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31st May - Today's News: Indonesian Volcanic Ash Threatens Australian Air Traffic

Don't tell Dumb and Dumber (the heads of BA and Ryanair who refused to accept that volcanic ash is any danger to their aircraft), but Indonesian volcanic ash cloud may halt Australian flights for days
In India dust storm kills 12, snaps power across NCR as 114kmph Delhi storm batters planes, stalls metro
Rain washes road away in Meissen, east Germany earlier this week

And in Russia, dramatic floods hit Altai with fears of worse to come
Middle East heatwave affects voting in Egypt whilst there's also a record May heat wave in northeast China, Korea
And returning to the volcano theme, Australia's deadly eruptions were reason for the first mass extinction 510mya

30th May - Today's News: Video of 'Tornado' Lifting Car Off Ground in Birmingham

A CCTV camera captures the rather scary moment when a tornado lifts car off ground in Birmingham last weekend  (not confirmed it was a tornado though)
Flood-hit Norwich 'had month's rainfall in one day' on Tuesday.  And it's worth noting that even Evesham has had over one third of the month's normal rainfall in the past 2 days, with over 21mm in my garden (but considerably more in some parts of the Vale) - and overall it's been a much wetter than average May, though still nothing like 2007.
Rainy weather does not make you sad, claims behavioural expert - yes it does!  When a big storm just misses you or a downpour peters out before it arrives.....!   Or am I the only one who watches the radar avidly in the hope that I'm going to catch the heaviest rain?
Predicting UK weather: Can nature prove more reliable than satellites?
Despite the rain, early figures suggest third warmest spring on record for the UK - moreover, it was only beaten by 2007 and 2011 so the 3…

28th May - Today's News: Flash Floods in East Anglia

Close on a month's rain fell in parts of East Anglia yesterday (48.8mm at Wattisham - the 81-10 ave there is 51.9mm) as heavy rain causes flash flooding in Norwich with cars stuck as heavy rain causes flooding in Ipswich - which makes it utterly bizarre that James Madden (aka Exacta weather) has been spouting nonsense on Facebook about how the Met Office got it wrong because they forecast  40mm of rain and a risk of  flash flooding ..... !!!!!   A good way to build a reputation, though not the one you'd have thought James would want.  More rain and more flash flooding and travel disruption expected in parts of Central and Eastern England today.   Even Evesham had 6.7mm this morning!
One dead as storms wreak havoc in Poland with more pictures here as torrential rain slams Europe
Three feared dead as huge four mile long mudslide wipes out Colorado hillside

Oil workers film tornado in North Dakota
Research shows Americans care more deeply about 'global warming' - but not &#…

27th May - Today's News: More Record High Temps in Australia

24th May - Today's News: Hanoi Heatwave Brings Near Record High Temperatures

Heatwave hits Hanoi with record temperatures (Ogimet confims a max of 40c in Hanoi yesterday but according to this data, the highest temp ever recorded in Hanoi is 40.4c - so not actually a record, albeit close)

And as hot weather continues in Sydney and other parts of SE Australia, warm start to winter ahead as May temperatures set record In NZ, storm pounds Dunedin, Southland
Apocalyptic storms dampened Memorial Day Weekend getaways in New York
Arizona residents evacuate as fierce wildfire rages - and other wildfires continue in Alaska
Immense clean-up in Balkans after flood of the century
And more on humankind's ultimate legacy to the world as trillions of plastic pieces may be trapped in Arctic ice

23rd May - Today's News: British Storms Bring Tornadoes, Lightning Strikes and Flash Floods

Plenty of weather action in England and Wales yesterday, though of course all we had in Evesham was a bit of rain and a couple of rumbles of thunder.  Tornadoes spotted over Huntingdonshire (looks likely that at least one funnel cloud reached the ground), lightning strikes the Shard during London storm whilst heavy rain and storms bring flash floods to Wales and the incredible moment lightning strikes welsh village also caught on camera.  As the Daily Mail points out, as lightning hits the Shard, Chelsea visitors soaked and hailstones batter Britain: there must be a bank holiday coming up ..... In the US, massive hail & possible tornado hit the Northeast

