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29th November - Today's News: Tornado Hits Italian Steel Mill

Last update for a couple of days as I'm off to MBA meeting sin Glasgow tomorrow.

Freak tornado smashes steel mill in Italian town of Taranto
Moscow hit by biggest snowfall in 50 years (for November, that is)

(oh, and by the way, there are signs that Britain could have the coldest December for 2 years - you have been warned!)
Victorian record falls in heatwave  but in Western Australia, deadly storm: man dies after tree crushes  caravan
As flood defences hold and levels start to fall, rescue boat take villagers to buy supplies in Somerset
Rock fall closes Jigger's Bank in Shropshire
Man in car rescued from floodwater in Shropshire - I hope he's charged with the full costs.    There are too many very stupid motorists out there who seem incapable of understanding that cars are not boats.
Small earthquake felt in Cumbria
And finally, giant black hole in tiny galaxy confounds astronomers - although maybe they answer the question when they note that it's a very old galaxy.   It&…

28th November 2012 - Flood Problems Continue

27th November - Today's News: More Evacuations as Floods Continue

The worse hit area today is North Wales where 500 told to leave homes in St Asaph  as across the country, flooding continues to threaten hundreds of homes.   Levels in Evesham have fallen further and looks like we're now out of the 'danger zone', though folk downstream at Tewkesbury continue to worry as the Severn rises and Gloucestershire flooding residents make rescue decision
Elsewhere in Wales, roads closed and trains cancelled
Trail of destruction as floods spead north
Travel disrupted by heavy rain in northern England and Wales
Flood warning after South Yorkshire boat rescue drama and pumped-up firefighters save Beverley homes.  
In Essex, men in car flood rescued by boat
The good news is that today should see the last of the rain for at least a few days with colder, frosty, weather on the way.   Though sadly this only leads to the Daily Express reguritating the same old rubbish, scaring the public by falsely claiming icy blast will last a month.  Actually, winter, …

26th November - Today's News: A Weekend of Flooding

Sunday morning dawned bright and sunny in Evesham, giving me a chance to get out and take a few photos.  The river level continued to rise through the day peaking at just below 4m - still a meter and a half below the 2007 levels and as a consequence, although disruptive, there doesn't appear at present to have been too much serious damage to property in the town

. Today local schools are closed.

Across the country, more than 800 homes flooded as storm hit with  almost 300 flood warnings issued as Britain faces further deluges Lots of pictures from around the country in the Daily Mail
Over the weekend:
A55 at Bangor closed as 70mph wind batter Wales
Homes evacuated after landslide near Bristol

Malmesbury flooding: four people rescued from homes

Woman in tent killed in Exeter tree fall as floods hit county
Man dies as car goes into river in Cambridgeshire
And near Alcester in Friday, three swept away in car escape injury

23rd November - Today's News: Respite After Floods, but More to Come!

Excellent night in Wolverhampton last night watching Runrig in one of their best shows ever.   Thanks guys!  Whilst I was out, another 14.5mm of rain fell, though surprisingly this doesn't seem to have raised the river level any higher - to the relief of many.   But another inch is forecast for Saturday night .....
Already Evesham has been in the news as the BBC report on how floating caravans on the Avon protected - these caravans were submerged to their roofs in 2007.   Meanwhile the local paper reports in flooding chaos in the Vale.

But we're not the only ones, problems have been widespread across the country
Birmingham mosque and house roofs blown off in strong winds
Driver dies after his car is swept around by rising water leaving him trapped inside
North Wales hit by flooding and travel nightmare after rain batters region
Residents evacuated after Exeter wall collapse
And in the US:
Fog suspected in 100-vehicle Texas wrecks that claim at least 2 lives
2012 projecting record l…

22nd November - Today's News: Flooding Across Britain, More to Come

After 24.9mm of rain yesterday, river levels in Evesham are the highest we've had for some time, with more rain to come later today and through the weekend.   So a few worried folk about as heavy rain due to cause more flooding in Midlands and South West.   Just so long as I get to Wolverhampton and back tonight for the Runrig gig!

'Turn off Christmas lights and buy sandbags': warning to families as torrential rain causes flooding and fierce winds delay ferries

In Galloway today Lochans and Leswalt power cut after lightning strikes as heavy rain and strong winds sweep across Scotland

Meanwhile, further afield a huge Martian dust storm picks up steam but more intriguing news as Curiosity team set to announce 'major discovery on surface of Red planet' - is there life in Mars?

21st November - Today's Nes: Rain Brings Disruption to SW Britain

It's a wet day in England - over half an inch of rain here already this morning.  More wet and windy weather over the next couple of days as well.  But looks like turning more settled and a good deal colder next week.  The start of winter?  Maybe ....

In Wales, weather warning issued as downpours trigger problems for drivers whilst heavy rain causes flooding in the West
And never one to let the chance of a misleading sensational weather related headline get away, the Express today have decided that Britain to face floods for 100 years.   Well here's news: we've been facing floods for millions of years and will do so for every year for at least the next few million.   Don't forget that Nathan Rao has also assured us that this'll be the coldest winter for 100 years ......
New Zealand's Mount Tongaririo erupts
Universities to study far north peat bog restoration - though of course, we shouldn't forget that it was, at least in part, the removal of the native wood…

20th November - Today's News: Storm Brings Record Rainfall to Pacific NW

19th November - Today's News: Clean-up After Weekend of Storms in Queensland

17th November - Today's News: Massive Storm Hits SE Queensland.

