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29th September - Today's News: Typhoon Dujuan Hits Taiwan, China

28th September - Today's News: Evacuations Ahead of Typhoon Dujuan

25th September - Today's News: Still No Hurricanes in Western Atlantic

What has happened to the hurricanes? Forecasters say NO severe storms have hit western Atlantic this year for the first time since 1914
Adverse weather causes serious damages in islands in Greece
After Associated Press ban their reporters from using it, what other term is there for climate science deniers other than deniers?
And talking of deniers .... ignore Pope on climate, says Republican Marsha Blackburn, who as well as thinking the world is cooling does not believe in evolution.

Meanwhile - and sure to be disputed by said deniers - climate change consensus extends beyond climate scientists
Mystery of Saturn's bizarre hexagonal vortex is solved: Jet stream circling planet's north pole is jostled into shape by winds
And no media reports, but the first lying snow was reported on the Ben and the 'Gorms yesterday - later than recent years when it's been around the end of August.

23rd September - Today's News: The 421 Words for Snow

A study by the University of Glasgow discovers that the Scots 'have 421 words' for snow - I suspect they will find even more words for rain though!

The MetO release a summary of last year: State of the Climate UK 2014 - the first of a new annual series of reports.  It can be downloaded as a pdf here.
Storms kill two, cause widespread damage in Greece with reports of a tornado in the Peloponnese
There's a  danger of methane explosions on Yamal peninsular, scientists warn and, whilst it loses something in translation, recent snow [in] Krasnoyarsk explained [by] overheating Arctic
Indonesia crop failure blamed on El Nino
Caribbean braces for worsening drought as dry season nears
Study ranks US cities based on urban heat island effect on temperatures
Some good news on global warming: as polar ice melts, seabed is working against climate change
And researchers reveal when global warming first appeared

21st September - Today's News: Antarctic Sea Ice at Record High

19th September - Today's News: August Warmest on Record

NOAA: August 2015 was warmest recorded August - JMA data concurs.   It's also been the warmest recorded summer and the warmest year to date.   As usual, Britain missed out ....
‘Disaster zone’ in Thai Pattaya: Dramatic footage reveals scale of tropical storm aftermath
Utah flood toll rises to 20; dead Zion National Park hikers named

And further supporting my long held assertion that there has been no warming 'pause', in a blind test, economists reject the notion of a global warming pause

18th September - Today's News: TS Vamco Brings Floods to SE Asia

Tropical storm Vamco drenches Vietnam whilst in Thailand, Chon Buri a disaster area after flooding
'Giant hail' batters Central Coast as severe storm warnings issued in NSW
US wildfires death toll rises to five
Sierra Leoneans ordered to stay at home due to floods
Earlier this week, there were motorists stuck in knee-deep floodwater after torrential rain sweeps the North-east 
Global warming 'hiatus' never happened, scientists say - as I have been saying all along.   The underlying trend was just temporarily hidden under the 'noise'.
Chile quake triggers mass evacuation and tsunami alert
Latest images reveal Pluto's hazy horizon 
Some encouraging news as Indonesia arrests executives of 'haze-causing' companies 
And it is nice to see some local newspapers pick up on the facts rather then just replicate the tripe prodiced by the nationals.   Well done the Wells Journal for informing its readers that contrary to what they may have read in the Daily Express/…

16th September - Today's News: Utah Flash Flood Toll Rises to at Least 16

15th September - Today's News: At Least 8 Dead in Utah Flash Flood

14th September - Today's News: California Declares Wildfire Emergency

California wildfires: Governor declares state of emergency 

Tributes paid to retired priest killed in flash flood on Achill Island

Spring heatwave sweeps across southern Australia

And globally, next two years hottest, say Met Office - but that does not necessarily mean a hot summer next year in Britain, indeed a cool winter and another cool summer could even be on he cards ....

