14th August - Today's News: Typhoon Utor Batters Hong Kong

Typhoon lashes Hong Kong with wind, rain - with more pictures here.   Utor is the strongest tropical storm seen so far this year.

Darkest day as Harry, king of the weather forecasters die - of course, like all us amateurs, folk forget all the times his forecast was wrong and/or he failed to predict severe weather (conversely, folk always forget when professionals get it right and remember instead only the occasions they were wrong.  C'est la vie).

From Sweden, film of 'magnificent' liquid tornado rainbow (first time I've heard a waterspout called a liquid tornado!)

Lightning strikes moving train in Japan - there were suggestions that a lightning strike may have been involved in a deadly train crash in China in 2011.   Meanwhile, heat wave continues to bake nation and dozens die in north Asia heat wave as power supply strained


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