17th January - Today's News: Snow Ends Record Reno Dry Spell

An inch of snow snarls Reno traffic as record dry spell ends

In NZ over the weekend twister clouds, hail, snow and rain hit South

Flood warning as Queensland coast cops drenching whilst in Victoria, blistering heat set to burn up the state, tennis

Afghan snowfall: 16 dead in Badakhstan Province following avalanches

Bangalore weather: Shivering? Blame it on cold wave in the North - more record low temps recorded there.

Arctic Ocean may be approaching 'tipping point'

And is Siberia really warming up? I like the commet at the end: "Though acknowledging the hard fact that the Siberian climate is warming up, in some places even faster than anywhere else in the world, Russian climatologists insist that the process in now being reversed, which means that we in the next few years Siberia will start freezing up again…" Hmmm, we'll see! Sounds more like wishful thinking it me. Or maybe heading burying in sand ....

Meanwhile, research suggests cold winters caused by warmer summers in some parts of the N Hemisphere - though they said that as a reason for the recent cold winters here, and look what's happened this year.

Tropical Storm Dando hits Mozambique

New project to look at effectiveness of cloud seeding in Texas

Ash closes Argentina airport days after its re-opening

In Oregon there's a project to pour water into volcano to make power


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