28th January - Today's News: Britain Prepares for Winter

Winter is finally bearing down on us, with a risk of snow in Evesham on Sunday and Monday, though more likely the precipitation will stay west of here. Thereafter a cold, but mostly dry, week looks likely. How long this cold spell will last remains to be seen although the Met Office have hinted it could last till at least mid February.

And down in NZ, where it's the height of summer, South Island hit with snow and wild winds

In Australia, rescue as monsoon rains cause further flooding in northwest Queensland with further deluges for Qld while NSW north coast allowed flood reprieve. Meanwhile, in WA, Caernavon battles fire and cyclone 'refugees' and Pilbara braces as Cyclone Iggy heads for coast. Earlier in the week, Tropical Cyclone Iggy wreaks more havoc in Indonesia.

Anchorage on track to set record for coldest January but elsewhere, the US seems to have largely escaped winter.

Accumulating 'microplastic' threat to shores

Cumulative impact of mountaintop mining documented

And an interesting article in the Alaska Dispatch asks is wind power as clean as renewable energy proponents claim? Well worth a read, whatever your views.


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