Massive storm hits southeast Queensland - the superstorm hits Australia's east coast with 4,000 lightning strikes in one hour in Brisbane.   That's more than we've had in Evesham in the past 1,000 years I think!
There was goose carnage as fog engulfs Germany - as hundreds landed on roads and autobahns around Berlin, where inevitably they were hit by traffic unable to see them
Tornado strikes southern Portugal with video footage here
There's a 90 percent chance 2012 will be the warmest ever of U.S.  with the latest NOAA data also showing October to have been the 5th warmest on record.  Interestingly, Britain is highlighted in their report for our below average temps in October! NASA data puts October as the 2nd warmest.
Himalayan glaciers will shrink by almost 10 percent, even if temperatures hold steady
Melt water on Mars could sustain life, new research suggests
And, um, here in Britain ..... snow predicted for three months.   Which is true.  In so far as snow is predic…

16th November - Today's News: Ice Age Imminent; Temps to Fall 4.9c in Next 20 Years

This is not really a news story, and in fact it appears to be from last January, but I couldn't resist it for novelty value.  Global cooling coming?  David Archibald (a 'polymath') predicts mid latitude temps will fall by 4.9c over the next 20 years......   OMG!   
And that's not all.  Some Russia guy reckons New Little Ice Age near with a drop in temps starting in 2014!
I think we'll all die laughing, long before we freeze!
In more serious news:
Freak 'mini tornado' sweeps microlight across Lincolnshire airfield - this occurred back on the 28th July though.
In the Algarve, heavy rain causes flood damage and leave 20 homeless
Sri Lanka to investigate cause of red rain received in some parts
Dust-devils flirt with Curiosity Mars rover whilst meteorites reveal warm water existed on Mars

14th November - Today's News: Solar Eclipse Witnessed in Queensland

Thousands gather for stunning total eclipse over Australia  (as usual, the Daily Mail has the best pictures!)
Elsewhere in Queensland, heaven help us: our driest city prays for rain
In Britain, soggy weather prompts bumper crop of Christmas trees
More from the ongoing Italy floods: Tuscany and Umbria  take brunt of rain
Snowstorms in China may be worst in 50 years
In Indonesia, heavy rains bring widespread flooding in Sumatra, Kalimantan
16 people killed, 71 injured in N Myanmar earthquake at the weekend
Roots of deadly 2010 India flood identified: findings could improve warnings
Electricity from burning trees is 'dirtier than coal' - but only if  we take into account the 'cost' of transporting the wood to Britain from New Zealand (and half of it comes from Britain anyway).  Not a fair comparison at all.   And whilst coal produces CO2 that would otherwise remain sequestered in the Earth for millions of years, wood produces CO2 that was only removed from the atmosphere a f…

13th November - Today's News: Snowstorms Hit Manitoba and China

12th November 2012 - More Flooding in Venice

10th November 2012 - Search Continues for Victims of Guatamala Earthquake

8th November - Today's News: Nor'easter Hits Hurricane Damaged New York

6th November - Today's News: 'Fire Tornado' Spotted at Warwick Bonfire

Bonfire fright as 30ft high 'fire tornado' is caught on camera - never heard of it happening before, but it looks genuine.

And in NZ, caravan-tossing tornado 'not a tall story'

A number of water related stories today:

UK water resources 'left to weather's mercy'

Thousands displaced by floods in India's Andhra Pradesh
following last week's Cyclone Nilam

As waters finally recede, the final figures from Nigeria: floods claim 363 lives, displace 2.1 million say NEMA

Laos approves Xayaburi 'mega' dam on Mekong to generate electricity to sell to neighbouring Thailand

Torrential rains cause flood havoc in northern Sumatra

Indian monsoon failure more frequent with global warming, report suggests

And climate modeler identifies trigger for Earth's last big freeze, the Younger Dryas.  Or rather, that the release of water believed to have triggered it must have been into the Arctic rather than the St Lawrance river.

Oh, and apparently there's some l…

5th November - Today's News: Early Snow in SW England

Flood warnings after snowfall in western England yesterday - which came as a bit of surprise, although models (NAE) did indicate on Saturday the risk of snow for higher ground in Wiltshire.   Just cold rain here, of course .....

There were seven cars stuck in Hampshire flood waters yesterday, and 15 saved and 40 moved from Pendine caravan park in Wales

Meanwhile, bonfire night set to be a washout as torrential rain sparks flood warnings across the country on coldest Novemeber 5 in 14 years - although this being the Daily Mail it should be explained that by 'country' they mean southern England.  And regardless what the max temp recorded anywhere in Britain today turns out to be, it doesn't mean everywhere will be having its coldest Nov 5th.
Wild storm forecast to sweep across South Australia
Heavy rains in India's Andhra Pradesh kill 22 people
Two Japanese tourists die in Great Wall storm as cold spell brings blizzard, freezing rain to north China
Spring snow pack in the Ar…

3rd November 2012 - Sandy's Path Predicted Almost Exactly, Days in Advance

2nd November - Today's News: The Aftermath of Sandy

A state-by-state look at superstorm's effects
Amid the many tragedies, epic storm claims 2 missing NVC boys, aged 2 and 4, ripped from arms of their mother
Springsteen pays tribute to storm-damaged N'Jersey shore
And there's anger as fuel shortages hamper recover
NASA adds up Hurricane Sandy's rainfall from space
Cuba leader Raul Castro says island 'hard hit' by Sandy
But where there's disaster, humour is never far behind as Sandy spoofs flood the internet
Meanwhile, UK 'likely to face winter floods' - if it rains a lot. Locally we had about average rainfall last month and there's no expectation of problems in these parts.
Winter bites as snow falls on the hills of Donegal for the first time this season - more likely over the next few days which look like being a bit chilly across the British Isles, though as usual the Express makes a complete hash of it with another nonsense headline.
Tropical storm in India weakens
In NZ they're forecasting sp…