27th January 2012 - Today's News: Heavy Snow Hits SE Europe

A few places in England saw their first snow of 2012 yesterday - including Bredon hill just outside Evesham (but not a flake in town). More possible today and we're monitoring developments at the end of the weekend with interest as a front from the west stalls over Britain and may be undercut by colder air from the east. Looking further ahead it's all very uncertain, but a spell of more wintry weather is certainly possible, after what has thus far been a very mild winter. However, although there are plenty of stories in the press today on this, none are worth quoting!

I doubt we'll see anything like they've been having this week in Europe though: Road closures, power cuts as Bulgaria buckles under weight of snow with one dead as heavy snow hits southeast Europe and Romania uses army to save snow-trapped travellers

One forecaster we won't hear talking about it is Jonathan Powell from PWS, who has announced his 'retirement' after George Monbiot asked do the weather forecasters used by the Daily Mail really exist?

Severe storms drench Texas, spawning tornadoes

In NSW, residents still isolated as more rain forecast

And Fiji declares state of disaster over severe flooding

In the Malawi floods: helicopters sent to rescue villagers

In a new Defra report, flooding rated as worst climate change threat facing UK - though of course it's just a threat even without any climate change thanks to decades of indiscriminate building by rivers and over winter bournes etc.Link
Ireland braced for more tremors after Donegal earthquake


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