storm . Meanwhile, extreme and wacky weather continues as record lows hit parts of Canada A couple of video stories with record snow fall in Japan and in North Africa, snowstorm 'unusual sight' in Algeria . Here in Britain all eyes on on developments later next week with growing indication we could finally get a proper cold, wintry spell of weather to herald in February. Whether it brings any snow to Evesham remains to be seen though - we've not had any since 2010! Mozambique and SA's Kruger Park hit by deadly floods after TS Dando. No surprise to hear that US saw records for extreme weather in 2011 . The full NOAA report is here . Meanwhile, the world not quite as hot in 2011; ranks 11th warmest according to NOAA, though NASA finds 2011 ninth-warmest year on record . But more significantly,

18th January - Today's News: Historic Snowstorm Bears Down in Seattle

In Seattle, schools closed, flights cancelled as twin winter storms slam Pacific Northwest - though I have to say that 5" doesn't sound all that much snow. Here in Britain, the high pressure that brought a brief spell of settled but more wintry feeling weather has receded and we're back to mild and damp again. Though we should see some snow showers in the north from later in Thursday and the Met Office long range forecasts - in part supported by model output - suggests we may see some colder conditions set in towards the end of the month and, if high pressure settles in the right place, continuing for a time into February. At present that looks like winter, so far as the south of Britain is concerned. It's too early to say where we may see any snow fall then. Elsewhere in the US, tornadoes strike Mississippi, Indiana and Kentucky , the lack of snow turns Yosemite National Park into a very different place compared with normal for this time of year whilst in con

17th January - Today's News: Snow Ends Record Reno Dry Spell

An inch of snow snarls Reno traffic as record dry spell ends In NZ over the weekend twister clouds, hail, snow and rain hit South Flood warning as Queensland coast cops drenching whilst in Victoria, blistering heat set to burn up the state, tennis Afghan snowfall: 16 dead in Badakhstan Province following avalanches Bangalore weather: Shivering? Blame it on cold wave in the North - more record low temps recorded there. Arctic Ocean may be approaching 'tipping point' And is Siberia really warming up? I like the commet at the end: " Though acknowledging the hard fact that the Siberian climate is warming up, in some places even faster than anywhere else in the world, Russian climatologists insist that the process in now being reversed, which means that we in the next few years Siberia will start freezing up again… " Hmmm, we'll see! Sounds more like wishful thinking it me. Or maybe heading burying in sand .... Meanwhile, research suggests cold

16th January - Today's News: Winter Returns

It's been ice weather for ducks! over the weekend - with the first sell of widespread sharp frosts this winter, but also some rather nice sunshine. And there is indeed a chance we could see some low level snow showers in England on Friday. Though nothing of great consequence and milder conditions will soon resume so any lying snow will quickly clear. In Canada, winter back with a cold, snowy bite Heavy snow brings cheer to war-torn Afghan capital Cold weather disrupts life throughout Turkey In NZ, weather factor in wilderness death toll which has been unusually high this summer Cyclone Heidi brings a world of water to Karajini National Park Cold breaks 16 year record in Kashmir Antarctic lake drilling mission edges closer - but still no word on what is happening at Lake Vostok

14th January 2012 - Oil Supplies Reach Snowbound Alaska

Worst Alaska winter piles on more snow - it just keeps on coming. Meanwhile, Russian ship to pump fuel to ice-bound Alaskan port - stormy weather meant Nome never received its normal pre-winter supplies this year hence this tricky operation, never attempted before. And conditions are harsher than normal this year. A cold and frosty weekend for Britain and for many of us the first spell of wintry weather - though of the sort I like most: cold but dry and sunny. Those wanting snow will have to wait - there's still nothing particularly cold or snowy on the horizon though a hint we may see more in the way of colder northwesterlies through the second half of the month which at this time of year always bring the risk of snow showers to lower levels for a time. However, despite a few wet days earlier this month, it looks likely to be the 14th consecutive below average month for rainfall here in Evesham with Britain facing summer hosepipe ban as drought risk remains high . I

13th January - Today's News: US Midwest Finally Gets Some Snow

In the US, storm ends snow drought for much of Midwest - a cold spell was indeed predicted this week for the US by our old friend Piers Corbyn though more specifically for the NE . And in Chicago the snow warning cancelled early as it dies out sooner than expected (did Piers say anything about amounts being less than standard meteorology predicted? Did he hell ...) But, give him his due, he wasn't entirely wrong on this occasion. Meanwhile, another storm blankets Alaska with snow, as weary residents dig out Piers also predicted that some time between the 11th and 13th January 'a torpedo low' would bring stormy conditions to Britain, specifically " The weather will be just as disruptive, if not worse, between January 11 and 13 as it was during the first week of the month. England will probably be more affected than Scotland with winds of over 80mph in parts " as quoted in the Scottish Sun (and not denied when asked whether this was a genuine quote - I

11th January - Today's News: Alpine Resorts in 'Lockdown' After Heavy Snowfall

European ski resorts in 'lockdown' after freak snowfalls cut, road, rail and air links and there are also ongoing problems in the US where Alaska snow and ice cuts off Cordova and Nome Arctic sea ice below average in December - despite a positive AO producing colder than average temperature. Tropical Cyclone Heidi intensifies as it near West Australian coast New records set by heatwave in Uruguay - but only for electricty and water consumption - whilst across the border, Argentina faces a continuous drought this summer North India reels under bitter cold In Germany, warm temperatures cause early hay fever Brazil rescuers find more landslide dead in Rio state Indonesia quake triggers brief tsunami alert Could Siberian volcanism have caused the Earth's largest extinction event? A daft headline given that I'm pretty sure it's well accepted if was a major contributory factor! This research simply further reinforces that widely held view. Remote w