NZ sees roads closed as dreadful weather sets in
Taipei rainfall smashes 107-year-old record
Atlantic hurricane season in the US forecast to be slower than usual due to the developing El Nino

Climate change research shows pockets of warming around the world - but surprise, surprise, not everywhere is getting warmer at the same rate (…

22nd May - Today's News: Snow Closes Portuguese Roads as Heatwave Hits Europe

21st May - Today's News: Wildfires in Siberia & Alaska

19th May - Today's News: Balkans Flooding Spreads; Death Toll Rises

16th May - Today's News: Deaths as Worst Floods in 120 Years Hit Bosnia & Serbia

At least five dead as worst floods in 120 years hit Serbia, Bosnia whilst  Bosnia deploys army to rescue flood victims and deluge in Serbia threatens Obrenovac.  Meanwhile, village in south experiences tornado, hailstorm, then snow on Wednesday.
Also, torrential rains lash eastern Austria
Here, we're apparently set for the hottest May on record ........ well yes.  And I'm a pink kangaroo who just won £10m on the lottery.   Needless to say it's Nathan Rao again.   But it is rather warm and sunny at the moment and likely to stay so across most of England and Wales until Monday, whereupon it looks like we'll get some heavy, slow moving showers for a few days,  Has Piers forecast thunderfloods I wonder?
In Germany: whole family hit by lightning
California wildfire 'flare-up' forces new evacuations - and another 'fire tornado' filmed as well.   Meanwhile, all of Calif. in severe drought for 1st time this century.   And in another example of human activity ha…

14th May - Today's News: Lucky Escape as Tornado Forms Beside Storm Chaser's Car

13th May - Today's News: A Foot of Snow in Colorado

12th May - Today's News: Antarctic Sea Ice at Record Level

10th May - Today's News: El Nino Threatens England Football Team

Scorching El Nino event could scupper Englan's World Cup - well at least that gives them an excuse for heading home early ....!
In Saudia Arabia, rains wreak havoc in Makkah, Hail
We now have all the world's glaciers, mapped
Is US government working on secret evacuation plan in case Yellowstone megavolcano erupts?  Well you'd hope so - it'll be too late should it one day show signs of eruption!
And see 1,000 years of meteorite impacts in 30 seconds on new video animation

9th May - Today's News: Fish Rain Down in Sri Lanka

7th May - Today's News: Fire Tornado and Dust Devil Caught on Camera

Bizarre mini tornado caught on camera in Worcester - or, more correctly, a not uncommon dust devil. 
Warming 'increasingly disruptive' across US - report says

April 'abnormally warm' month for NZ

And this is a crazy image of a fire tornado in Missouri - or, just a rather good one.  Depending on whether you're American or British ....

6th May - Today's News: Severe Floods in Central Italy

3rd May - Today's News: Many Hundreds Dead in Afghan Landslide

2nd May - Today's News: Record Rainfall Brings Floods, Mudslides & Sinkholes to Eastern US

Be careful where you park: dramatic video of sinkhole swallowing cars in Charles Village, Baltimore whilst a mudslide spills into Port Washington, Long Island parking lot after heavy rain brought by the same storm system that produced deadly tornadoes earlier this week.  Further south, Florida flooded after 24 hours non-stop rain as stories of rescues, devastation emerge from floods.   And from fierce tornadoes to mudslides: What are the numbers behind the storm?
After record high summer temperatures, Adelaide experiences coldest start to May ever
Afghan flood death toll rises as thousands need aid
Hydro-electric blamed for deadly floods in Uttarkhand last year
Not an April (or even May Day) fool, smart umbrellas 'could collect rain data' - still wouldn't catch me using one of those ridiculous lethal things!
A study shows how small changes could save structures, lives during tornadoes
Climate change to intensify important African weather systems
More research published o…