12th September - Today's News: Mecca Crane Collapses in Storm, 107 Dead

Carnage in Mecca: At least 107 people killed and 238 injured after Bin Laden firm crane collapses on Grand Mosque during freak lightning storm - though it's not as yet clear whether high winds, a lightning strike or something else was the cause of the collapse.
In Ireland, homes flooded in Co Clare, couple trapped in car in flood waters
Floods drench southern Italy
California town of 2,700 warned ahead of explosive wildfire
Down in NZ, heaven-sent snow dumps give Cornet record for the most snow to have fallen by this stage of the season.
A study shows that burning all fossil fuels would melt all of Antarctic.   But not tomorrow. 
Two Mexican volcanoes erupts, shooting ash, smoke into sky
New Horizons resumes image return from Pluto
And it's September, so our old friends Nathan Rao and James Madden are at it again, predicting, yet again, that the coldest winter for 50 years set to bring months of heavy snow to UK.   Well, I guess if you predict some cold, snowy weather every winte…

11th September - Today's News: Typhoon Etau: Many Missing Amid Severe Floods in Japan

Japan floods: Rescue work continues amid deadly floods with at least 25 missing after river breach in Joso and a look at how Japan's devasating rainstorm came about
Researchers stumped as dust storm persists in Israel for third day
Tropical Storm Henri forms near Bermuda at typical peak of Atlantic hurricane season
Was mineral deficency responsible (in part) for mammoth wipeout: new evidence from ancient animal 'graveyeard'
Is climate change responsible for this summer's wildfires in Buryatia: where thawaing permafrost turns to steppe before our eyes
Watch a solar 'tornado' swirl across the face of the Sun
And is a comet about to destroy Earth?  No, but I have nonetheless ordered Hancock's new book.   It was, after all, he who reawakened my interest in "advanced ancient civilisations" 20 years ago, leading me to do the research that debunked all his claims .....   This time, I suspect the work has already been done.

9th September - Today's News: The 'Great' Middle East Dust Storm

8th September - Today's News: Torrential Rain, Flash Floods in Spain

Dramatic scenes with scores of cars, trucks washed away as torrential floods hit southern Spain
Dust storm moves into Israel bringing high levels of air pollution after 'unprecedented' sandstorm envelops Lebanon and Syria
ID of the storm: Met Office invites public to name severe weather systems - it's confusing enough with the Germans and Scandinavians giving every low pressure system their own different names, on top of whatever the UK media call it!  But I propose we use names of characters from Game of Thrones and look forward to seeing severe disruption to transport caused by Dickon Manwoody ....
And how climate change is behind the surge of migrants to Europe -by no means entirely, of course, but certainly a contributory factor, and one which will continue to play a role in migrations around the world for decades to come.  Indeed, even without any climate change, I would still expect massive migration over the next centuries as populations continue to grow in regions t…

7th September - Today's News: Large Hailstone Hit Naples

4th September - Today's News: Hailstorm Kills Hundreds of Spanish Flamingos

Hundreds of flamingos battered to death during giant hailstone storm in Spain
Video footage of the terrifying moment tornadoes struck the coast of Ibiza
City hall in Ukraine's Kiev cancels school amid heat wave mainly due to smog from wildfires as temperatures reached an all time record 35.5c this week
Families counting the cost of freak flood in Wirral
British summer was the coldest in three years  according to Met Office data.   Once again, we buck the trend ....
Hawaii hit with storms, flooding
RFA Lyme Bay delivers life-saving supplies in humanitarian mission to storm-hit Dominica (as an aside, a letter in the Daily Fail this week chastised the govt for not helping Dominica - the writer (and no doubt the paper) unware that we station a Royal Naval vessel in the Caribbean specifically for this task.   Something those who argue we don't need armed forces - Mr Corbyn .... - would do well to note!)
Typhoon Kilo spins towards longest-lived cyclone on Earth this year
Climate change bri…

2nd September - Today's News: 3 Pacifc Cyclones and 1 off the African Coast