14th January 2012 - Oil Supplies Reach Snowbound Alaska

Worst Alaska winter piles on more snow - it just keeps on coming. Meanwhile, Russian ship to pump fuel to ice-bound Alaskan port - stormy weather meant Nome never received its normal pre-winter supplies this year hence this tricky operation, never attempted before. And conditions are harsher than normal this year.

A cold and frosty weekend for Britain and for many of us the first spell of wintry weather - though of the sort I like most: cold but dry and sunny. Those wanting snow will have to wait - there's still nothing particularly cold or snowy on the horizon though a hint we may see more in the way of colder northwesterlies through the second half of the month which at this time of year always bring the risk of snow showers to lower levels for a time.

However, despite a few wet days earlier this month, it looks likely to be the 14th consecutive below average month for rainfall here in Evesham with Britain facing summer hosepipe ban as drought risk remains high. It should be said that it's Central and Eastern England - not Britain - that has been experiencing significantly below normal rainfall over the past year.

A little different 30 years ago when in Cheltenham records broken as town's temperatures fall to -20.1c That's a good deal colder than December 2010!

After winter's mild start, snowstorm frustrates drivers, elates skiers in Midwest, Northeast

Russia's failed Phobos-Grunt space probe heads to Earth - watch to the skies on Sunday


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