9th January - Today's News: Heavy Snowfall Hits Alps & Eastern Europe

Shaping up to be a very mild winter in Evesham - with just 4 light frosts in December, none yet this month and not a snowflake to be seen. No surprise there's signs around the country that Spring arrives early in Britain following mild winter weather

So where's the snow? Well it's over in Europe where snow-laden Bulgaria recovers from electricity, motorway disruptions as snowstorm hits parts of Serbia and snow buries many parts of the Alps while Austria hit by heavy snow, major railway line shut.

Even in India, Himachal towns get snow after 35 years - mind, they are in the sub tropics - whilst oin Pakistan they're reassured that snowfall on Margallas not unusual weather phenomenon

Alaska town tries to dig out from huge snow dump

And just to rub it in, even Australia has a flaky forecast as state readies for summer snow

Wild weather hits Wellington in NSW - with a slightly confused opening paragraph!

Whilst in Brisbane, hottest day in two years to kick off three days of summer swelter

Now this is strange - researchers announce that carbon emissions 'will defer Ice Age' due to start in just 1500 years time. I fail to see how unless previous models of the Milankovitch Cycles have been totally wrong. All we're seeing at present is a decline in axial tilt which whilst leading to a cooling northern hemisphere, especially the Arctic, will not be enough to precitate a full glacial. In my opinion and, I understand, that of most other who have studied the subject. Though of course we could be wrong. Or the media article may be misleading. Be interesting to read the full paper.

And finally, Piers Corbyn gets back in the news, having failed to predict the storms last week (though he claims he did - but forecasting there'll be gales in NW Scotland in January does not count!) , or the general lack of cold and snow across large parts of Britain so far this winter. But, he says, two more monster storms heading our way - and the first 'torpedo low' is expected around the 11th-13th January. He's quited as saying it'll be worse than last week and affect England more than Scotland. Which given most of the country should be under high pressure at the time looks, um, well, interesting .... (I'm not sure whether the quotes in the news article come from a press release that I've not seen as yet - if so I'll link to it when I see it. Just for fun!). He's also predicting snow in the USA at the same time (but missed the recent record warm weather there).Link


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