23rd May - Today's News: British Storms Bring Tornadoes, Lightning Strikes and Flash Floods

Plenty of weather action in England and Wales yesterday, though of course all we had in Evesham was a bit of rain and a couple of rumbles of thunder.  Tornadoes spotted over Huntingdonshire (looks likely that at least one funnel cloud reached the ground), lightning strikes the Shard during London storm whilst heavy rain and storms bring flash floods to Wales and the incredible moment lightning strikes welsh village also caught on camera.  As the Daily Mail points out, as lightning hits the Shard, Chelsea visitors soaked and hailstones batter Britain: there must be a bank holiday coming up .....

Atlantic hurricane season in the US forecast to be slower than usual due to the developing El Nino

Climate change research shows pockets of warming around the world - but surprise, surprise, not everywhere is getting warmer at the same rate (next week they discover that the Sun doesn't rise at the same time everyone in the wrold every day ... )


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