5th January - Today's News: Gales Continue to Disrupt

Today, more storms leave thousands without power across England and 16,000 people remain without power in Scotland where passengers injured as train hits tree after storms.

There's also been a record wave recorded off Jersey

And on Tuesday, plane hit by bus shelter during storm at Edinburgh Airport

In Europe, storms, flooding prompt Dutch evacuations

and in the Alps, first storm of the year keeps skiers away

(perhaps worth noting our friend Piers Corbyn failed to predict any of this - but then, he can't expect to get all his guesses right)

Things should start to calm down tonight and it looks like a quieter week ahead, especially in the south - but more gales possible next weekend.

And elsewhere, deadly floods ravage Brazil's Minas Gerais

Rather than melting sea ice, it seems it's Russian run-off freshening Canadian arctic

New computer model explains lakes and storms on Saturn's moon Titan

Flipped from head to toe: 100 years of continental drift theory
- Wegener's theoiry was first published 100 years ago tomorrow.


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