11th January - Today's News: Alpine Resorts in 'Lockdown' After Heavy Snowfall

European ski resorts in 'lockdown' after freak snowfalls cut, road, rail and air links and there are also ongoing problems in the US where Alaska snow and ice cuts off Cordova and Nome

Arctic sea ice below average in December - despite a positive AO producing colder than average temperature.

Tropical Cyclone Heidi intensifies as it near West Australian coast

New records set by heatwave in Uruguay - but only for electricty and water consumption - whilst across the border, Argentina faces a continuous drought this summer

North India reels under bitter cold

In Germany, warm temperatures cause early hay fever

Brazil rescuers find more landslide dead in Rio state

Indonesia quake triggers brief tsunami alert

Could Siberian volcanism have caused the Earth's largest extinction event? A daft headline given that I'm pretty sure it's well accepted if was a major contributory factor! This research simply further reinforces that widely held view.

Remote wilderness polluted by humans - we don't just shit in our own beds, we shit everywhere else as well.

It may have been cold - and dry - but Siberia was a wildlife refuge in the last ice age


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