9th January - Today's News: Heavy Snowfall Hits Alps & Eastern Europe

Shaping up to be a very mild winter in Evesham - with just 4 light frosts in December, none yet this month and not a snowflake to be seen. No surprise there's signs around the country that Spring arrives early in Britain following mild winter weather So where's the snow? Well it's over in Europe where snow-laden Bulgaria recovers from electricity, motorway disruptions as snowstorm hits parts of Serbia and snow buries many parts of the Alps while Austria hit by heavy snow, major railway line shut . Even in India, Himachal towns get snow after 35 years - mind, they are in the sub tropics - whilst oin Pakistan they're reassured that snowfall on Margallas not unusual weather phenomenon Alaska town tries to dig out from huge snow dump And just to rub it in, even Australia has a flaky forecast as state readies for summer snow Wild weather hits Wellington in NSW - with a slightly confused opening paragraph! Whilst in Brisbane, hottest day in two years to ki

7th January - Today's News: Record High Temperatures Set Across US Plains

Record high temperatures in Fargo, ND as warm weather causing widespread melting in area whilst elsewhere Plains shatter warm weather records, set historic high temperatures And the US National Weather Service says 2011 was the driest year on record for Texas; 2012 won't bring relief From too little Alpine snow to too much: avalanche traps skiers at Swiss resort of Zermatt Wild weather hits Latin America : Wildfires are raging in Chile during an atypical heat wave, and northern Mexico is suffering from its worst drought in 70 years of record-keeping. A second straight season of heavy rains in Colombia killed at least 182 people, destroyed more than 1,200 homes and caused an estimated $2 billion in damage in the past four months. Rain eases South Australian bushfire threat New Zealanders none to happy as their rainy summer ruining holidays - must be just like being in England! Harbour Inn at Southwold floods again - a place I've drunk in a few times in years g

6th January - Today's News: Lack of US Snow Causes Concern

US snow drought could have serious implications with concerns over water supplies come the spring While in Canada, weather records fall, winter winds howl across much of Alberta In Norfolk yesterday, Acle High School solar panels belown through roof and this week's gales have mean the 'worst ever' storm damage at Edinburgh botanic garden . In Wales, storms ease after 500 homes hit by power cuts and across the country, Britain battered by hurricane force winds after forecasters underestimate stength of gusts - but it must be said that amateurs on UKww had noted the risk of severe gusts occurring inland a day beforehand. An interesting historical piece in the Daily Mail: think this week's gales are bad? They're nothing compared to the storm that drowned Britain in 1703 2011 was the warmest year in Jersey since records began In NZ Hamilton endures record wet weather during December Drought shrinks China's largest freshwater lake Search continues

5th January - Today's News: Gales Continue to Disrupt

Today, more storms leave thousands without power across England and 16,000 people remain without power in Scotland where passengers injured as train hits tree after storms . There's also been a record wave recorded off Jersey And on Tuesday, plane hit by bus shelter during storm at Edinburgh Airport In Europe, storms, flooding prompt Dutch evacuations and in the Alps, first storm of the year keeps skiers away (perhaps worth noting our friend Piers Corbyn failed to predict any of this - but then, he can't expect to get all his guesses right) Things should start to calm down tonight and it looks like a quieter week ahead, especially in the south - but more gales possible next weekend. And elsewhere, deadly floods ravage Brazil's Minas Gerais Rather than melting sea ice, it seems it's Russian run-off freshening Canadian arctic New computer model explains lakes and storms on Saturn's moon Titan Flipped from head to toe: 100 years of continental drift

4th January - Today's News: Another Big Storm Batters Britain

As promised, we start with a selection of news stories on yesterday's storm, whch sadly claimed 2 lives in England. Another spell of gales and squally showers looks likely across much of the country tomorrow. Storms of up to 106mph batter UK leaving two dead and many injured Driver dies as tree collapses in Tunbridge Wells And a sailor dies as storms hit Westcountry Storm-hit families tell of their terror as 100mph winds bring tower block roof hurtling down on their homes as Scotland counting cost of storms High winds damage Saints' new Langtree Park stadium roof in Liverpool Severe winds damage Chalgrove village shop in Oxon Trees, cars and lorries no match for huge Somerset storm Trail of destruction left by Hainault 'tornado' In Surrey, falling tree injures bus driver Storm trapped lorry driver freed in Dorset Train strikes tree on line in Berkshire And there's wild beauty amid a storm as winds rip across Northern Ireland Meanwhile, as

3rd January - Today's News: Record New Year Heatwave in Australia

Bliadhna mhath ur! Happy New Year! Australia endures record heatwave at the start of 2012 with today heatwave replaced by fire, flood threat and Record temps at Hobart airport But year in Britain starts on a stormy note today after a mild Hogmanay as rain and gales batter UK - as it's ongoing, we'll have a full round of news stories on this tomorrow. Record breaking December snow in Iceland In South Africa on New Year's Eve, KZN storm wreaks havoc - quite possibly a tornado