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31st August - Today's News: UK's Best Summer Since 2006

UK summer warmest, driest, sunniest since 2006
Video of huge waterspout spotted off Croatian coast
Russian ecologists link far east floods to global warming
Global warming slowdown linked to cooler Pacific waters - although this is nothing new and in fact the PDO switching to a negative mode, at the same time as reduced solar activity, was one of the reasons some have been harping on about imminient catastrophic global cooling in recent years.  

And there are reports of a new fumarole near Fiumicinio airport in Rome - though it's yet to be confirmed that the 'vent' is geological in nature

30th August - Today's News: Warmest Winter Ever For Australian Cities

28th August - Today's News: Questions Over UK Wind Farms

27th August - Today's News: California 'Rim' Wildfire Spreads, Threatens Water & Power Supply

25th August - Today's News: Snow Ploughs Clear Colorado Hail

23rd August - Today's News: 10 Years Weather in 3 Minutes

21st August - Today's News: 21 Workers Killed in China Flash Flood

20th August - Today's News: Record Rainfall in Philippines

Record Rainfall hits the Philippines - 326mm fell on Tuesday
Meanwhile, over 200 now dead or missing in China floods and as Russia battles huge far east flood - 20,000 evacuated, including two brown bears
In Germany, tornado rips up church campsite, injures 27
Taiwan evacuates more than 1,000 after tropical storm warning
At least 27 die as Yemen wedding party swept away by floods
Climate leaks 'are misleading' says IPCC ahead of major report
Global sea level rise dampened by Australian floods - unlike elsewhere, much of the water remains inland instead of flowing to the sea, thus decreasing the amount of fresh rain water reaching the oceans.
How shale fracking led to an Ohio town's first 100 earthquakes - coming soon to a town in England, too .... (although frankly, I feel we really have no choice given our inability to wean ourselves off primitive Victorian technology and a wastral attitude towards energy)
And can powdered rain make drought a thing of the past?   Reminds me …

19th August - Today's News: Severe Floods in Eastern Russia & China

17th August - Today's News: Earthquakes Hits Central NZ

14th August - Today's News: Typhoon Utor Batters Hong Kong

Typhoon lashes Hong Kong with wind, rain - with more pictures here.   Utor is the strongest tropical storm seen so far this year.
Darkest day as Harry, king of the weather forecasters die - of course, like all us amateurs, folk forget all the times his forecast was wrong and/or he failed to predict severe weather (conversely, folk always forget when professionals get it right and remember instead only the occasions they were wrong.  C'est la vie).
From Sweden, film of 'magnificent' liquid tornado rainbow (first time I've heard a waterspout called a liquid tornado!)
Record heat wave bakes Canada's north
Lightning strikes moving train in Japan - there were suggestions that a lightning strike may have been involved in a deadly train crash in China in 2011.   Meanwhile, heat wave continues to bake nation and dozens die in north Asia heat wave as power supply strained
Uganda town submerged by floodwater
Seasonal carbon dioxide range expanding as more is added to Earths's…

13th August - Today's News: Record High Temps in Japan, S Korea

Japan, South Korea soar to hottest recorded levels as north Asia sweats heat wave
However, it turns out that Greenland may not have reached highest recorded summer temperature in late July  - the sensor's position does not quite fit WMO criteria and therefore may not be accepted as an official record.  Though of course this does not preclude the possibility that the highest temps did occur - but were not recorded as we don't have a sensor in every square meter of the planet.

And in WA, hot August night smashes century old record - in this case, I think, according to properly situated BoM sensors.
Typhoon Utor dispalces thousands in the Philippines
More rain in Colorado town hit by deadly mudslide
And in Washington, flood, landslides strandf 65 hikers in Cascades, close Highway 20

12th August - Today's News: Typhoon Utor Batters Philippines

10th August - Today's News: Heatwave & Deadly Flash Floods Hit Japan

9th August 2013 - Today's News: Record High Temperatures in Europe, Taiwan, China

7th August - Today's News: Severe Thunderstorms Hit Germany, France

Although it's cooler in Britain now, hot and stormy weather continues across much of Europe.   Three die in Italy's 40c heatwave whilst  pigs burn in huge lightning storm in Germany.  Violent storms hit France, with more on the way 
Here in Britain, tens of thousands of fish die in the heatwave last month
Shanghai among the most affected as temperatures reach record high again in China
Not surprisingly (unless you still believe we're plummeting into a new ice age - and yes, there are those who think so!) 2012 was one of the 10 warmest years on record globally.   And I suspect 2013 may well supplant another year from the last decade to move onto that list, in due course.
Cheylabinsk meterorite may have gang of siblings according to Spanish astronomers
And the Sun's magnetic field is about to flip - as it does every 11 years.  A cataclysmic end of the world as we know it, is not expected.

6th August - Today's News: Flash Floods Hit England & Wales

A bit of a wet day in places yesterday - we had over 15mm in Evesham, most of it in the afternoon (before which it was actually quite warm and sunny, with the temp up to 24c).   Not good for holidaymakers as West Country and Tyneside resorts left under water after torrential rain batters Britain and flash flooding hits homes after rain across Wales whilst mother and child rescued from Cunbria floods.   Should be better the rest of the week though.
'Tornado' injures 10 workers after damaging scaffolding at North Coogee, south of Fremantle
Hot weather foils Chinese man's bid to fake his own death

5th August - Today's News: Dozen Injured in European Thunderstorms

3rd August - Today's News: Hot Weather Brings Out Topless Sunbathers

2nd August - Today's News: Britain, Europe, Greenland, Alaska, China all Feel the Heat

With 34.1c (or 34.2c according to MetO - unconfirmed) recorded at Heathrow, yesterday was not only the hottest day of the year but the hottest day since 19th July 2006.   Oddly, whilst Pershore recorded 31.6c I only managed 31.5c in my garden - so officially the hottest day of the year in the Vale, but unofficially only the 2nd hottest after 31.6c in my garden on 13th July this year.    Cue pictures of girls in bikinis after Britain sizzled on the hottest day of the year as temperatures hits 34.1c
Meanwhile, Europe's hot spell to persist in August after July heatwave - but in Britain it looks like more normal temperatures most of the time: warm but not hot.   Oh, and although killer heatwave hits Spain it won't be twice as hot as Britain!

July was warmest on record at many stations across Ireland

In Alaska, Anchorage sets record for most consecutive 70-degree plus days

Southern China wilts under heat wave

And Greenland soars to its highest temperature ever recorded, almost 80 deg…